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    Bio: Scavell Fireheart

    Name: Scavell Fireheart (Containing the walking spirit of Medivh, the last Guardian, Don’t worry I am not Medivh himself, I am his eyes and ears explained further in history)
    Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Outskirts of Dalaran, 2 years after the first war.

    Class: Fire Mage (but more of a Fire Bender) skills vaguely based that of Aggron StoneBreaker and Luna Inverse from Defence of the Ancients. Able to cast concussive blasts of fire with unpredictable results (may be cast on the target 2-4 times with a single incantation, draining more of Scavells’ Mana and life-force per multi-cast draining him to his knees in some cases due to the potency of the spell. The AoE of his spells vary with channelling time, though his concussive blasts are purely single target. He keeps himself at range most of the time, though he is acrobatic through his motion, not to dissimilar from Fire bending from Avatar: the Last airbender.


    Fireblast: Blasts the target at range with a concussive fire magic. Deals damage and stuns the target, has the ability to multi-cast in battle-trance. Damage and multi-cast probability directly related to Scavells current anger. This takes alot of energy, cannot be cast very often. Will NOT be used in PvP combat in threads. Only when the time is right, will not OP with this against other people, NPC's on the other hand....

    Lava Bomb:
    Coats the target and nearby enemies with molten lava, slowly burning them and slowing movement speed, AoE increases with channelling time and anger, can explode on self if not released within 10 seconds.

    Flame Wave: Fires a line of heat along the ground in a single direction, igniting everything in its path, blasting those caught within with fire damage. Range of this spell is directly related to anger, can also be multi-cast in unpredictable directions, Multicasts of this spell are highly draining.

    Whirl of Flame: Utility spell to push back melee attackers, has a short cast time as he builds up the whirl but once cast, knocks anyone nearby down, giving Scavell time to recollect and get some distance, minimal damage done by this spell, cannot be multi-cast, range of knockdown is subject to anger. Like Fireblast, takes a considerable amount of energy and cannot be cast often. It is a "Oh shi.." button per se. The knock down only lasts as long as it takes for the people effected to get back on their feet.

    Anger: Effectively improves all spells at a cost of mana and life force, increases AoE of Lava Bomb and Flame Wave, increases probability to multi cast Fireblast and Flame Wave up to 4 times.

    Fighting Style:Firebending moves are based mainly on the style of Northern Shaolin kung fu, but with a few techniques from Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis. These martial arts feature quick, successive attacks that exert extreme power for just a moment (much like an explosion, called ging lik). It optimizes a strong continuous offense, sacrificing defense for greater power, the principle behind a preemptive strike, making firebending the most aggressive of the four bending arts.

    Firebenders use their internal body heat as a source of their bending to create fire. This facet of Firebending is in sharp contrast to the other bending arts, which manipulate already present representations of their element (though Firebenders can control or enhance flames nearby). Unlike other bending disciplines, Firebending has few defensive moves aside from blocking and dodging, although master Firebenders are able to create walls of fire to absorb incoming attacks or shoot down incoming projectiles.

    Firebending uses concentrated barrages of fire to overwhelm opponents before striking a fatal blow. Swift, whirling kicks and punches generate diverse shapes for offensive attacks.

    Circular motion also seems to be a crucial element to the skill as it seems to be a precession to "power up" the Firebender's flames. When creating lightning, the Firebenders often move their arms in slow, circular motions, a bit like Waterbenders but with more tension. As said before, whirling kicks or punches are used many times in the series to create arcs, or just to power their bending.

    According to Iroh, fire is the element of power.
    This abstract is from the Avatar wiki, it explains the ways in which my character fights. The spins and whirls are counted as casts in Scavells case, innterruptable. He has dominion over fire and his fighting style allows him to block/deflect lesser spells but if caught off balance is unable to, it is all about maintaining stance strength. If you chuck Firebending into google, there are some nice videos, Zuko vs Zhao Agni Kai is a good one looking at the style itself while there is a video that shows the kung fu style in work and explains the style itself like in the abstract above. Scavells dominion is only over fire, other elements effect him normally when they hit, even fire if caught off guard. Water, well everyone knows water>fire. Weaknesses explained below in Scavells case though. ( I wish I could HTML link those videos, they explain it much better).

    Alignment: True Neutral.
    Reaction to Horde: Hostile, though not let into city walls without disguise, does not mind who he chooses or picks to work with.
    Reaction to Alliance: Neutral to Friendly, accepted on the premise of race.

    Personality: Scavell is fun loving in his normal state; he is highly subject to his unnaturally common mood swings due to flashbacks. He will often turn to lunacy when angered, great depression when sad and almost uncontrollable immaturity when having too much fun (or too much to drink). Though with age has come composure. His personality when wandering the plains alone is secluded, lonesome and subject to his mind running at a million miles an hour, forever haunted by his past...

    Distinctive Personality Traits: Toying with people, joking around and deep mood swings, always altering his outlook on life, decents into uncontrollable anger.

    Appearance: 6 foot tall, tanned skin, covered in burn scars. His eyes glow a soft orange, a birthmark if you will, the glow seeps naturally down his face to his middle cheek. His hair is a Charcoal black, sits flat on his head, he keeps it short and has a distinctive curved fringe that covers most of his left eye. To anyone looking at him he would appear as a tall monk but always looked at strangely for his seeping eyes. He used to dress in flawless Red Acranist Regalia as he attempted to master his abilities during his mid to late teens. Now after finding the Mantle of Medivh on his lonely walk through Kalimdor he is always found wearing the cowl, accompanied by a black raven that sits on the mantle when resting but often follows Scavell from the sky, under the mantle he wears nothing on his chest (exposing countless burn scars), strapping on his arms and baggy but refined black pants, tapered in by his shoes, made from imbued netherweave.

    Scavell; pre the gift of the guardians mantle.

    Terra Naerdiel; upholds most of her beauty but still death clings to her like a shroud.

    Strengths: While in his battle trance, he is almost impossible to stop. Burning desire, bottled hatred, fire itself seems to crackle from his eyes in this state. He has the ability to see through personal mind barriers and see the true emotions behind people’s eyes.
    Unknowingly becoming more effected by Medivhs’ Presence within his mind. This becomes both a strength through maturity and wisdom and a weakness through foggy, cursed visions and memories not of his own.

    Weaknesses: Will often drain him further than his body can handle. He is also very vulnerable to mind assault magic having weak emotional barriers, the glow from his eyes seeps down his face and will begin to drip like tears. He will often breakdown if he hurts the ones he cares about with his magic, as he can often be reckless with them. Frost Magic has an increased chance to crit and deal bonus damage to Scavell.

    History-Warning its long =P

    The Beginning:
    Though Scavell’s heritage is unknown, his birth was presumed to be in a small farmhouse on the outskirts of the great city of Dalaran. Though most of his childhood stories are crafted from his own memories and not much else. Not much is known of his early years, many speak as if it were legend. “The boys with tears of flame,” Often spoke in whispers, for as soon as he was born it is said that he had an unnatural connection to fire, it is presumed that he killed his mother and those around him at birth, unwillingly searing them to death, not being able to control his own power. His family heritage and birth mother and fathers’ identity unknown to all, their household set to the flame with Scavell surviving through the will of his own powers to keep their host alive, though permanently scaring his body. Admitted to the orphanage within Dalaran after being found in the wreckage, not much was known about this boy, while growing up he secluded himself, even at such a young age he was scared to interact with people for reasons he couldn’t really understand or remember.

    The Awakening:
    Coming into his 5th year, in an event that he and the rest of the citizens nearby to the orphanage will never forget, he came out of seclusion and began to be teased by the other children, pushed around until finally one unfortunate child chose to pick a fight with young Scavell because of his strange eyes and markings. Scavell, in a highly confused and sad state from the constant teasing begged the bully to stop, without hesitation the bully made a swift motion and wacked Scavell on the head, right into his temple. This triggered something as Scavell fell to one knee, his head hung in dejection, the orange tears falling from his face began to sear the ground and eventually stopped dripping, raising his head, eyes set aflame, Scavell stomped the ground in frustration and pure anger, sending out a single line of flame towards the bully, immediately afterwards his mind full of fogged memories of a searing household, burning ambers and the screams of his mother. The flames immediately purged from his eyes, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, fear clutched his heart like a beggar to gold. Before the flames fully ignited they subsided just short of the bully, now frozen in fear. The ground in front of him set to the flame, purged of all life. Scavell ran away that day, vowed never to return in fear of scaring the ones that cared for him the last 5 years. He secluded to the shores of Lordamere Lake. There he sat in seclusion, finding himself an abandoned old hut in which to live out his years, which to an emotional 5 year old caught in the spirit of the moment, seemed like a feasible idea.

    Trial and fire:
    After calming down in the weeks following those events, he began to wonder and think curiously about his powers, he decided that he best find a way to harness the powers that he had been so scared of for 5 years. For the next 10 years he practised on the shores of the lake, burning himself countless times, stopping at stages due to shear fright, like a child looking into the eyes of an enraged parent. His first successful cast of a full blown flame wave into the lake sparked his childish lunatic side and over confidence, cackling to himself as he jumped into the air, spinning and landing on the grassy shore with all his might, 2 giant waves of flame propagated from him. As he completed his cast, he felt as if his heart slammed into his throat. Gasping for breath he fell to the ground, clutching the ground almost in a fit, the glow from his eyes suddenly changing from a glowing fire to a deep brown, as he very slowly caught his breath he made a very sudden realisation about his great power and the cost to himself for the use of it. He then decided that he would need to be very fit to be able to cast any spells in quick succession. Unaware of the wars around him, he began to train, pushing himself closer to the limit every day. Towards the end of the ten years he could not push himself naturally to cast more intoxicating spells, out of frustration he yelled at the top of his lungs, clenched his first full of dirt, closed his eyes, and after 5 seconds spun and threw the dirt across the lake. To his surprise this was followed by an explosion as the lava bomb he had accidentally created clashed with the water, shattering it into obsidian fragments.

    Puberty, thou art a heartless bitch:
    As any teenager comes to mature age, there comes a time where he needs to leave home, even the makeshift one you have made out of objects found around the lake. Scavells curiosity craved further adventure afar from the lake that he had reclusively settled into. Not knowing much about the world around him, he travelled back to Dalaran, the place he vowed never to return to, seeking knowledge and guidance as to where he could further explore both the lands and his powers. On arrival no one recognised Scavell, though the judgemental looks that he had not experienced for 10 years felt all too familiar. Walking in looking rather lost, he noticed a young shrouded lady in an alley way market further in the distance; a child pulls on her sleeve asking her for something, she passes the ragged girl an apple. Suddenly the shop keep grabs her by the wrist, his head coming out of the shadows with a menacing grin holding a scimitar to her chin. Scavell knew not what to do but only one thing came to mind and that was to save the kind young lady. He rushed towards her, sweeping her away after throwing a small amount of fire to the shop keeper’s face. She covered her mouth as to muffle her scream if she was going to, running the backstreets, the shop keep had alerted the guard. Knowing these backstreets from when he was a kid, he remembered the old hideout that they used to go to as an escape ploy from the adults. After running down the backstreets, she noticed a guard approaching, she gasped, even though muffled by his hand was loud enough to hear, the guard sprinted to their local, Scavell immediately threw her on his back and jumped up and into the 2nd storey of a building. Hiding and waiting for the guard to pass, the woman asked “Who are you?!” with a certain seriousness about her. Scavell shushed her as the guard was still lingering, slowly the guard moved on and they were safe, while not reaching the hideout, this storey of the building seemed awfully abandoned. “My name is Scavell, what is your name and why were you being held a blade point for helping that child?” Scavell said with an almost intrigued and smug look on his face from making such a good get away. While waiting for his answer Scavell sat there looking at her; her beauty pierced his emotions like a hot knife through butter, she had a certain look to her that Scavell warmed to instantly. After about 30 seconds she replied, “My name is Terra, Terra Sidhiel, and thank you so much for saving me from that situation. The child was hungry so I handed her an apple, the shopkeeper obviously didn’t warm to that at all and I was in deep shit until you came along. So what brings you to town? Other than saving young damsels’ like me from scary old men that is. ” She said with a sigh of relief to her tone while trying to make light of the situation. Scavell shook himself out of his trance, finding the courage out of his nerves after seeing how pretty she was to reply; “ I’ve lived on the lake for most of my life, I grew up in the orphanage here in town though. I.. (he shook his head to shake the memory of the bully day from his mind) never mind all that matters is that your safe, actually, I feel kind of nervous asking this but once things have cooled down, you wouldn’t be able to show me around would you? Things have changed in 10 years."

    She smiled at him, knowing he was one of those quiet ones and that next day, took him around the city showing him the countless libraries and shops. She was interested in him, he had a certain, mysteriousness about him and his eyes.... she was enthralled. “So young buck, what is your last name?” she said intuitively, giving into her girlish needs to know more. “Well, I remember the name Scavell from back at the orphanage but I have never known my last name, my parents died at my birth, I somehow survived the ordeal, well thats what they told me when I asked anyway. I have to say, you’re so kind to have shown me around.” His eyes started to glow brighter when looking towards her, what was this feeling he was getting? He quickly placed his hands in his pockets as a feeble attempt to hide himself from embarrassment.
    The girl looked at him with an empathetic smile, her eyes glistening in the noonday sun. “A mysterious boy with no family and spent 10 years on a lake, you definitely are an interesting boy.”Again snapping out of being lost in her eyes, he considered what she had said, having burned what heritage he had unknowingly he just didn’t know. He extended a shrug in her direction and said; “I am not actually sure, though I wish I did, I’m always haunted by screams in my dreams, my fear is that they have something to do with it, I shudder to think what though.”
    They exchanged many pleasantries, many memories, though admittedly his childhood was somewhat limited compared to a young sorceress growing up in the city. Their relationship grew, she offered him somewhere to stay, helped him learn, they shared something more than a friendship that grew into a relationship after the first year together. Though young Scavell had his first taste of love, almost intoxicating him. They shared the next three years together.

    One day she decided it was time to see what her new squeeze was capable of, she challenged him to a duel outside the gates of Dalaran, an interesting match-up nothing less than their relationship. Though inside he did not wish to hurt her, he knew it would be ok as it was just practise. They began, throwing toying spells at each other, fire and arcane energy flying everyway but at each other. “Enough toying Scavell! We need to ‘practise’!” Terra yelled with an adorable sarcasm in her voice, throwing a single arcane missile at him, which he ducked under, spinning and sending out a thin line of fire towards her feet. They exchanged playful pleasantries like this for some time, a teenager’s bane of not being bothered to put in any effort into practise unless it had a slight loving basis. While spotting him laughing uncontrollably, Terra shot a lance of frost towards Scavell while he wasn’t looking. This hit him directly in the head and knocked him off his feet, the sudden burst of frost damage overwhelmed him. His sense of control was blown away, his love and playfulness vanquished to the nether vortex of his mind, cackling to herself she saw glowing embers lighting the air above Scavell, “Oh shii..”
    He rose to his feet in a fluid motion, placing his feet in a stomp on the ground that purged the land beneath him of life in a small circle. His eyes burning with such intensity that Terra could feel his flaming heart within him from where she was standing. “Fireheart... If I had known....I am sorry....” Terra said as she stumbled backwards, preparing to defend herself but her body was crippled with fear and regret. Scavell, encouraged by teenage hormones, fuelled by the burning rage within and unable to see that Terra trembling before him, screamed with flame-born ferocity, exposing his canines like an animal threw a concussive blast at Terra, his rage fuelled this to cast 3 times simultaneously on her while he grabbed dirt from beneath him, spun in a flaming circle and threw the lava bomb directly at the helpless teenage girl. The bomb drenched the area around Terra with burning hot lava, instantly waking her up and causing her to scream in pain. The scream cut through Scavells’ burning rage like a knife would through his heart, or at least that’s how it felt as the scream pierced through his mind like an echo, immediately falling to his knees, daring not to look at what he had done, though curiousity as a teenager forced his to raise his head, cold flame dripping from his eyes on his new robe she had made for him. There it was... the sight that would be forever etched in his mind, his first love screaming as the lava on her flawless face slowly consumed her flesh. He did the only thing he knew how to, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him.
    “I LOVED YOU AHHHHHHHH!” Terra yelled from the distance with a horrifying screech that could have disheartened any being, echoing across the valley as he ran south......

    Scavell delt with his... murder... of all things he had cared for by hiding in the caves of the mountains above Dalaran, sleepless nights, lightless days. Not a moment went by where he couldn’t stop thinking about what he had done. Sitting in the pools of his own sorrow, driven to near insanity by those horrific memories. He had to get away; the only way to keep his sanity was to keep moving. He felt like he had to get further away, much further, the closer he was to her the worse he felt, or so he thought. For months he wandered aimlessly, where he went and how he got there just a mere haze in the back of his mind as the cursed vision of his lava bomb mortally wounding his first love was slowly destroying his mind. Where ever he went it always seemed to be raining, his dominion over his powers waned, his eyes glow becoming a dull orange, almost like someone had painted them on, his face, covered by his wet hair, shrouding him further into selfless seclusion. One day, the first one he could remember in months he woke up in Menethil Harbour (the first one existed before the third war began) to his surprise they were preparing to leave, everyone was in a mad rush to up and leave. This gave Scavell the opportunity to grab a ride to somewhere. Rumour was most of the forces were heading to Kalimdor to try that a plague was striking the north and that the nearby orc clans were mobilising. Scavell jumped on the next ship and went with a small platoon of militia across the great sea...

    Once he had arrived on the shores of this forgotten land he said a quick goodbye to his sea heartened Menethil Militia and began to wander the beautiful yet battered wastes. Being somewhere new and exotic, untouched, gave him a chance to keep his mind away from self torment. Tested by the harsh wilds, yet through the time where he rested he developed a way to cleanse his mind and concentrate on his power. While doing so one evening, a quillboar snuck up on him, about to ambush young Scavell. As the quillboar striked, with a sudden fluid motion, Scavell lifted to his feet, eyes burning with raging intensity, spun around with flaming fists, grabbed the beast by his mane and blasted the quillboar right on the head with a firey concussive force, though the quillboar had managed to gash Scavells side, it did not help his chances of winning this battle as it only angered Scavel further, with no constraints or people to hurt around him, Scavell took stance, muttering words to himself as he cast a powerful wave of fire at the beast, arms held out wide he suddenly clapped his hands together towards the beast and with an immense fiery force the poor creature was concealed in flame. While in the trance he began to cackle louder and louder, his lunacy growing out of hand having dealt to the creature without restraint venting his anger for himself on the unfortunate assassin. As he calmed down he noticed the bleeding cut on his robe, and was mentally and physically numb, the wound plus his over confidence is using his powers had again tired him immensely, the first time in months since fighting Terra. Survival instincts kicked in and he took off his robe, wrapping it around his waist where he was cut, sitting back down and began meditating again, trying control himself, something inside him wished the cut was something more. Karma was yet to strike for what he had done, subconsciously the fear was having an increasing effect on him as everyday passed..

    The Ashenvale Chronicles :
    Finally he after what seemed months he reached the edge of the barren wasteland and found a green forest area. Finally finding somewhere aesthetically pleasing to him, he childishly lay of the ground closed his eyes and enjoyed the comfort of the forest. For some reason he very much at home here. Maybe it was its tranquillity; a quiet he had not experienced since he left the lake so long ago it seems now. After lying there for what seemed hours he decided he best move on and explore this extensive forest, as he ventured forth it became apparent that the forests weren’t as peaceful as he first thought. Battle ensued all around him, Strange looking elves, humans and orcs battling demons and the undead, how interesting... He thought to himself while trying to keep a low profile, using the forests density to his advantage with his nimble body. The forest was beseeched by corruption and conflict. So much for tranquil forest...... he thought to himself as he headed up the mountain, to see if he can see what was really going on.

    When reaching the top, on a hill overlooking World Tree, he saw the Battle of Mt Hyjal commencing, not wanting to get involved too much further he lay down and watched events unfold, amongst the battle he noticed two beings from afar, that looked quite out of place, interested by their appearance he continued to watch them as they fought back wave after wave of Undead and Demons. As the battle progressed for some time suddenly a large demon appeared and started to make his way up the hill towards the world tree, he had remembered reading about these beings in the darker books of the Dalaran libraries. As he approached he grew larger and larger, the two adventurers battling him to the death, just as Scavell was about to charge down the hill to help, he quickly went back to lying down as what he could only gather to be a spirit flew over his head towards the demon. What is this.... They’re coming out of the trees? This day cannot get any weirder. This was a sight to behold, the spirits amassed around the now overly sized demon, his body began to glow a soft but bright blue suddenly *BOOOOM!* Scavell was knocked back into a tree, knocking him out cold. The explosion decimated the forest surrounding the tree. Scavell dreamt of a dark figure coming towards him, stuck in one of those inevitable dreams where as much as you want to, you cannot run. Was this Karma finally catching up with me? Before the dark figure could reach him he awoke to see a man with a staff standing in front of him and that helped him up.

    “Medivh it can’t...”
    “Ah Scavell, fate would be right for me to have found you here, listen there are things that I need to tell you. Your name, it isn’t just a coincidence that it is Scavell. The guardian of Tiristfal before my mother, Aegwyn , was the great Magus Scavell. He ruled for centuries prior to picking Aegwyn to pass his powers to as she did me. Now this does not mean you are the next guardian young one, for he has already been chosen, no you will for fill a different purpose. Though I was killed in ages past for my sins while I was fighting for myself with the dark one. The torment I was subjected to had made me eternal and I had much to do with Achimondes defeat here today. For I could not fail humanity again and the world needed to know it no longer needed guarding, but should the world again need saving as it did today my dear boy I wish for you to be my eyes and ears, for when the time comes, the world once again may need the guidance it sought today. While my son will be the next guardian I would feel safer knowing that I can oversee all that occurs from an inconspicuous shell, for if Scavell was there for Aegwyn, he would have seen the curse befallen her and could have stopped Sargaras from having such a tight grasp on her unborn child as he did. Here, take this (he passes Scavell his mantle and cape.) for where ever you go and whatever you decide to do with your mortal years Fireheart, I will be watching over you, like I have the world. Like the mortals you saw battle to save their freedom, you too will play your part in this story.” As Scavel held the mantle in his hands, he looked up and saw nothing; he had vanished into thin air. As he placed the feathered mantle over his shoulders and raised the hood, a black raven flew down out of the air and landed on his left shoulder, knowingly he smiled. Many questions have just been answered, yet there are so many rocks are left unturned....

    Naerdiel – Lady of Shadow.
    Several weeks had passed after the battle of Mt Hyjal, the last of the demons were being vanquished from Ashenvale Forest. Scavell yet again was wandering along forgotten paths, his mind whizzing around faster than usual. His cowl over his face, the glow from his eyes the only thing able to be seen from a distance. It was a lot to take in at once, yet Medivh said nothing of how my power came to be, his thoughts interrupted by the Raven landing back on his shoulder that had been following from the top reaches of the forests canopy. The skies still burning red with ambers from the vanquishing of the great demon. He stopped for a while, taking his rest in the western edges of the forest, finding a lush but comfy part of the canopy to rest and collect his thoughts. He closed his eyes for what felt like just a minute when suddenly he heard whispers echoing through his mind, the voice was so familiar it was killing him not knowing who it was. “Let my words echo through your mind like poison Scavell, let them SPREAD like the Disease they are.... FALL to MY Will!...”
    He opened his eyes and his ribs slammed into lungs, his jaw opened a jar in shock, his hand slammed over the gaping chasm that was now his mouth, he stumbled backwards into a tree and he realised who it was standing over him. “” he said as his whole body was now trembling under her.
    Her words were twisted, her eyes twitching, her head tilted to right and she spoke with a menacing grin, half her face and her body was blackened, she was covered in deep burn marks, in some places exposing her throbbing, singed muscles. “You thouuuught you had escaapped didn’t you DeaR BoY? And don’t call me that despicable name anymore you trembling asshole of an excuse for a man. It IS timmee (she began to cackle in a sickening manner), the scourge libbberated my corpse as they decimated our former home DARLING, though as you can seeeheheheee you didn’t leave me in a nice StAte DID YOU SCAVELL YOU ROTTEN PIECE OF SHIT. You are miinneeheh; I will NOT rest until I Have my Vengenceheheeeee, you see once they raised me, they bought me over here RIGHT TO YOU SCAVELL. DO YOU HEAR MY WORDS BOY? Can you FEEL them as they SCAR YOUR MIND?”

    She had Scavell in a crippled fear, she had become the unliving embodiment of vengeance, she was his exact counter and she was able to mentally disable him. In this state he is too weak to use his powers; a fire afraid to burn is just the wood and air around it. His eyes began to pour onto the ground into ice cold puddles of sorrow as he began to die as a person inside, his resistance to her words of pain was waning and he would soon be an empty shell and be under her control. As she began to speak words of pure shadow into his ears he made a final dash away, eyes closed he ran as fast as his legs would take him and as far as they could take him. As he began to flee into the distance he heard, “You cannot outrun destiny MY LOVE, YOU CANT RUN FOR EVER.” She then let loose a screech that would have deafened him had he been closer, but it did more than that, it set in his mind, she was the Karma, the one thing he once loved will forever haunt him until the day he dies...

    For the next three years he continued to avoid ashenvale. Sleep would often escape him as he travelled south to the barrens towards Theramore where he would stay and call home as he tried to discover who he was, what he was and forever be haunted by Terra ‘Naerdiel’ in his mind. He would be scarred by this forever, maybe in time he can summon the courage to put his love to rest... Until that day comes, he will endeavour to explore the world always searching for rocks to turn over, rocks to start a new chapter of his life and hopefully rocks that will answer the unanswered......
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    it's... lengthly O.o

    Anyway, just to say, if you give your character ablilities, then you have to stick to those. The beauty of a caster class is it's ability to transcend the spells they know in World of Warcraft (or even custom abilities). A powerful caster is one who has the creativity to change their spells to suit the situation.

    I'll get to reading the rest of the bio in a sec... just wanted to say that off the bat

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    I know right? heh, but I really wanted to have a great base story to really fully explain my character and the way he works, and build his story up to the WoW stage along the timeline.

    I understand that premise and will keep to that, maybe Ill take the firebending part further in his abilities so he is more melee capable. Thanks for the feedback =) nothing is set in stone =P Its been biting at me all week to get it done but I'd rather just perfect things and then move on to elaborating with the story I think.

    Hes the embodiment of fire, his emotions and past have to (I feel) match fires chaotic nature and unpredictability.

    Again thanks for the feedback with the abilities. Definately something to think about is the combat mechanics.

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    history and such, so far, is very good, though I'm worried he could be somewhat overpowered.

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    He's the embodiment of fire, therefore wouldn't he have a greater weakness to other schools of magic?
    I think that would even out the overpoweredness.
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    Well everyone knows that water is strong against fire... maybe we don't let Resto shamans near you : P

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    The Madgod: history and such, so far, is very good, though I'm worried he could be somewhat overpowered.
    I tried to counter--act possible overpowered ness by linking his actual life force into his spells, say when he multi casts on Terra and throws that lava bomb, he would be physically drained immensly, his powers do not grow with age/fitness, just his ability to control them do and even then hes emotionally unstable. Thanks for the history feedback =)
    Ellie: He's the embodiment of fire, therefore wouldn't he have a greater weakness to other schools of magic?
    I think that would even out the overpoweredness.
    Definately I mean say he was V a Warrior, you could easily pummel Scavell out of fire spells if you caught him casting anything. I think thats also why the ice lance hit him so hard. Might be something to add! =)

    Aramore: Well everyone knows that water is strong against fire... maybe we don't let Resto shamans near you : P
    "No Please dont gush me with your rip tide!!!, Not the Fire Resist Totem nooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

    Edit: do see that he is weak towards mind assualt magic as well, priests would have a field day messing with Scavell.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback so far =) Im going back to being Hungover for a while before writing anything =P
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    While in his battle trance, he is almost impossible to stop. Burning desire, bottled hatred, fire itself seems to crackle from his eyes in this state.
    Sounds alot like my lil fire gnome during bosses... when i get higher and higher aggro.. more and more... untill the boss turns around...and...AND.... INVIS REPEAT!
    Also about his weakness... reminds me of when we do sindragosa hc.. if i do anything.. i will hurt them with my magic :,(

    back ontopic...
    I can impossibly read all that history <.< , buuut in person he looks decent, and he 'n mah necro could prolly get along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Telcular View Post
    I can impossibly read all that history <.<.
    What are ya? Chicken? na Im only kidding, Im thinking I should have joined the short novel section with my character.

    Yeah hopefully! haha im still working out the finer details but I got an interesting twist coming up to the WoW time in WC history

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    nice read. you should put for your ending that you get stabbed by a panda.

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    hahaha Hi Lastdance, first you must create your panda before you can stab me =)

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    coincidential random fact of the day:

    Magna is for a female mage of great power... Magus is for a male mage

    You kinda messed up there in the part with Medivh :P

    ---------- Post added 2010-08-08 at 01:05 PM ----------

    other than that... I like it. As long as he can't use Medivh's powers, I'm alright with this :d

    Did you submit an application?

    ---------- Post added 2010-08-08 at 01:11 PM ----------

    yes... yes you did

    well grats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lithic View Post
    Edit: do see that he is weak towards mind assualt magic as well, priests would have a field day messing with Scavell.
    I think he and Delaina should go along very well.

    Thankyou Scavvy for the awesome Sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod View Post
    coincidential random fact of the day:

    Magna is for a female mage of great power... Magus is for a male mage

    You kinda messed up there in the part with Medivh :P

    ---------- Post added 2010-08-08 at 01:05 PM ----------

    other than that... I like it. As long as he can't use Medivh's powers, I'm alright with this :d

    Did you submit an application?

    ---------- Post added 2010-08-08 at 01:11 PM ----------

    yes... yes you did

    well grats
    Woah really? I guess thats why the Achidemic staff do say dont believe everything you see on Wiki! hhaah

    Yeah Don't Worry Medivh isnt going to help me, I mean if he could he probably would have helped me when Terra came back.

    Woah wait Im in?! woohoo! =D thanks alot Madgod, your support was legendary and your kick of my ass to get writing was just what I needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Velena Theron View Post
    I think he and Delaina should go along very well.

    You and Terra would be like lovers =P

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    ayep you're in.

    And I'm glad that my threats of corporate punishment (damn CEO's :d) got you to write.

    Now, I have an RP I'm gunna set up soon... would be interesting if your character was in it, I'd think :d

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    Im interested. Whats it about? Or I guess I just join and find out? haha. I cant wait to get linking/ posting priv's Got a picture of Terra now too I wanna chuck up. I was thinking of maybe doing a Bio for her but maybe someone wants to be her? I don't know? heh

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    read the War of the Wastelands thread... it's a continuation of that.

    ---------- Post added 2010-08-08 at 09:04 PM ----------

    and she can always be a secondary character

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    Reading that now, one thing I didn't consider was a suitable colour for me to post Scavells Dialogue in.

    Any thoughts?

    Secondary... interesting =)

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    Well, if your character is Rhonin then sure.

    But you should post it in RAINBOWS!

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