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    It seems mobs finally drop loots, in other words they have a loot table. I recently found a JC design:


    and some mob started dropping :

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    Looks like they initiated the death of the ground mount:

    I was able to mount my flying mounts inside Dalaran. Looks like that when I'm inside the Belly of Dalaran I can only "jump" but not fly. But when I get outside I can lift off and the no-fly zone debuff is gone.

    Edit: seems like I can mount anywhere now. Don't know if it's intended or not but certainly cool
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    U horde wish gorrosh looked this cool haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcio View Post

    Oh, my's Night Elf Santa Claus. XD

    I mean...okay, I know the model will grow on me eventually, but...good lord, why the beard? It's just silly. And it's awesome silly.
    Dude you know Malfurion is old... very, very, very old...

    And he's showing that he's a wise old old old man.
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    They still haven't fixed the character selection screen freezing.

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    can't wait till they make normal character models with so much polygons... the game would bling like new if they did that

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    He looks ok, a bit funny though lol. Should remove boots and the freakin moustach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irony View Post
    Goblin mount is ugly.
    forgive him dear God,he doesn't know what he's saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vukey View Post
    Dude you know Malfurion is old... very, very, very old...

    And he's showing that he's a wise old old old man.
    Well malfy is around 10 to 15 thousands years old, Velen is over 25 thousand years old :P talk about old:P
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    camel mount zomg

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    Malf looks horrible.

    Looks like a level 1 NE that was stuck for ideas at a Halloween party.

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    The epic Trike doesn't have a seatbelt, while the other one has ... makes you think

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    If they revamp the old races and make them look as good as ol' malfie I'll be so happy

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    Its a bird ! Its a plane ! Its a Malfurion Stormrage !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorchHellfire View Post
    Malfurion looks great except for the random feather arms they gave him... pretty much the same as in war 3 except for that... and missing a cloak but yeah...
    Look on the bright side he will be a legen....dary WINGMAN :P

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Cataclysm Beta - Build 12644
    - soul link still a tier 2 talent and still mandatory, we like to force people into demonology
    I see.

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    I don't think those are the goblin mounts, they're more probably the Cataclysm eqiuvalents of the choppers in WotLK, becouse as you can see one is kinda red-ish and the other blue-ish (as is the choppers) and you can see a goblin/gnome appeal to both of them, especially the blue one, see the safety belts? (hehe)

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    Lower ret dmg more.

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    I see that almost all classes has got some buffs... Strange... Then why 80lvl mobs have been buffed in previus build? I quess our dmg has risen again...

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    It seems that they added a new Troll and Gnome background when you create a new char + at the character screen
    (they are kinda bugged atm especially the gnome one)



    there is a bug preventing me to select the gnome character when it is created ...

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