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    <Got a prt score of wmil>
    and <no fat chicks>
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    게임 은 어렵~~

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    check my stuff out :Y

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    <Sapped girls dont say no>
    <Gnome sold my roflcopter>
    <DoT it like its hawt>

    others but i cant remember

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    Nig Bick Diggers gets me every time.

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    Some amusing ones that I've seen:
    <JFK was AFK>

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    <HOW TURN BIG LETTERS OFF> and <Keenan and Kel Thuzad> are the only ones I have seen in this thread that were good for a chuckle. Every other guild name is just the same old crap that has been reused a million times on every server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squeeze View Post
    <Left My Wife For Kara>
    You have no idea how funny that is to me. My friend's name is Kara and when she played WoW she would always get shit about it. It was awesome.

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    only one here that actually made me lol was <From Accounting>

    but I used to be in a guild called <Gnome Slave Trade inc>

    oh and also <Tauren where it matters> is pretty great

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangerine View Post
    <riders of lohan> i lol'd for 5 mins when i saw it.
    hahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahah hahahhahah
    Oh yeah, and best guild name is obviously my guild!


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    My 2 favorite guilds names I ran across during vanillia
    Addicts Anonymous

    Some more recent ones
    We Pull Drunk
    Gank Bus

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    cant be bothered reading through the 11 pages to see if they're already here
    <Exalted with Your Mum>
    <Your Mum is my epic mount>
    No. No no no no nononnonon

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    Takes a second to get it.

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    <Razorfen Downs Syndrome>

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    Haha I remember seeing this screenshot ages ago...some guy named his guild "LASTERATTACKPEWPEW" but received an e-mail from a GM saying his name violated user agreement or whatever cuz of all the GM gave him a new name and the player had the option of keeping it or getting another...the name was


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    <Bread Vendor>

    Came across that when I first started playing. Was pissed because I couldn't talk to him to get water for my hunter

    Quote Originally Posted by rolecks View Post
    I think I should be able to fly anywhere I want. I mean ffs I'm riding around on the skeleton of a giant fire-breathing dragon and I'm wielding a legendary weapon that destroyed the Lich King, but if I want to take a trip to Thunder Bluff I gotta wait for the public bus while some level 5 /pokes the shit outta me.

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    <and two stealthed rogues>
    insanity: less expensive then drugs, and much more fun!

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    ones that made me laugh:

    <US Economy Failboat>
    <No Heals For Gnomes>
    <Trollin On Dubs>

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingpug View Post
    Titan Uranus Sun
    That one got me laughing.

    I remember seeing a guild called <wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhy cant i move>
    Quote Originally Posted by PalliePower View Post
    Hypothetically, if I had a lock, it's name would be Benafflock and I'd pay for my imp to be named Mattdemon

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