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    Whats the Biggest boss in WoW?

    this has probably been asked before but i tried the search and it came up with crap about warlocks and cataclysm but anyway, just what is the biggest boss in WoW? I'm thinking either Kologarn or Ragnaros because i had kil'jaedens model up in WoW Modelviewer then opened Kologarns and it was way huger then opened Ragnaros and he was roughly the same size so what do you guys think?
    PS. Sorry if Raids section if the wrong section just thought it would be right because bosses are in raids.
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    Rags and Gruul are about the same size, I believe. Then there's the dragons and dragon-like bosses, which aren't typically as tall, but if you stood them up on their hind legs, I'd say Malygos is about the same size. Magtheridon is similar as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sl1ck View Post
    supremus in black temple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eorayn View Post

    That skeleton thing off the coast of the Dragonblight, which might in fact be manta.

    For actual boss models though I think it is supremus.

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    hogger. you only battled his avatar

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    Supremus as many have stated before me

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    Didn't Ozumat get scaled down? I remember it as being big enough to envelop Dalaran, but when I saw it hugging Neptulon's face it didn't seem that big.

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    I believe Alexstraza is rather large in her dragon form.

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    Neptulon was x20 size of Rag when fully powered up.

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    Flame Leviathan is very large when you consider the scale of the arena, I don't know how he stacks against lolsupremus though

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    I would go with prince thunderaan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarleck View Post
    Didn't Ozumat get scaled down? I remember it as being big enough to envelop Dalaran, but when I saw it hugging Neptulon's face it didn't seem that big.
    Yeeesss, that was my god-awful screenshot...and what's this about Ozumat being scaled down? Anyway, it's the longest, widest and whatever-est model in the game -_- go compare it to the other "big bosses".

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    Lich King heroic after devouring your entire raid in Frostmourne Room.

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    I think Gruul with full 30 Growths could be a contender - anyone got a screenshot of that happening?

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    Doom Lord Kazzak or Doomwalker?

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    The Neptulon model is insanely big. Like really really big.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DR.Green View Post
    Supremus as many have stated before me
    i think kologarn ans supremus are about the same size
    the thing is u only see half of kolo and supremus is in full size
    have u seen the gap kolo is standing in? and he still reaches the sealing....pfff i think kolo is even bigger then sup

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