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    Trinket dilemma

    Got Solace of the Defeated, Purified Lunar Dust and Althor's Abacus. Which one would you recommend to use? (Disco)
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    If you are having mana issues, Solace and PLD.

    If you are not, PLD and Abacus.

    I presume there is a fourth trinket in this equation, as your question sounds like you are asking only for one option of one slot. Heroic Sliver, perhaps?
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    Na, just those three.
    I should have written the post in a better way, like "Which of these trinkets would you use?", or something.

    Anyways, thanks for the reply, just regemmed to pure 23 SP so gonna test it out for mana issues this week in ICC.

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    Ive been using purified lunar dust and abacus as well. Now I do have heroic bauble now too though Which has been rather life saving to me pvp wise lol But Ive been switching which ones Ive been using back n forth depending on whether or not im healing as holy or disc as well.

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    If you are raiding in ICC, as I assume, I would recommend Solace + Abacus. The PLD has a substantial amount of spellpower over Solace, but is not as good in the regen department. Healing is so buffed in ICC that stacking spellpower isn't nearly as important as before. In hardmodes, particularly LK & Sindragosa, the regen from solace in unsurpassed. The proc heal from Abacus is clutch, has saved quite a few lives and the heal can crit!
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    I agree with the post above. With 30% healing/shielding buff, you can gem pure int and healing done doesnt hurt much.

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