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    Guild UI, Reforging, Raid Buffs/Debuffs

    Cataclysm Guild UI Mini Preview
    The Guild UI has been disabled during last night's maintenance but I guess a few people want to see how it looks for the moment. Not all parts of the UI are available yet, and I'd rather wait for the official launch on beta servers before I start posting because it looks like they're still changing a lot of things. Hopefuly it will be fixed on beta servers very soon.

    Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image
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    Cataclysm - Reforging in Beta
    Reforging was added to the official patch notes after last build's update and people keep asking how it works on beta servers. The answer is simple, it doesn't. The UI just doesn't work and it will most likely be included in the next build, the only thing in-game for the moment is the Thaumaturge who will reforge items for you.

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    Raid Buff / Debuffs Design
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Blue Tracker)
    Here is the raid buff / debuff design as it stands today. I did not include Hunter pets or resistance auras. This is not set in stone.

    Agility and Strength -- Death Knight, Shaman, Warrior
    Armor -- Shaman, Paladin
    10% AP -- Marksmanship Hunter, Enhancement Shaman, Blood Death Knight, Paladin
    Burst Haste -- Shaman, Mage
    3% Damage -- Beast Mastery Hunter, Arcane Mage, Retribution Paladin
    Health -- Warlock (probably Destruction), Warrior, Priest
    Mana Pool -- Mage, Warlock (probably Affliction)
    Mana Regen -- Paladin, Shaman, Warlock (probably Affliction)
    Replenishment -- Shadow Priest, Frost Mage, Survival Hunter, Destruction Warlock, Retribution Paladin
    5% Crit -- Fury Warrior, Feral Druid, Subtlety Rogue, Elemental Shaman
    20% Melee Attack Speed -- Shaman, Frost Death Knight, Ret Paladin, Survival Hunter
    5% Spell Haste -- Shaman, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, Destro Warlock
    6% Spell Power -- Mage, Shaman
    10% Spell Power -- Elemental Shaman, Demonology Warlock, Fire Mage
    5% Stats -- Paladin, Druid

    12% Armor Debuff -- Warrior, Rogue, Druid, Hunter
    10% Physical Damage Debuff -- Warrior, Druid (probably bear), Protection Paladin, Warlock, Blood Death Knight
    30% Bleed Damage Debuff -- Arms Warrior, Feral Druid, Subtlety Rogue
    30% Cast Speed Slow -- Warlock, Rogue, Arcane Mage
    5% Spell Crit Chance Taken -- Fire Mage, Warlock (probably Demonology), Mage (possibly Frost)
    25% Healing Taken -- Arms Warrior, Fury Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Frost Mage, Shadow Priest
    10% Melee Attack Speed Debuff -- Warrior, Death Knight, Feral Druid, Protection Paladin
    4% Physical Vulnerability -- Arms Warrior, Combat Rogue, Frost Death Knight
    8% Spell Damage Taken -- Warlock, Unholy Death Knight, Balance Druid, Assassination Rogue

    Cataclysm Video - Mulgore Part 2
    TotalBiscuit released the 2nd part of the Mulgore video posted yesterday.

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    The new guild changes look very nice. However, does anyone know if they now show more guild members than before? It would be handy with a guild of mine's size.

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    I hate you for pulling your strings to get into Beta without giving your Favorite Moderator a Beta Key

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    @bahumut5: He got one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nik View Post
    he was trolling and I was like... I was not trolling... my name is boxxy you see.

    Guild UI looks awesome! can't wait to see end results really.

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    I like how Blizzard attempted to make reforging fit in the game's lore, but had to explain it in parentheses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    @bahumut5: He got one.
    *Runs of crying*

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    I have to agree with Fizzle, the Guild UI is looking promising! i can't wait to see what the rest of the UI is going to look like!

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    New GuildUI looks nice.
    But hopefully non-shadowpriests still get something additional besides health. =<

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    Also, very glad they're taking a look at the buff system. Having to juggle various improved buffs was annoying. Nice to see that they're consolidating buffs that do the same thing (commanding shout and fort) into the same buff and getting rid of the Demo Pact mechanic.

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    Love the new UI

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    Then Boubouille broke the guild tho...
    Guild changes are indeed very nice, easy to manage everything.
    Some small bugs occur like:
    - zoning will trigger a chat message about learning 1st guild talent all the time. You have learned Fast Track (Level 1)
    - guild bank gets stuck after putting stuff in or trying to get it out.

    Gunmist - I have no clue how many members guild window will show now, but my bet is everyone in it. There is not real use for that, since guilds are not that big now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistral View Post
    New GuildUI looks nice.
    But hopefully non-shadowpriests still get something additional besides health. =<
    I think disc is keeping the 3% damage reduction and holy the 10% physical damage redction. Probably not mentioned since they're not "buffs" like these but more proc based and not guaranteed to be up all time.

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    So Pally Might now gives +10% AP and kings 5% increase to all stats instead of 10%, nice guild UI changes as well, Hmm interesting stuff indeed.

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    Wait...what?From where did reforging come up, is this going to be a new profession or not, it looks pretty good.

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    I feel sorry for us guildless people. :/ Though it's pretty nice changes, I guess.

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    Looks like Ret pallys have the very best of all worlds.

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    Now they have to remove the hybrid tax after giving major buffs to pure classes. It makes no sense having shamans, druid and so on doing lower dps than mages, locks, rogues and hunters when they don't provide unique buffs. You do a raid with tanks, healers and dps not with tanks, healers, pure dps and hybrid dps..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maleficious View Post
    Wait...what?From where did reforging come up, is this going to be a new profession or not, it looks pretty good.
    Where were you the last 1,5 years?
    At first they wanted to make LWs BSs Tailors be able to reforge the according type of armor.
    You can only reforge secondary stats and spirit, so no STR, STM, AGI and so on.
    Since it was hard to implement and would have made professions unbalanced, they made an NPC for this.

    Other stuff:
    SV hunter buffs: 20% MELEE haste, and REPLENISHMENT. What the fork! Hunter = Ranged | Replenishment = Mana != Focus...
    Every spec that brings a buff is good for itself... This is seriously stupid.

    Edit: Give the 20% Melee speed to Assasin rogues, and give SV 8% spell damage (with arcane shot, fire traps, explosive shot, poison shots and black arrow it fits better). Remove Replenishment from SV, because without it still 4 classes will bring it.
    And then we still have expose weakness, which i think... will be a random debuff most useful on the target, so it will be balanced that way.

    Edit2: Or even better: Merge ranged weapon haste with melee haste, and everything is fine. (xcept replenishment)
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