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    Time Warden

    ---------- Time Warden ----------

    Class Introduction
    Time warden, or Warden of Time, are already in the World of Warcraft. They are protectors of time and are a part of the Bronze dragonflight, which is a main element to the Warcraft Storyline. Their ability to bend and manipulate time would provide players with a fun and unique experience and be innovative as a playable class. This hero class would be introduced in the same fashion Death Knights were released. You will start out as part of a third faction, neither Horde nor Alliance, and after leaving the starting zone you will be introduced to your chosen faction. However, unlike the Death Knight, the starting zone will help newer players get caught up in Warcraft lore before reaching the outside world. (explained more later)

    Class Description:
    Hero Class Role: The Time Warden will be a magic ranged dps class and the first healer hero class.

    Resources: The Time Warden uses two new unique resources: Sand and Balance.

    • Sand - is shown as an hourglass next to the unit frame. Ultimately, sand determines what moves are usable and what effects certain moves will have. (explained in detail below)

    • Balance - is displayed like a mana, energy, or rage bar under the health bar, except it is split into three different colored parts ( a red part, a yellow part, and a green part). Ultimately, the Balance resource keeps the Time Warden's damage/healing in check over a long period of time. (explained in detail below)

    Class Perks:
    1. Healing is unique in this hero class as it uses time to reverse damage done to allies and protects targets from harm in the future.

    2. Lots of utility moves and unique raid buffs.

    3. Easy to learn, but hard to master mechanics making this class ideal for those who like some challenge in their class, but doesn't discourage the casual players either.

    Talent Trees
    Tempest - Slice time and space, tearing your enemies from afar, increasing your spell damage and crowd control abilities.
    - In this talent tree, you have access to some of the most interesting Crowd Control talents, and you become a master at long range spell casting. You focus on long cast times but heavy damage returns. This talent tree is almost like the Revitalization talent tree, but reversed. Your healing spells heal for very little, but instead they charge you up with temporal energy that causes your next spells to hit like a truck.

    Distortion - Distort time and space, allowing you to cast interesting utility moves and specializes in close quarters combat.
    - This talent tree is very unique because it greatly increases spell damage on your medium/quick spells, but the range is reduced. Basically, you become a close quarters spell caster. This is different from shamans because you have almost zero instant cast moves. So, you are still casting spells, but the closer you are too your enemy, the more damage you will do. In addition, you also receive utility spells that can either help your group, or yourself out in both PvP and PvE.

    Revitalization - Mend time, allowing you to heal yourself and friends. You gain access to powerful healing spells and are able to acquire unique healing effects from your damage spells at the cost of greatly reducing damage done by those spells.
    - This talent tree's main focus is allowing you to heal allies more effectively and efficiently without disrupting the balance of time and running out of healing sand. Talents in this tree accomplish this by providing efficient healing spells, moves that replenish your healing sand (but have long cooldowns) and, most interestingly, talents that morph most of your damage spells causing them to do minimal damage but turning much of that lost damage into healing that mends designated allies. ("Designated" allies are allies who are marked by your Designation spell... to learn more about designation, scroll down to the Key Moves section.

    Talent Tree Examples:
    These talent trees are solely for fun and to get a better understanding of what to expect from the Time Warden class:

    The Resource System (in depth):

    Sand is a resource that has a set value that never changes when you level (like energy), and is represented in an hourglass next to your unit frame. The exact amount does not really matter, but in this case let's say you have 200 grains of sand. The hour glass has two sides to it; one is golden, and the other side is silver. When you start out, you have 100 grains of sand in the silver side and 100 grains in the golden side. Whenever you use a spell, the damage or healing done is directly determined by the amount of sand in each side of the hour glass. Sand is deposited in the opposite side of the hour glass. (So if you cast a damage dealing spell sand will be deposited in the silver side, and vice versa.) In addition, there are certain spells whose sole purpose is to add sand in a specific side. These moves will have long cooldowns and are for times of emergency when you need to perform high damage or healing quickly. Many moves will require a certain amount of sand to be in a specific side of the hourglass. When you leave combat, sand evens out into 100 grains in each side. The Silver side increases healing done by spells and the Golden side increases damage done by spells.

    Crowd Control moves and buffs are not affected by the Sand and thus have no effect on it. This unique resource makes the Time Warden class a huge balancing act, trying to keep sand in the side you want while maintaining your damage/healing and spells. This may be difficult at first, but if you master it, you will be a true pro.

    Balance is supposed to act like mana in the sense that its main purpose is to restrict the Time Wardens healing/damage over long periods of time. The Balance bar is split into three sections, each is marked in a different color:
    • Green: While the Time Warden's balance is situated in the green portion, they're damage and healing spells will do 100% damage and they might have additional bonuses.
    • Yellow: When the Time Warden drops down into the yellow section, their balance with time begins to weaken. Their healing and damage effects will only do 80% of their normal effectiveness and they will lose any of the additional bonuses that were present in the green section.
    • Red: If the Time Warden drops down into the red part, their spells will only apply 50% of their usual damage/healing and they cannot critically hit or be affected by damage/healing bonuses. This is pretty much like being oom because by this time you are doing such little damage or healing.

    Balance moves faster from green to yellow, to red, if you use several of the same spells in a row. So, if you spam hots/dots or just pure damage/healing spells you will go oom very quickly. This encourages players to find a balance between applying hots/dots and doing pure damage/healing spells to maximize their time time the green/yellow just like how players maximize their mana efficiency. Not casting any spells, or casting certain utility spells will cause the balance bar to go back up. (NOTE: Casting pure damage spells followed by pure healing spells will still cause the balance resource to go down. The technical mechanics behind the resource is complicated, but a simple explination is this:
    If a chain of 2 spells is pure healing/damage OR dots/hots
    Then balance resource will go down in an exponential manner (a higher chain of same spells will have a greater effect on balance).

    By Elovan:
    Tempest - Temporal Distortion: Your non-periodic damaging spells cause a rift in time, dealing X% of the damage 5 seconds later.[/QUOTE]

    Distortion - Call Through the Ages: You summon the might of past and future heroes, causing targets effected by your Destabilization debuff (*basically the main move behind Distortion Time Wardens*) to be attacked by random ghosts of time. Ghosts of time are unselectable and do X damage. You summon one ghost per 2 stacks of destabilization on the target. When a stack is removed from a target, a ghost is lost to the void of time.

    Revitalization - Spatial Distortion: Increases the maximum percentage of your percent-based heals by X% of your Intellect and Spellpower.

    ---- The Mastery stat would increase X in each case. ----

    Key Moves:
    • Tooltip: Designate an ally or enemy to be targeted by special effects from many of your other moves.
    • Description: Many spells, and talents will have the ability to place certain "effects" on the designated targets. Both allies and enemies can be designated. Think of this spell as a beacon of light (paladin move), but it works on enemies and allies, and is more in depth than just doubling your healing or damage.
    • Examples:
      1. Move A does 'x' damage and reduces targets armor by 'y' if the enemy is also affected by the Time Warden's designation sp ell.
      2. Does 'x' damage <low> and causes all designated allies to receive 'x%' of the damage done as healing.
    Destabilization (Passive):
    • Tooltip: Destabilizes the enemy causing them to have an 'x%' increased chance to miss when attacking you, and causes all attacks on the target to decrease their resistance to magic spells by 'x'%. Can stack up to 20 times
    • Description: This passive effect is the main key behind the distortion talent tree, and it plays a big role in Time Warden damage. It is rare for this destabilization to reach a full 20 stacks unless in a raid group or party.

    (Scroll down if you want to skip the Lore)
    As stated above, this class originated from the Bronze Dragonflight, a main part in the Warcraft storyline. As for how they become a part of the horde and the alliance? That's up to the imagination of you guys and the developers at Blizzard. However I have a few ideas of my own, and I'm going to lay them out here:

    The Time Warden are Drakonids that protect the timeline of Azeroth and the Universe around it. Recently the Infinite Dragonflight have been increasing their attacks; more time protectors are being summoned to aid in securing the space-time continuum. This is where your journey begins. Much like the deathknight starting zone, you start out aligned to neither the Horde nor the Alliance. However, you are also not one of the mortal races either, you are a Drakonid. Throughout the entire starting zone, you will play through many historic scenes from the original Warcraft games. Your "guise" is the mortal race you pick in the character selection screen.

    This would be a superb place to fully tell the story of Warcraft to newer or more lore handicapped players.

    Starting Area:
    Here is a possibility on what to expect from the starting area of the Time Warden: (Text in carrots are side notes and minor details; Thanks to Numisel for help on this idea)

    You start off as a new drakonid <level 55> and your first few quests will be getting used to the mechanics of your character. Your first quest-giver is Anachronos. Anachronos will explain where you are <you're currently in the Bronze Dragonflights' only nesting ground. You are one of the few Drakonid hatchings to survive the Infinite onslaught>. Soon after you will gain 2 quests that send you to training facilities with unique practice dummies. It is here that you will use your first two spells, both of which are damage spells. The first quest will instruct you to attack the practice target using only your first spell 10 times in a row. <After completing this your sand will have all deposited to the silver side and your balance bar will be in the red> The battle instructor will explain how your resource mechanics work, and then instructs you to use both spells 5 times each on the target. Now, enough with the training and on to the more interesting stuff!

    You will enter the next wing of the nesting ground where you will get your next quests from Soridormi. <Nozdormu's Prime Mate> Soridormi will show you a cinematic of the attacks made by the Infinite Dragongflight. <this cinematic will feature key events, like the assault of the Caverns of Time, the successful assault of the time passages that the Infinite succeeded in defeating the Bronze Protectors> You will then acquire a unique quest that will lead you to Chromie who will tell you to go through a portal (explained below). <There are five portals>. Once you enter a portal, you cannot leave until you have completed the quest chain in that time period. <And if you haven't caught on yet, each of these portals sends you to a different time period that the Infinite are currently attacking, or have corrupted in some way.> Ideas for every portal have not been completely thought through yet, but they would include very key events in the Warcraft Story <including the novels>. For example, one of the portals would lead up to you aiding Arthas in killing his father. You will have to protect him as all of the royal guards suddenly turn into Infinite dragons!

    After completing your brief training Anachronos will send you to Chromie who will explain what the Bronze Dragonflight really do. The fabrics of time are constantly under attack from outside sources like the Infinite Dragonflight. As a Time Warden, you will be assigned Time Periods to patrol and guard. This may include fixing certain segments that become corrupted. Since this is your first day, Chromie gives you an easy time zone that probably won’t be affected too much. There are five time portals in your shift. I will briefly summarize each portal. (I’ll go into more detail later)

    Portal 1: She sends you to the time when Arthas has just returned from Northrend with the blade, Forstmourne. After many quests of completing minor tasks of people who have mysteriously disappeared, you will meet other Time Protectors such as Ondormu who is commonly disguised as a doctor named William H. Therefore, his named is often shortened to Doctor W.H.O (If you don’t get this then…. Sigh…) Then, you witness Arthas who kills his father <you witness this as a royal guard> and then has Falric and Marwin attack the other royal guards, but, something strange and unexpected happens. All of the royal guards suddenly turn into Infinite time corruptors!! You must help Arthas, Flaric, and Marwin survive the attack. Afterwards, chromie freezes time and comes to the rescue to teleport you out of there.
    Portal 2: After fussing a lot, Chromie then agrees to send you to your next mission. This time portal has been successfully corrupted by the Infinites and it is up to you to fix it. You are then teleported to the exodus of the High Born from the Night Elves. This idea is still a WIP but it will involve a lot of foiling Infinite attacks, casting powerful arcane spells, and the building of the elven city while protecting it from troll attacks. (Update) At the end of this event, you must help the High Born build their city and protect it from trolls. This will bring a new gameplay to World of Warcraft. In this portal, you will experience an RTS style of play in an MMO. Players will have to "build" Walls, buildings, and other objects in designated spots. Building an object will require a certain amount of resources <the amount of resources you have is displayed at the top of the screen>. You acquire more resources every 'x' seconds. Recruiting more workers and building certain buildings will increase resource generation. <Note: this is all done in a MMO-person view, not an RTS view, so you must be aware of your surrounding because you don't have the freedom that you have with an RTS camera view> Most buildings can only be placed in designated, or general building spots, however, things like barricades and guard towers can be built. Outside the city to protect it from the constant waves of invading trolls. --- ALSO NOTE: You are NOT the one building, you are like a general who orders workers to build things. --- This is still a rough idea but I think this would be an amazingly fun game mechanic and it CAN be done in a World of Warcraft-like manner.
    Portal 3: After the success in the previous portal, Chromie decides that you are ready to help fix another corrupted segment of time: The Founding of Durotar. <This time period will closely resemble the bonus campaign in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.> You will start out by escorting thrall through Stonetalon Mountains. Then you will become the quilboar that kills the orc messenger so that Rexxar will become a part of the Horde. Afterwards you will be disguised as an orc again and aid the Horde in many of the events in the bonus campaign <in Wc3:TFT> and finally killing Admiral Proudmore.
    Portal 4: This is by far the longest time portal. Chromie becomes increasingly distressed and explains that the Infinite have become much more aggressive and reckless in their attacks. They recently corrupted the entire Second War between the Old Horde and the Alliance. You and many other Time protectors (including our friend Doctor W.H. Ondormu) will have to fix it all and stop the Infinite. When you first enter this time zone, you will be disguised as one of the Horde battlemasters. After a brief in-game dialogue, you will be shown a map <it will look much like a world map, except it will depict the invasion of the Horde into the Eastern Kingdom.> This map will have interactable <clickable> spots that represent major events and fronts during the second war. When you click on one, you will be instantly teleported to that event. After completing the event, you will be taken back to the map. After you complete all events, a second group of events will be unlocked. These events will be bigger and better. After completing those events you will be teleported by Chromie to the Alliance side and experience the same thing, but from the Alliance’s point of view. Some events include the Defense of IronForge and the destroying of the Dark Portal. After that you will be teleported out of the portal.
    Portal 5: <This is the final time portal> Chromie is very upset right now, the Infinite have just completed their largest assault on a single time line in the history of the Dragonflights, they have completely corrupted the War of the Ancients. All Protectors of Time have been sent here and you must aid them in restoring, if possible, this segment of time. When you first enter through the time portal, you are thrown into utter chaos. A massive battle is raging around you of Night Elves and Demons and warlocks. Even the Bronze time portals have been corrupted! Ondormu greets you and explains the situation. The Infinite dragonflight have disguised themselves on both sides and are overthrowing the balance of the battle. You must kill both Night Elves and Demons. The number of demons and Night Elves alive are shown and you must make sure that these numbers do not become too uneven. Afterwards you take up various tasks as a Night Elf and then as a warlock for the demons. All the time it becomes apparent that the Infinite are up to something greater than just this timeline. Their behaviors so far throughout this entire starting zone have been uncharacteristic to their normal attacks. What are they planning? Why are they attacking with such force right now? Then, Archimonde orders you to distract Malfurion Stormrage while he kills Malorne. This will be the most epic one on one battle in the history of World of Warcraft. You will acquire unique warlock-like moves (of course) and you will have to survive against Malfurion Stormrage for at least 3 minutes while distracting him from Archimonde. Malfurion will have several unique spells, triggers, and events during your epic duel. In the end, you will be killed (after you survive the 3 minutes) and the infinite will suddenly retreat. “Doctor” William H. Ondormu will come and resurrect you. Afterwards you will get distressed calls from Chromie telling you to come back IMEDIATELY. Something horrible has happened. What could it be?
    More to come soon...

    A huge thank you to Numisel for most of this lore and working with me to get the starting zone idea up!!! Credits go to him.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How can this class improve the game play of World of Warcraft?

    - This class has several fun and unique aspects such as turning back time which could offer a new type of healing that has never before been seen in World of Warcraft.
    - The Time Warden hero class would be a superb class to explain the lore to players from the original Warcraft games in an easy and fascinating way.
    - The first hero class (the Death Knight) was a melee dps/tanking class. This hero class is a magic ranged dps/healing class. It is the perfect second Hero class idea.

    So the Time Warden have their own race: Drakonids?

    - No, and yes. You really are a Drakonid, and you have a Drakonid model, but for the most part you will be seen in your "guise" which is one of the already playable races. Just think of Chromie, she's a dragon, but u mostly see her as a gnome. It's just like how all the death knights needed new "dead looking" models.

    Where would their starting place be?

    - Their starting place would most likely reside in or near the Caverns of Time, in a phased instance just like the death knights.

    What type of armor will they wear?

    - Time Warden will start off wearing leather and will eventually wear mail. - Note - this is subject to change.

    But Time Warden are part of a neutral faction and would never take sides with the Horde or Alliance.

    - Times change and new alliances are forged and old ones are broken. I said the same thing about death knights when I first heard they were going to be a playable class.

    How do Time Warden fit into the lore?

    - The time warden are a part of the Bronze dragonflight, a key part in the Warcraft story.

    So now you can be a dragon in WoW? Wtf...

    - NO. You are NOT a dragon. You are a Drakonid. (Yes, they are different) Drakonid are humanoid dragon-like creatures (no, I did not make them up either). When you first create your character in the character creation window you select a race (Night Elf, Dwarf, Blood Elf, Orc, etc..) and then select the time warden class. When you're done loading, your're character will be a Drakonid. AFTER you are done with the starting area, you're character will take on its permanent humanoid form (the race you chose in the character selection screen).

    Aren't Time Warden one of the Aspects, thus making them Over Powered?

    -No, Nozdormu is an Aspect, Deathwing is an Aspect, Time Warden are NOT Aspects, they are minions of the Dragonflights who serve the aspects.

    Will they have a flight form like druids?

    - Possibly

    So if I'm a Time Warden, I can talk freely with Horde and Alliance??

    - NO. You can NOT be on the Horde and the Aliiance. This is NOT a "first neutral race" attempt. You would pick either horde or alliance. (like how Dks had to go to the leader of the Horde and alliance)

    Wouldn't the fact that the Time Warden would be the only healing class without mana make it OP?

    -No. Because of the Balance idea and the Hourglass, Time Warden can't just unload on healing spells and not pay a price for it. If they heal too much too quick, they will start to decrease in the amount they heal and the ability to cast some of their powerful healing spells.
    -Therefore, this class is all about balancing the amount of healing you do so that you have small "recovery times".
    - Also, the fact that this class is the first healing class without mana makes it unique.

    How will each stat (Agility, Intellect, Stamina, Strength) affect the Time Warden?

    Agility - Increases ranged and melee attack power, increases dodge chance, increases your chance to score a critical strike with a weapon.

    • Agility isn't one of the stats you really want. You have very few physical melee moves.

    Intellect - increases your chance to score a critical strike with spells, slightly increases your spell power, and improves the rate at which you learn weapon skills.

    • Intellect would be one of the primary stat for Time Warden due to the increases crit chance and spell power.

    Stamina - Increases your Health.

    • Obviously going to want this a little for pvp..

    Strength - Increases your melee attack power.

    • Strength is not very useful to you.

    Damage Ranged Moves:
    - NOTE - Names and numbers do not matter here, they are merely placeholders. I'm more concerned about spell mechanics. -

    1. Time Rend - Rends time doing damage based on spell power instantly and another "x"% of the damage dealt over 7 seconds. Applies one stack of Ripping Wounds on the target.
    - 1 second cast.
    - 5 second cooldown.
    - Displaces 10 Gold Sand into the Silver part of your Hourglass

    2. Age: Decimation - Decimates the target with temporal magic causing 'x' damage 4 seconds after casting this spell. In addition, 'x' mana, energy, focus, rage, runic power, or balance will be drained from the target every second until the damage is dealt.
    - 1.5 second cast.
    - 15 second cooldown
    - Displaces 25 Gold Sand into the Silver part of your Hourglass.

    3. - deleted -

    4. Wind Coil - You fasten the winds of time around a target and slash into it causing "x " damage instantly and "x " more damage as arcane damage for every stack of Ripping Wounds that is on the target. Consumes the Ripping Wounds effect on the target.
    - Instant cast.
    - 10 second Cooldown.
    - Displaces 20 Gold Sand into the Silver side of your Hourglass .

    5. Interim Strike - Casts a curse on the target that will cause damage over 8 seconds, and if the target is also your designated target they will acquire a curse that temporarily reduce all their attack stats by 20% for 8 seconds.
    - .5 second cast.
    - 20 second cooldown.
    - Displaces 20 Gold Sand into the Silver side of your Hourglass.

    AoE Moves:
    6. Time Rift (Talent Move) - Creates a time rift in a 10 yard area, reducing all movement and attack speed by "x "% to all enemies in that area. The rift lasts 6 seconds and explodes at the end, doing "x" arcane damage to enemies and knocking all enemies out to the edge of the rift.
    - 2 second cast.
    - 35 second cooldown.
    - Displaces 25 Gold Sand into the Silver part of your Hourglass.

    7. Violent Winds - The winds of time become violent around you causing "x "-"y "damage every second for 8 seconds to all enemies within 5 yards. Each tick has a 50% chance to apply Destabilization on a designated target.
    - Instant cast.
    - 20 second cooldown.
    - Displaces 30 Gold Sand into the Silver part of your Hourglass.

    8.Whirl of TimeCreates a whirlwind of time causing damage to all enemies withing 15 yards and slowing their movement speed by 60% for 8 seconds. In addition, all enemies affected by Whirl of Time have a chance to be flung around within the whirlwind for 4 seconds. would look kind-of like Malygos's Vortex; designated targets are flung for the full 8 seconds)
    - Channeled.
    - 2 minute cooldown.
    - Displaces 30 Gold Sand into the Silver part of your hourglass.

    Utility Moves:
    9.Second Step - Let’s the caster step back in time. The Time Warden will be at the spot where they were 5 seconds ago after casting this move.
    - Instant cast.
    - 30 second cooldown.

    10.Clockwise - Your movement speed is increased by "x"% for 6 seconds. When the buff expires, you are exhausted, slowing your movement speed by "y "% for 3 seconds.
    - Instant cast.
    - 1 minute cooldown.

    11.Backfire - Creates a shield around the target. The shield backfires 1 spell or special ability and can last up to 10 seconds. Can be cast while stunned, feared or incapacitated.
    - Instant cast.
    - 1 minute cooldown.

    12.Infusion - You gather time energy around you and infuse a friendly target with it, restoring "x" of their mana, rage, energy, runic power, or balance instantly.
    - Instant cast.
    - 2 minute cooldown.

    13.Pause (Talent Move)- An enemy is caught in a white shell that slows their attack and movement speed by 20% and increases the slowing penalty by an additional 20% every second for 5 seconds. After the 5 seconds, the target is frozen in time for 60 seconds.
    - Instant cast.
    - 55 second cooldown.
    - Greatly affects your Balance.

    14.Timeless Wrath - The Time Warden turns into their true form: a Drakonid. For 4 seconds, they will be considered a dragonkin. Also, Time Warden becomes immune to all fears, polymorph, or snares. In addition, all defences are increased by 300% for 8 seconds.
    - Instant cast.
    - 5 minute cooldown.
    - Greatly affects your Balance.

    15.Acclimating Time (Talent Move) - Increases you and your party's resistance to all spells by "x" for 8 seconds. Fully resisted spells increase your movement speed by "x"% and your critical strike chance by "x"% for 4 seconds.
    - Channeled.
    - 2 minute cooldown.

    16. Anomaly (Talent Move) - An anomaly of time increases your healing by 10% while in the silver part of your hourglass and allowing you to cast healing spells while in the golden part of your hourglass that you normally wouldn't be able to use. Lasts 10 seconds.
    - Instant cast.
    - 3 minute cooldown.
    - Greatly affects your Balance.

    17. Air Lock - Locks an enemy to the ground for 4 seconds by making the air around them unstable. When the spell is finished or dispelled, it will slow the movement of the target by "x "% for 4 seconds.
    - 2 second cast.
    - 30 second cooldown.

    18.Designation - Designate an ally or enemy to be targeted by special effects from many of your talent moves.
    - Instant cast.
    - No cooldown.

    Healing Moves:
    19.Ending Pain (Talent Move) - All debuffs that do damage to you or one of your allies have their current duration reduced by "x "%. The debuffs still tick at the same rate.
    - 1.5 second cast.
    - 20 second cooldown.[
    - Requires at least 50 Silver Sand.
    - Displaces 20 Silver Sand into the Golden part of your Hourglass.

    20.Temporal Reversal (Talent Move) - All damage done to a friendly target in the last "x " seconds is erased. It regains the health lost during that period. (super move - like Dk's Army of the dead-).
    - Instant cast.
    - 10 minute cooldown.
    - Displaces 40 Silver Sand into the Golden part of your Hourglass.

    21.Time Mend: PresentHeals the target for "x" to "y" damage.
    - 1.5 second cast.
    - Displaces 15 Silver Sand into the Golden part of your Hourglass.

    22.Time Mend: PastHeals the target causing them to heal for "x "-"y"% of the damage taken in the last 3 seconds.
    - 1.5 second cast.
    - 35 second cooldown.
    - Displaces 25 Silver Sand into the Golden part of your Hourglass.

    23.Time Mend: FutureHeals the target in the future healing for "x "every 3 seconds for 15 seconds and is healed for 100% of the healing done by Time Mend: Future after the 15 seconds are up.
    - Instant cast.
    - Displaces 30 Silver Sand into the Golden part of your Hourglass.

    24.Patch Rends (Talent Move)Patches up time Rends around the target healing for x-y damage and decreases the next global cooldown by .5 seconds.
    - .5 second cast.
    - Displaces 5 Silver Sand into the Golden part of your Hourglass.

    - Does not affect your Balance as much.

    25.Relinquish - Relinquish certain time protections around you decreasing your armor by "x"% but increasing your targets armor by "x"% for 12 seconds. (does not stack with other similar effects)
    - Instant cast.

    26.Presence of the Time Warden (Passive) (Talent) - Reduces the chance to be critical struck by "x"% to all allies. Also gives your allies a chance to apply a Destabilize debuff on the enemy for you whenever they land a successful attack.

    27.Aging Power - Empowers your next 2 damage over time abilities causing them to do "x" more damage per tick.
    - Instant cast.
    - 30 second cooldown.

    28.- Deleted -
    29.Age: Wrath (Talent Move) - Places a damage over time effect on the target that does arcane damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds. In addition, if the target of this spell is also your designated target, they take additional damage depending on how far away they are from you. (The closer they are, the more damage they take). Only one target can be affected by Time Age: Wrath per Time Warden.
    - Instant cast.
    - 15 second cooldown
    - Displaces 20 Golden Sand into the Silver part of your Hourglass.

    30.Ripping Wounds (passive) - A bleed effect that does x damage every 4 seconds for 12 seconds. Can stack up to 4 times.

    31.Destabilization (passive)- Destabilizes the enemy causing them to do “x”% less spell damage and take “x”% more damage from magic effects. (internal cooldown of 2 seconds) Can stack up to 10 times

    (EDIT: ) Added Spells:
    32.Existence (ranged)(Talent Move) - Does 'x' damage plus (a certain amount depending on how long the spell was cast for). This spell does more damage the longer it is cast. <Any interrupts (excluding jumping or hitting the Esc key) will automatically cast the spell. In order to cast this spell you must cast it, wait for the global cooldown, and then cast it again to fire it.>
    - 1-10 second cast.
    - Displaces 40 Golden Sand into the Silver part of your Hourglass.

    33.Chaotic Rift (Talent Move) (ranged) - You create a rift of chaotic energies that will randomly run around you within a radius of 10 yards. Every 1 second the rift damages nearby enemies for 'x' arcane damage and possibly shooting them up 3 yards into the air. The rift lasts for 10 seconds. This ability causes no threat.
    - .75 second cast.
    - Displaces 15 Golden Sand into the Silver part of your Hourglass.

    34.Bronze Chimera(utility) - Causes your allies to believe that their pain no longer exists, reducing all damage taken by 'x'% and decreasing the chance for them to be critically hit by 'y'% for 10 seconds.
    - Channeled.
    - 2 minute cooldown.
    - Displaces 30 Silver Sand into the Golden part of your Hourglass.

    35.Tempest Armor (Talent Move)(utility) - Enforces your protections with a Tempest shielding making you immune to all damage and healing for 3 seconds. While under the effect of temporal armor, you cannot cast any moves or spells and you may not move. You are also immune to external moving effects (like knockbacks, has a cool ricochet effect when deflecting spells and attacks ).
    - Instant cast.
    - 1.5 minute cooldown.

    36.Time Imprisonment (Talent Move) - Banish an enemy to another time period for 1 minute. Usable against undead, humanoids, mechanical, beasts, and elementals. If used on a dragonkin, they are unable to change their target for 6 seconds (if non-player) or they will have their balance drastically reduced (if a human player). <Note: Time Warden are only considered dragonkin when they use Ageless Wrath.>
    - 2 second cast.
    - 1 minute cooldown.

    37.Epoch - Increases the damage and healing of spells with a cast time of more than 1.5 seconds by 5%. Stacks up to 5 times. Lasts 1 minute.
    - Instant cast.
    - 2 minute cooldown.

    Anyway this is my idea, comment and discuss Thanks for reading!

    Edit: Credits for my inspiration go to Agrigor on the <Realm Shadow Council>. Also, now that I finally found her name, Daene deserves credit for many of the spells listed here.
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    Did u think all this by yourself? Way professional idea.

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    I based my idea off of another person's post I read about a long time ago. They gave me the idea for the hourglass resource (however I thought of the actual mechanics of the resource)and the talent tree names are exactly the same as theirs (although my talent trees are different).Some of the spells are from another person as well.

    Everything else is my idea.

    I will work on finding the two peoples names (at least wow character names) to give them credit.
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    I doubt another healer class would be next implemented.
    You can tell WoW changed the MMO for good when players started complaining about the amount of time they sink, into a time sink.

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    Sounds pretty cool, may need abit of tweaking but I love the fact that you do not try to just make up lore but use part of what already exist and also that you do not just try to make something insanely op or borken.

    Try the suggestion forum on the official website, even if you do not get a response from a blue they might use some of the spells or something like that for a future boss.

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    This is some good stuff man,post it on official forums!

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    very impressive

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    Force Blizzard to make it, I want a new healing class!

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    Extremely good Idea.
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    The problem being with a lot of the spells, is it would make content less epic. Life threatening boss with a super spell or a "Keep out of the fire" spell that can own people? Reverse all the damage with just a spell.

    Also the whole "Lead into other spells" things wouldn't work in a lot of cases, more so with a balance bar. If your role is a healer, you should be healing a lot, specially in raids. You won't be able to stop and be like "GOTA ATTACK" Or something without really hurting the raid/group. More so goes for heroics and such when people don't out gear it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    I [opinion] [cataclysm feature] and you should to. Anything who disagrees with me that [cataclysm feature] is [opinion] is a big [insult].
    I asked all of my friends and they all agreed with me that [cataclysm feature] is as [opinion] as it is possible to be.
    Blizzard are so [opinion], what [compliment/insult]s they all are!

    There, now we can stop posting new topics in the Cataclysm forum altogether.
    And if you disagree with me you're an [insult].

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    Very interesting, most things that I see that are class suggestions are pretty stupid, but this is something new. Of course it could use some tweaking in things like abilities and things like character models. Why not try to make up some talent trees on might give this a little something more.
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    Ability 22. Time mend: Past, just seems extremely overpowered, imagine this:

    You're doing arena, 3v3, and people are getting ready to burst. And just as you nearly got one from the opposing team down because you did huge damaege the last 10 seconds, then suddenly, half of what they lost just got returned by a single heal?
    That doesn't really fall in line with the "Tug-of-war" PvP that Blizzard said they wanted.
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    Very cool and very well thought out idea Awesome!
    Just one thing:
    Quote Originally Posted by Terminator8 View Post
    [*]Bending - Bend time and space, allowing you to cast interesting utility moves and specializes in close quarters combat. This brings a brand new fighting style to WoW: close-quarters spell casting.
    Pst, enhancement shaman
    Quote Originally Posted by Grokan View Post
    Yelling at the leaky gas tank is much less effective than patching it up.

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    [*]Bending - Bend time and space, allowing you to cast interesting utility moves and specializes in close quarters combat. This brings a brand new fighting style to WoW: close-quarters spell casting.

    i would to say this is not a new idea enha shaman already a melee caster but the rest is alright

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    Haven't read it all yet, looks really nice. I was brushing through the FAQ, and I saw you kept saying that this class would make for a very unique experience, which it is, don't get me wrong.

    But looking over the stats you said, what would they really want on their gear? I'm a little puzzled. They don't have mana, so int would only supply a little crit, and little spell power, nothing else really.

    Unless perhaps there's a talent or some sort of passive ability that turns intellect or spirit into straight spell power/crit/haste?

    Like I said, I haven't gotten a chance to read it all, so sorry if you stated it in the initial post. Good work though! Can't wait to read the rest of it.

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    post on blizzard forums ??? expansion 4 success

    also int is replacing spellpower in the expansion
    Im a wawiur ill blog about what you want
    wish my post count was as high as yours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Copain View Post
    The problem being with a lot of the spells, is it would make content less epic. Life threatening boss with a super spell or a "Keep out of the fire" spell that can own people? Reverse all the damage with just a spell.
    It will have a long cooldown. I was actaully thinking that most spells that "alter the past" will be more like: heals for 'x'% of damage done on the past 5 seconds. It's just like pallies have their bubble to get out of everything.

    Also the whole "Lead into other spells" things wouldn't work in a lot of cases, more so with a balance bar. If your role is a healer, you should be healing a lot, specially in raids. You won't be able to stop and be like "GOTA ATTACK" Or something without really hurting the raid/group. More so goes for heroics and such when people don't out gear it.
    This made me lawl cause i can picture people going wtf... haha. But here is what I ment about the spells leading into other spells. If specced in the healing talent tree, certain damage spells will also cause allies to be healed. However, these damage and healing spells greatly influence the balance resource, so they cant be used in rapid succession. So because these moves are damage moves, they put sand back in the silver side, but also do small heals to stop your healing from diminishing. Also there are spells whose sole purpose is to redirect the flow of sand.

    Also, in Cata there will be a longer period before a tanks health goes from 100 to 0, and making smart heals will be more important than overhealing and healing quickly.

    Time Waren can heal for A LOT very quickly, but they will have a down time, just as if you used a lot of your mana too quickly. It's a hard concept to grasp because WOTLK healing is just spam spam and spam some more.

    Hopefully Cata is going to change that like they said they would.

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    Well done, this is the first time I have seen anyone on here post anything on new classes or specs that are not complete junk. With this you have a well laid out idea for a class. Who knows if blizz would ever do anything with this, great idea either way though.

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    It is certainly an original idea and aside from some spells sounding a bit OP its nothing blizzard couldn't rework i'd imagine.

    I could see this actually being implemented if it wasn't for having to be a drakonids which i feel blizzard would be a bit reluctant to create a seperate race for a single class and restricting all current races from it.

    You know, for a kitten that shits rainbows, you seem to like to stay inside the box.

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    This sounds impressive, but imo we need less ranged and more melee.

    If it were to be a caster/healer i'd suggest making it wear mail/plate, as currently holy paladins are the only ones using spell plate

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