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    Lightwell replacement and possibly a new signature holy ability

    Just reading the forums to see if anyone is as disgusted with the priest talent tree's at the moment as I am, and I came across some comments regarding holy having a different signature ability, and I had an idea for a new ability:

    Ability name: Prayer of the Holy Pilgrim
    Description: Instant cast spell which creates a holy aura around the Priest for 10seconds. The aura will heal all players within 20yds for x amount every second. The amount healed is increased the closer the Priest is to a player. No other spells can be cast during this time.

    I picked the name because the idea is to cast it and move around healing people as you go (as if on a pilgrimage, yagetit?). Would be handy for movement fights, or as an emergency CD like Prayer of Healing. I believe the mechanics for such an ability are already in place, ie Loken has an aura that does damage the further away you are, just reverse that and turn it into healing.


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    10 seconds in which I can't do anything else? Thanks, but no thanks.
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    wts healing hands.

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    and Prayer of Healing is not a cooldown, its a core ability.

    Also if you had been following, lolwell is getting a change, you dont need to change targets to click it, which imo, is a huge change, and unless you have a guild of bads, atleast some people will now actually click it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seniden View Post
    wts healing hands.
    yea...he basically copy/pasted/renamed... but with a silence, wtf? if you're going to post a cool new ability, don't feel the need to make it have some huge setback to everyone doesnt go "AMGOPNERF" because really it just makes it unappealing.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    If [the dps] are on the wrong target, then they are playing badly and should be corrected and / or mocked, depending on how you roll.

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    I haven't had the lightwell spec for very long, but I was very right in assuming that it's dead sexy for sindragosa.. I popped one in p3 on the 'right' tomb position and that little sucker was gone very fast. No matter how 'insignificant' or 'not-life-saving' the heals from it are, getting 100k+ healing out of like 600 mana is stupidly efficient.

    My hopes soar for cata and the fixes its getting

    P.S LOOK AT ALL THE CLASS CHANGES ON THE FRONT PAGE!!! Our class must be almost done, we just got a super interesting change to PI's position!!!

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    Haha, talk about a negative community! Posted this before bed and I get up to see all these cool replies :P

    Okay, I do not follow Paladin cataclysm changes because I don't play a paladin, so yes it is a lot like Healing Hands. And maybe it doesn't have to replace Lightwell if that turns out okay.

    What if the ability was 8secs, allowed instant casts (renew, pom, pws), and gave a speed boost? Maybe it's a pvp ability and has snare immunity? God knows I wouldn't mind some method of escaping those pesky melee!

    But hey if it's a bad idea it's a bad idea. I just thought it would be cool to run about healing people with some really unique visual effect.

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    Nah it's not a bad idea. Blizzard is implementing a very similar spell. They're just giving it to Paladins instead

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    Don't underestimate Lightwell. With the tanking model they're going to, Lightwell would be insanely efficient for tanks. (Provided they no longer have to target it to use it) Plus it will be very rare for a tank to ever take 30% of his health in one shot, except to dragonbreaths/focus punches/etc.

    I mean, if you haven't tried it before... spec holy with lightwell, and glyph for it as well... look at the healing just 1 of its uses puts out for the mana. As its also a HoT effect, remember all hots will should innately be effected by the caster's crit and haste. This would mean Lightwell renew should also gain a tick every 33% haste.

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