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    Kind of a nub at computers, can i overclock this?

    so yeah i have a:
    AMD Athlon(tm)II X2 250 processor 3 GHz
    cause atm i can't run all my games at max settings for some reason i.e Battlefield: Bad Company 2, like when a house get blown up and collapses my fps drops to 10 maybe and slowly moves up when there's less things going on and such, is this perhaps because of some other reason? if so, what?

    and i'll just post the rest of my specs (incase)
    RAM 4.00GB

    I don't know if i CAN or CAN'T overclock my cpu (nor do i know how) but if i CAN'T, what cpu would you recommend, that goes along with my graphic card etc?

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    any one can clock a cpu / gpu but not all can do it whit out risking hurting your system if you have no ide what your doing as well most likely having the original cpu cooler so i dont really recommend it

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    google overclocking, look at some guides, see if it's something that's up your alley. If you are a complete computer newbie I would not recommend it because you can easily fry your computer

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    alright, so what kind of processor would you suggest to get (if i were now to buy one if i can find some money ;p)
    id say around 500-700$ (i'm swedish hence the big money gap lol) is the max i can pay for one.

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    BIOS: In some BIOS's you are given the option to alter your CPU speed. Using this method, you won't even have to open your computer case. When you first boot your PC enter your BIOS (usually by pressing Del, F1, or F10) and start looking for any option that allows you to change your CPU speed or voltage. If you do find it, then it's as simple as changing the current number to a higher value.
    if i find this thingy, will i risk frying my entire system if i change it ;p ?
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    that's a pretty safe way, but, you will need to check your computer temperature after you increase your cpu speed/voltage (recommend increasing it by very small amounts) to make sure your computer is still running at an acceptable temperature afterward (you will probably want to check the temperature continuously and after a heavy load time, like after playing wow or whatever for awhile).

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    is there any program i can check of the temperature? :P i've had my PC running for 1 day 10ish hours now, so it'd be a great time to check how hot it is ;p

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    uh this is one of the first ones i found online: http://download.cnet.com/SpeedFan/30...-10067444.html (seems to have a low rating, maybe you can find a better one on cnet), not sure if it'll work with your computer or not. Also I don't remember normal CPU operating temperatures but you can probably find that pretty quick on the google machine

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    okey, thanks

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    http://download.cnet.com/Core-Temp-6...-75146989.html will this one work?

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    okey so i downloaded the Core Temp thingy, and it says my CPU is at 42-43C while not playing any games or such.

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