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    Disarmonia Mundi (Melodeath)

    So I wanted to make a post here because I feel the band ain't getting a tenth of the fame they deserve.
    The band has only 2 core members, Ettore Rigotti (guitars, drums, bass, keyboard and clean vocals), Claudio Ravinale (Vocals).
    Bjorn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork) has done some vocals in a couple of songs for them as well.
    Even though they are only two members, they play some really technically challenging melodic death metal:

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    Their best song is The Isolation Game along with Quicksand Symmerty, and Björn Strid is the core of this band imo, all the best things come from him, only problem for me with this band is that the intrumental part gets too overwhelming at most times

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