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    techy question partitions (need geek please)

    ok so my laptop is decent. but it has a 50-50 partition on it of which vista takes up about 70 percent of drive C. my data drive (d drive) is virtually un touched where as drive C is about 3 gigs from full.

    what can i do to either remove this partition, make anew partition (to contain vista files), or some how get around it.

    I've looked at websites and i cant find anyything. i'm not a geek but i'm also not incompetant with computers. please help me! i just want to play starcraft on the big TV at my dads!!!

    I need a geeeekkk pleeeeaaaaseeeeee!!!!!

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    thanks! =) that should help but if anybody else has an idea, have-at it!

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    In Vista you can use the Disk Management to delete a partition and merge it with an existing partition.
    Goto Disk Management then simply rightclick to bring up the options.

    It really is that simple.
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