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    if not stacking while only lasting 8s max, that serioulsy cut its usefullness, forgot about the grace requirement you put indeed.

    so if i get it right, in the "best" possible situation, this would turn a 100% overhealing renew in 60% (before mastery) of the same amount in multiple shields (i'll let aegis for stacking shields). and for that shield to be effective ofc, that would require the shielded player to get hit for enough damage.

    on one hand, if renew is meant to overheal, this may turn it into mini shields (sounds a bit like a weak remake of earth shield in the end except for the effectively "healed" amount which is... totally unpredictible) but then wouldn't it have been better to throw up a mere pw:s that cost if not less about the same mana and shields for more? well, i guess this may help a bit while weakened soul is still up...

    on the other hand, without overheal, it won't do anything more than the passives : 10% reduced mana cost & 3s increased hot time which is still nice but won't make sure renew is a better spell for disc.

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    You're looking at this the wrong way. The reason Grace is required for this (both talent-and-effect wise) is because it's a target you're already healing. Think of this like a tank/offtank/debuff (like Mark of th falle Champion) kind of talent.

    Weakened Soul is going to either be used for big hits that it needs to be, or used on cooldown.

    This is meant to put Renew on an "effective buffer zone" kind of spell (that won't become obsolete as you move into deeper content) without changing how it functions at all for Holy. If it doesn't stack, but turns into a weaker Sacred Shield or Earth Shield that can actually also bring a target's HP up between/before swings, that's still a unique effect both from Priests, and from healing classs in general.

    Plus, it not stacking Divine Aegis and having it's own absorb means more room to play with how the numbers really need to work (but an actual tick should still be stronger than an absorb).
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