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    Angry X-Realm is messing with my computer

    So, i got this rather odd issue at the moment... recently my computer have been simply shutting off(like is some1 were to pull the plug) and then auto-reboots while doing the daily heroics. what i find odd is that no problems are occuring when i stand inside dalaran, or if im off farming saronite or whatever... i have even done some raiding and non x-realm dungeon-runs with my friends and so far its all good on that front.

    it all differs at wich time inside the dungeon my computer shuts off. ive crashed at the first pull and during the last boss, and once or twice i have actually managed to finish a dungeon without crashes.

    reinstalled windows yesterday and the issues are still occuring, so i assume its an hardware issue. shouldnt be heating either since i vacuumed it the other day.

    if you got any ideas, please do share.

    Computer stats

    thanks in advance

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    Also, include your temperatures. 90% of random reboots are due to overheating.

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    so, here is a screenie of me in dala... (firefox, msn, winamp running aswell)
    keep in mind that computers really arent my thing so you will have to bear with me on this one.
    i dont get how it can be heating issues since my computer only seem to crash when doing xrealm dungeons. but on the other hand that might just be a coincidence i suppose.
    if you need any more info, do tell. but i think it all should be covered in that link in my first post.

    thanks in advance

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    Your CPU is rated for a max temp of 55-63*C. Standing idle in Dalaran, you're pushing upwards of 64*C. Doing a dungeon would include combat, which is more strenuous on your CPU, causing it to heat up more.

    You have a heat issue. Open your computer. Clean out the dust. Make sure your fans are spinning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef View Post
    ...since i vacuumed it the other day.
    well im guessing i need to buy a new water cooling system or something... since ive already got a set of mad ass fucking fans that is making my computer hover.

    now i need to find something that actually fits in there aswell..

    thanks for your help

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    If you were in actually vacuuming around the CPU/heatsink (I would always suggest compressed air over vacuuming), you may have bumped it and knocked it loose, even just enough to create an air bubble in the thermal interface material. If you're familiar with how to do it, I would suggest removing your heatsink, cleaning the TIM from the heatsink and CPU, re-applying TIM, and reseating your heatsink.

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    what case are you using?

    BIG f¤%&# fans doesn`t help one thing, if you have NO good airflow in your case

    i helped a friend last week, because he was having heat problems. he allso said that he had some big fans on hes cpu cooler nad 3 140mm fans in the case. he had instalt the 3 140mm fans him self because he wanted blu-light in hes case.

    the big problem was that he had put the fans in hes case the wrong way, so all 3 140mm fans was sucking air in to the case, making the airflow all wrong.

    after i instalt the fans the right way, hes computer stop rebooting and all is running normal again.

    so check your airflow..... the bigger the fans are, the more IMPORTEN it is to have the right airflow

    allways good to have air coming in from the front, side or bottom and suck the air out from the back and top
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