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    Quote Originally Posted by Gumm View Post
    Looks more like a goblin and dwarf mounts, for some event or something.

    Blue one has a beer keg?
    I'd say the blue on is the lvl 20 version, and the red one for lvl 40s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gumm View Post
    Looks more like a goblin and dwarf mounts, for some event or something.

    Blue one has a beer keg?
    Nah, looks like goblin epic land and basic land to me. The "beer keg" is just an unpainted rocket engine.

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    If we had to choose, seeing as Gilneas probably won't be an actual city any time soon, i'd prefer it to be a fusion of a bg and open pvp. Alliance players start in Gilneas (a quest hub), and the Horde start on the Forsaken landing (also a quest hub), the quests giving substantial boosts like territory gains within the BGs and so on (rather like Alterac Valley come to think of it, which is by no stretch of the imagination a bad thing).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilux View Post
    Lol, are you kidding? I was laughing my arse of at him; Malfscilla, Queen of the Nature.
    Seriously, he's looking like a misguided dragqueen. I think I'm taking the liberty to remove all of his 5 man cards.

    Edit: Hope they change that ridiculous model or else I'll have a hard time taking him seriously.
    So if he kicked your ass, how many man cards would you think you deserve? I know that's not a true measure of a man but since we're using superficial qualities to quantify it...

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    That's the face of a druid about to hand out some beatdowns.

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    nice you can definitely twll which one is the 60% and which on is the 100% mount very cool stuff

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    not as epic as i thought the goblin mount would be, but i'm still happy with the go-kart type mount =) can't wait to cruise around in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWaffler View Post
    biiiiiiiiiiird maaaaaaaaaaaaan!
    took the words right out of my mouth.

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    It looks like the "mounts" got guns on them
    Id say Engineering mounts just for the sake of it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nargai View Post
    Don't you mean /sunglasses ... a real hoot? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my, I had to change my underwear seeing Malfurion. <3

    I like it, I think the feathers are like a ceremonial thing, like Native Americans and such did with headdresses and something. Who is has a position of Power, and well respected person of nature.

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    Hahahaha, can't stop laughing! Malfurion looks like a chicken.

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    Maulfiron is birdman

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    Malfurion looks retarded.

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    There goes the value of the Mechanohog. Actually, since the parts will cost the same because you can only get them from an npc, the price will probably be the same. And still you lose value

    ....I'd rather farm rep then farm gold....

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    Wings on Malfurion are a little odd, but he is the master druid... gotta have druid of the talon elements on there, I suppose. And yes, he's always had a beard like that. Glad they gave it back to him. It's only a shame it's not blue.

    Twilight Ascendant model surprised me, I assumed they were simply going to use the existing elementals (never get tired of those guys, no matter how often they're used). Model is a little unusual looking but still pretty bad-ass and appropriate... a humanoid elemental. Looking forwards to seeing the rest of 'em.

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    ... Malfurion Stormrage looks damn ugly, im never going to do any quests for him! i wont do quests given by a damn ugly chicken man!

    The mounts looks awesome ^^

    Wonder what kind of BG the Battle of Gilneas will be

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    Thumbs down

    As far as I am concerned, I usually prefere moustaches that start growing beneath the nose... not to it`s right and left... looks just plain stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shampox View Post
    That's the face of a druid about to hand out some beatdowns.

    That's the face of a druid that failed transforming into a moonkin
    Retired raider because WoD happened

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    nooooo mechano hog value is gone!
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    Malfurion is prime example of how awesome this game yould look if they just updated all the old Player character models a bit.

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