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    better then the one we have now.. unless females get a facial hair :P

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    love the wings <3 RLY dont like the feet :/

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    Anyone else annoyed that they felt it was more important to update Tree of Life?
    “We thought it would be nice to update ToL form before we take it away from you. You know just to piss you off that much more!”

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    That would be a good change. Considering Blizzard's love of reusing models, I'd say the chance of this happening is pretty much 100%.

    I support it.
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    I would like something smaller to be honest, I don't mind the current form too much, but it's just too big for my liking, maybe something the size of an undead (or a gnome!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertue View Post
    What if the new Boomkin art form turns out to be along the lines of:

    Replace Night Elf face with tauren/troll for Horde version and Worgen face for Worgen version. Would you guys like it or hate it? Personally I think it would be awesome! What do you think?


    Minus the Murse (Man purse).
    I'd really like that!

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    I wouldn't mind. I've never been able to take Boomkins seriously. They look like they're somewhere between comically silly and mildly retarded.
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