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    Disc gear for holy

    I try to optimize my gear for disc,which is my main spec,but now i made my offspec holy and i wish raid with it occasionally...

    I'm wondering if my current gear is OK for a holy spec

    Armory link:
    eu.wowarmory com/character-sheet.xml?r=Aerie+Peak&cn=Jame

    (dot com)

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    you will do fine most of the time given your gear level (would have been worse in full blues) i guess but you'll probably have to pay more attention to your mana level than in disc spec.

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    Yep, should be fine.

    Unrelated note, yikes on the bracers. If you don't want to invest in crafting the ToC bracers till something better drops, consider at least picking up a pair of the wrathful bracers. True, the resilience is worthless for PVE, but it's still a considerable boost in every other stat. They only cost honor - no arena ranking, and even if you never PVP you probably have a ton of stonekeeper shards from instances that you could convert to honor in WG.

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