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    Vashir Mounts and WOTLK Turtle

    In Cata, Vashir will allow people to get underwater mounts for movement speed.

    The only mount like that Currently is the Sea Turtle from fishing. Will the Sea Turtle be revamped and able to compete with the manta rays in Cataclysm? Or is it just a WOTLK unimportant item

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    I expect it will have the speed increased to match the underwater mounts, but only after you've obtained your first Cataclysm water mount.

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    Nah, Sea Turtles are just there for flavor and to look cute. Plus Manta Rays have been replaced with Sea Horses. Neat huh?
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    you obtain a sea horse after some quests trieng to ride a naga, a turtle and stuff. theey might add more underwater mounts, note you get a buff when you are on the waterfloor your movement speed while walking is increased by 60% and you can ground moutn and run with 100% on the floor.

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    When I tryed mounting today in Vashir, it didnt worked, and the Sea Turtle also didnt worked.
    Instead I saw alot of people riding sea horses.
    So I think from now on, you only can use specific water mounts in Vashir.
    But I hope blizz makes the Turtle a water mount too, since it kinda fits in the setting.

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