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    Oh here's good(?) ones:

    <I Know My Vowels AEIOWNU>

    Not a very good joke to be honest, but still better than some of the debauchery displayed in this topic.

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    I was thinking of making one named <I say consecration right> don't think it would fit though...

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    For some reason I've always loled at the name <Lobster Go Peench Peench>
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    eh only read up to like page 10 so i don't know if this has been posted already... my all time favorite is,

    <Shut up and Color>

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaiwyn View Post
    i agree. Why are there so many children that play this game and find it funny to be crude? There are just so many unoriginal mentions in here. I think that most of us have seen the ones like <naga stole my bike>, <sapped girls can't say no> and <jfk was flagged> many, many times before. Not one on the first page hasn't been mentioned in multiple iterations of this thread over the last couple of years. :/

    at least a few are original enough:
    <brokeback moonkin>
    <afk at kfc>

    Not funny, but one of the most facepalm guilds on our server, that has been around since vanilla, is <raiders of epics>. At least you know where their focus lies. There are much worse guild names around, though. Misspelled words and lower-case proper nouns are definitely the most annoying, and latin names are right up there on the facepalm scale (i laughed at <insert latin words here>).

    When i first started playing, my brother had some friends who made <heros of the lance>. Suffice to say, i didn't have to think twice about rejecting an invite from them.

    Over the years there have been more retarded guild names than clever ones; but also, more powerful and interesting names than funny ones. There is a place for humour, definitely, but a guild name really defines who you are. Do you want to be the snotty 17-year old kid who laughs at poop jokes or the player who can have a good time but is mature enough to know when something isn't actually funny?

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    and all four of them were already mentioned. Sometimes it does pay to "read them all"; or at least skim through if you intend to post certain ones. There's always the search feature. It works these days.

    Edit: I should add: My brother was in a pvp guild called <focus on thwtfmacestun> during tbc. Oh look, it still exists. :d
    why so serious??

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    <Pretentious Latin Name> is my favourite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaiwyn View Post
    There is no character called Parts on Hellfire-EU.

    a. Not funny; b. You cannot be trusted to ever tell the truth on these forums again, as you have just been caught for lying.

    Hmm, well, even though i'm not the person you quoted, i have a SS for you of said druid:

    There is a guild on Hellfire EU called Taste good in your mouth: ,
    which consists of only two people, one of which is a druid called Blimp, who, if i had to guess, was forced to change his name, since someone might have been offended.

    So i wouldn't call the person posting this a liar.
    <Stasis>, Ravencrest EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by kel View Post
    and <no fat chicks>
    <no fat chicks> was my 5v5 team

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    <ima whale roooooaaarrrr>

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    <Seal cub clubbers club>
    <Onyxia gives epic head>
    <We wear capes IRL>

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    <14 inches unbuffed>

    my own xD

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    <Ramparts in my Manparts>

    They didn't last long though :P

    <Rihanna wasn't Dcapped>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texar View Post
    <18 Inches Unbuffed>

    I was lol'ing for days.
    Best ever
    HAHAHA !!!!

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    <Ignorance is Blizz> Bloodfeather, 2 years ago (or so)

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    <Stormwind Inquisition> and whenever they recruited they would go Cake or Death?
    <Silent But Deadly> All rogues and druids
    <Champion Gnome Punters> Just awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxi View Post
    <Rihanna wasn't Dcapped>
    this one made me chuckle
    Quote Originally Posted by Bleuh
    Since the invention of the internet, the Earth`s rotation has been solely propelled by english teachers turning in their graves.

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    I find that this was the best guildname:

    <Lick my Crit>

    It's old, cause these thread keep repeating themselves.

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    <Im Exalted With Your Mom>

    <LFM ICC Show Gearscore>

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    <CSI Durotar>
    <Grand Theft Kodo>
    <And Two Stelthed Rogues>
    <Women should be healers>

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