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    World First 25 man herioc LK without the zone buff

    Grats Paragon on getting the world first kill of 25 man Herioc Lich King without utilizing the zone buff. Very very impressive!!

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    inb4 trolls and fanboys.

    This is impressive no matter what angle you look at it from. Grats to them.

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    The encounter wasn't that challenging
    We wanted to see if Lich King with 0% zone buff awards an achievement or extra loot,
    so they were able to do it before but they didn't ?

    gz any way, just dont like the way they say it
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    NOW, somebody has truely beaten WoTLK.

    Grats to Paragon, thats one hell of an achievement, especially with a DC at the beginning of the fight.
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    Indeed it is impressive, grats paragon. My guild hasn't even taken LK10 NORMAL :/ Even if it is mostly due to lack of members, but still. Grats again
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    Quote Originally Posted by CenVan View Post
    so they were able to do it before but they didn't ?

    gz any way, just dont like the way they say it
    Considering they beat it at 5% with not-great gear(a feat no one else managed to replicate) and have the encounter on farm and know what to expect, it wouldn't be too hard, even at 0% for them.

    Grats paragon!
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    We had Nakkimon disconnecting in the beginning of the fight so we ended up doing it 24-man. The encounter wasn't that challenging, the only problem was getting everyone to stay online the whole encounter.
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    gratz paragon good job on this self achievement.

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    gratz to them, why would you want extra loot or achievement? O.o they are probably swimming in icc25 heroic gear ;p
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    Quote Originally Posted by eucatastrophe View Post
    Considering they beat it at 5% with not-great gear(a feat no one else managed to replicate) and have the encounter on farm and know what to expect, it wouldn't be too hard, even at 0% for them.

    Grats paragon!
    They said it took them 2 hours of tries and that they 24 manned it, thats about 10k less dps over all on the kill, thats huge.

    But indeed, grats Paragon!
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    They did it with 5% and look what Time has passed, Yes its niced played but with the Huge Gear Upgrade they got i dont go as far to call it Impressive anymore.

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    Impressive, though expected.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghrog74 View Post
    NOW, somebody has truely beaten WoTLK.
    Actually, some other guy (Asian, I think) has sort of beaten WotLK/WoW earlier, he had all (!) the achievements possible to get in game, there were news about it here at MMO-champion once, afair.

    It was probably a little easier for Paragon because of having loads of ICC25HC gear (including LK25HC drops) atm, and of course practice and having him on farm, but nevertheless, yeah, it's still impressive, congrats to them.

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    The gear upgrade they got from H25M is more then a 5% DPS increase compared to what gear they had on when they beat him the first time. So in a was probably easier.
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    Now this is the 3rd or whatever thread I read about the exact same thing. Beating him after 2.5 months of farming (3 shadowmourne, tons of 284 and Halion HC loot) is not nearly as impressive as their first kill.

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    Lol i bet all of those who dont find it impressive are ensidia fans^^ and gz paragon

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    Grats to Finland again
    WotLK is finally over now, didn't actually think that this was possible.
    And the people here that QQ that they out geared the encounter have to be fucking stupid, this is the hardest raid encounter in WoW,
    YOU NEED THE GEAR! It's like saying you should solo (new)Onyxia with green gear.....
    Also ain't paragon the only guild to downed him on 5% buff?

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    - 3 shadowmournes
    - 284 gear ranging to nearly 300 dps upgrade with trinkets for some classes
    - more 277 gear that alone made up for the 5%
    - Finland has an average of 22 mbps broadband speed, nearly 6 times that of the US and third in the world

    ...doesn't really surprise me. Lack of suurprise or not, this was a significant accomplishment since they quite definitively are the best guild in the world. Congratulations, and I truly do hope for more in Cataclysm!

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    Wow you guys should get a golden medal for being the best
    like seriously you just like raped every other guild in this world

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    That is very impressive..... Now enjoy the rest of the summer.

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