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    Going to level a priest

    Hey guys,

    Im planning on leveling a priest, and I don't know what race I should choose.
    When I hit 80, I wanna play shadow pvp and pve, and disc pve.
    What would be the best race, and should I level thru Dungeon finder till level 45 or something, or just quest, and que while questing?

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    All racials will change in Cata so that should not factor into your decision now. You should always be in Dungeon Finder while you do quests.

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    I'm working on my second priest now. Leveling as shadow through the battleground. 1k hks at 19. I have to say I am loving it. First priest leveled as holy, which is surprisingly less painful than leveling a paladin as holy.(think I was masochistic). Anyway, start queueing for bgs as soon as you can. They are great, you get good exp, and the honor can be used to buy some gear and get a mount if you save enough. I only had I think 6k now on him at 19, but by the time I get to 40.

    anyway my point was to tell you that I get more exp from bgs than I do from dungeon finder. Plus wsg is quick and easy.

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    Although Battlegrounds are a good way to level, they are very win reliant. If you have a winstreak of 10 Battlegrounds, the XP will be amazing, yes.

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