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    [SPOILER] Sylvanas future?

    *Credit to Tauror for the Information. Keep in mind the content below is NYI (Not yet Implemented)

    Lord Godfery an NPC from the Worgen Starting quest who commit suicide rather than serve a Worgen King is risen as a Forsaken. He leads the attack on Pyrewood and Sacks it Sylvanas shows up to gloat about her victory then Godfery makes his move and shoots her in the back of the head.

    SHE GOT BETRAYED AGAIN! The Val'kyr who come to her aid supposedly rez her at a later occasion?.

    Here is an image of Godfrey. After he slays Sylvanas he kidnaps Crowley's daughter and uses her to call a ceasefire between the Gilneans and the Forsaken.

    He makes his way to SFK where he will presumably be the final boss in patch 4.1

    I will probably add more as I investigate this further.


    The 7th Legion shortly thereafter or before, moves in via submarine and occupies Gilneas. Effectively putting it under Alliance control.

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    Meh. Probably just down temporarily. There's no way they will kill off a major faction leader like that, considering there is no one else within lore who seems eligible to lead the Forsaken.

    EDIT: Just to add, I think it is cool nonetheless Blizz is adding dynamic events like this to the game. Really fleshes it out.

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    She was one of few reasons I'm still on horde... hopefully this is changed in some way.

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    The plot thickens!!!

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    Wait... what? I understand it but.. umm
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    Thread title kind of spoils the whole thing with or without "Spoiler".

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    Another great title for the same thread made a few hours ago...
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    The Horde is losing all its leaders! Whats going on?

    Can't we just kill off the blood elf leader instead? I mean, its not like anyone even knows he exists.

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    Only reason WoW is still cool is Sylvanas, because most of cool characters are marginal... She can't die... and if she does... well Val'kyr will do this and that:P

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    Seriously though, she was a Bitch

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    Personally im glad Sylvanas is dead, never liked her, she was just becoming a new Lich King.

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    Serves her right.

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    Nah...nah, you're just pulling our leg!


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    WHAT?!?!? cmon kill Garosh, not the best leader... she atleast does something for her people.
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    He's probably a Knights of the Ebon Blade assassin, nobody screws with the death knights and gets away with it, she totally deserves it after what she did to poor koltria deathweaver >:|

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    isnt it retarded to make the spoiler in the name of the thread?

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    Garrosh has become a good leader, he still has hit meathead moments, but he is becomming a leader that i like.

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    There is another thread on this :l Nice work in sparking some more forum conflict...

    But heads up, Sylvanas is not dead. She just is down for the moment, and recovers later.
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    Originally Posted by The, I saw this as Elysia's Sig:
    Sylvanas: Deathwing has destroyed another horde camp, with the cataclysm already at hand, the horde-
    Garrosh: Hey guyz, I just burned down another alliance home and ate their children! ANOTHER GLORIOUS VICTORY FOR THE HORDE!

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    I'd just like to say that I think its pretty hilarious to put a spoiler warning and then put said spoiler right in the topic title. the [SPOILER] makes no difference when the actual spoiler follows it right after, in plain sight, with no vagueness or anything.

    [SPOILER] Sylvanas' Fate = a spoiler warning.
    [SPOILER] Sylvanas Murdered = a spoiler.

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    Looks like he stole Tauror's info to put up as his own. Btw, Sylvanas gets rezzed by the Valkyr, but they die in the process. Lorna is returned to Crowley, and they return to Gilneas.

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