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    Quote Originally Posted by LastLine View Post
    Agreed fully with this. Until they can make a 3D that doesn't involve wearing silly glasses I have no interest.
    They can already do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higgi View Post
    I feel kinda the same way. Lets face it 3D movies are not really a new thing. Even the way they are projected is not that new, but still a few years ago it was a thing for theme parks and the few IMAX cinemas (which mostly show documentaries around here).
    Avatar hyped it into mainstream cinemas.
    Which is what he wanted to do, he thought it was the future of cinema, till people go it wrong, way way wrong. He filmed it with 3D cameras unlike 90% of the 3D movies that came out since then have been converted after the movie was already made. Even the theme parks didn't get it right. They just showed things coming out of the screen, not depth, which is what I kinda like about 3D. And IMAX 3D, We all know that filming it in just IMAX is way way better than 3D. Though I do have to say, the two times I saw Avatar, the Imax 3D version was the best.

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    bowling for columbine.... in 3D.

    dan in real 3D./

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    They can already do that.
    Yup, by making the glasses less silly. Or did I miss something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sac View Post
    3D is a way for movie makers to make more money. i noticed a regular movie costing 9$ US. and 3D costing 13$ US. from now on i dont mind regular. 3D half the time doesnt even show up well and people with glasses seem to have a hard time with the new 3D frames and putting them over there actual glasses.
    3D in my state is more around $22

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