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    Where can I SEE a Phanpy/Donphan in Soul Silver?

    Don't go screaming at me about the fact that it is not wild in SS, because Nintendo decided to pull a good ol' switch-o with Tediursa and Phanpy, and Ursaring and Donphan. My question is, Is there a trainer somewhere in Soul Silver who has a Phanpy or Donphan on their team? Because if I can record one in my Pokedex, I can find one in the GTS (As stupid as the damn GTS can get >_>).

    Cheers to anyone who can confirm. If someone posts an answer before I get off, I'll be able to reply straight away, but if not, I won't be back on for another 20 hours or so.
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    dont think so im pretty sure its trade only
    I dont fail your just OP

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    Pretty sure its trade only from HG or other games...

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    HeartGold only


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    For future reference, this site is really helpful serebii.net

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