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    Addon help pls

    My old computer shut down and wouldnt start again, so I got a new one. Using the new mac and had an issue like this before. I am able to download and install titan panel, recount, Gearscore and healbot just fine, but when I try and install shock and awe and bartender 4 it just wont come up. I thought i was messing with something so i deleted all of the items in the addon folder and just tried to install Bartender. Nothing. I tried opening up all the sub folders and putting them in manually and nothing. When I go back and try healbot and do the same process everything works just fine. When this happened to me before after I got hacked I moved all the addons to the trash, but when I couldnt get bartender and shock and awe to work, I took them out of my trash and put them in the addon folder again and it worked fine.
    I did a search and couldnt find anything like this and Im getting pretty frustrated. Anyone else have an issue like this and know what I could do? I would really appreciate it. I would think its more my fault then I do if it was all my addons i DL'ed didn't work, but its just those 2. I thought of getting an older version of those 2 addons, but decided to come here and ask first.

    Thanks again in advance.

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    Use the Curse Client to completely uninstall an addon and all of it's Saved Variables, then reinstall it through Curse Client.

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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    My guess is that you are extracting them incorrectly, often into a sub folder.
    Something like the curse client is the easiest approach for those less comfortable with manually installing.

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