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    Disc gear.

    just one question (:

    i'm wondering if my disc pve set is kinda alright,
    i know there are a few upgrades and some items need a replacement.
    i'm only playing wow for like 3 - 4 months or so. so go ahead and give your option on it.

    thanks anyway, botnet.

    armory link ->
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    As long as its better then mine (less then a week at 80 and cleared ICC10 to Sindy 2x - LOL at 30% buff.)
    OK enough bragging.

    Starting to do the research myself for BiS gear.
    This is the list I have been looking into. It seems to be pretty accurate.

    Personally I would get your Haste up to 6-700. I think the theory crafters have said 700 is what you should aim for. I have more haste then you atm (almost 600 myself), and still have like 6 pieces of blues.

    Your gemming is correct, although you could make up for some of the hast in gems (but I think gear choice is your problem right now).

    But also, more information on you play style, raid setup, 10/25 would be more helpful on looking at your gear.

    Remember a Disc priest in 25s plays way different then a disc priest in 10s.
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    thank you for the response (:

    well, about my playing style.
    mostly i'm just spamming my pw:s to the raid,
    and when needed i'm throwing some flash heals/penance's on the mt.

    so i'm not realy seeing the point to stack haste, since i'm not healing that much,
    i think you are reffering the haste cap to strictly tank healers.

    the guild i'm in is mainly going to focus on 25 man content, but doing 10 mans till we got our numbers
    and the raiding set up in my team is like this atm

    - feral druid
    - protection paladin

    - discipline priest
    - restoration druid
    - restoration shammy

    - afliction warlock
    - 2x marks man hunters
    - retribution paladin
    - arms warrior

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