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    SC2 cinematics and Blizzard's new MMO

    So I've been playing SC2 the last few days.I'm not a huge RTS fan but one thing came to my mind when I saw the between mission cinematics.The engine they use is an ingame engine not an animation (the difference between them and the opening cinematic is big). This engine was close to the Unreal 3 but not the same engine and it went very smooth on my relatively old pc (4gb ram GF9800GT 1gb).So do you think Blizz will use the same engine for their new MMO ? Would be realy,realy nice!

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    hard to say because no one got any info on their new mmo

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    My point was you all know how blizzard likes to use an engine they`ve made for as many games as they can for example WOW engine is modified wc3 engine so when I saw the ingame cinematics ...well let`s say I`m 66.6666% sure thet their new MMO will use it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by evil_bono View Post
    well let`s say I`m 66.6666% sure thet their new MMO will use it!
    You can't be any percent sure about anything until Blizzard themselves confirm how it's going to be. Pulling out random numbers out of a hat is pointless.

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