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    cpu problems

    Hi. I have this problem that only shows up when i start up a game (wow,css,cod ect) After about 20-60sec my screen frezes (0-1fps) when this happen my sound goes all crazy also. This happen no-stop as long as am logged on some game(it goes back to normal fps after about 10-20sec of having 0fps). I have been watching my cpu, and every time this happen to spikes up to 100% for as long as my screen is frozen. I did add together the numbers of all the running programs, and all in all it should not use more then around 50-70% of my cpu, but all the graphs are saying that its running at 100%.

    Have updated all drivers for MB,graphic card and cpu, but nothing helps.
    Have also checked on my temp on the cpu and its at 50-60 celcius ingame.
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    Check temp on graphics card also. Sounds like GPU is overheating and hangs the computer. Or it could be ancient/broken graphics drivers causing the crash.
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    grapic card runs at 35-45C, and when i try to auto-update the drivers on the advanced option on my card it just tells me that i have the best driver i can get.

    I also get offen programs that stops working.

    Have scanned the pc with AVG,CClen,S&D,Anti-malware and some other random stuff i could find, but they havent found anything.
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    That looks like the gpu crashing, and restarting, had a similar problem with excess overcloking of the gpu.
    Unistall your drivers and install new ones, if you are over-clocking try to set the values back to stock.

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    Did as you said Enola. The problems happen just as offen as before only now i dont have 0-1fps but 2-3fps.

    Thx for the tip tho.

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    Go , download OCCT and try to do the gpu stress test, it should either confirm or rule out a gpu issue.

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