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    They sat quietly out on the water.
    Nat leaned back in the boat, his hat covering his face from the sun, his fishing line cast.
    Telcular too had his fishing line cast, however, he'd dozed off from all the silence.

    Nat lifted his hat off his face and rubbed his eyes.
    "So..." he said quietly, as not to wake Telcular.
    "How ya holdin' up these days?"
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    Helcular was lying in the boat, holding his fishing pole.
    Working to get food on the table, enjoying the time i got..
    He pulled a little on the fishing rod....nothing.
    Trying to keep the kid out of trouble..
    His eyes shifted toward Telcular, he was still sleeping.
    He then closed his eyes and remained quiet, taking a deep sight as he stretched his legs.
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    Nat smiled out at the water.

    "You've done a good job with the kid.
    After your parents died, I didn't know how you'd turn out.
    No one did...
    But you've really pulled through."

    He sighed and sat up in the boat and placed his hat on his head.

    "What are you now, 17? 18?
    Lookin' to find yourself a lady yet?"
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    He said with a a noticably bored voice.
    There was a silent moment.
    There is no ladies here, i've tried Tarren mill, but no luck there either..
    Another moment passed.
    I had thoughts about Julie's mother.. can't remember her name.. but she looked fine.. i later found out she was around 33 years old.. did not expect that..
    He sat up, and looked on the water.
    How long does this usually take?

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    "Ms. Honeywell's a fine woman, I don't deny that," Nat nodded.
    "But a boy like you needs somethin' young and fresh."

    He reeled in his line, only to cast it out again.

    "There are plenty of fish in the sea.
    Just gotta cast your line and hope for the best."
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    Helcular remained silent, uncertain if he talked about women or fishing.
    He looked out over the see.. he started to notice that he haden't the patience to become a fisherman..
    If something didn't happend soon, he'd swim back to Southshore if he had too.

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    Several peaceful moments passed by.
    After the large bout of silence, a quick zip could be heard.

    "It ain't mine..."
    Nat glanced over at Helcular.
    "And it ain't yours..."

    He looked over at Telcular and laughed as he saw his fishing line moving wildly.
    He reached over and gave him a sharp nudge.
    "Wake up, boy!"

    Telcular awoke, startled.
    He rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes.

    "You got a fish on your hands!"
    Nat took his hat from his head and laid it over his eyes as he leaned back.
    "And from the sounds of it, it's a biggin'!"

    Telcular grabbed onto his fishing pole.
    Helcular, look!
    He shouted excitedly.

    It was indeed something big.
    Its shadow could be seen from the surface.
    Whatever it was, it was at least the size of the boat...
    If not... bigger...
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    Helcular leaned over the boat and looked down into the water, seeing the shadow coming closer.
    Perhaps he told the truth about the other fish..
    It keeps geting bigger..
    He turned his head toward Nat.
    How big fishes are there here?
    Shortly after he turned his head back over the boat, like he didn't care to hear the answer.

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    "They say there's a big ol' Sagefish in these waters but...
    Biggest fish I've ever seen 'round here was the one your brother caught the other day."

    He winked playfully, implying that he'd seen several others just as big.

    I think this one is gonn' be bigger!

    Telcular excitedly leaned over the water, trying to catch a glimpse of his catch as he reeled it in.
    A dark shadow appeared underneath the boat, growing closer and closer to the surface...

    He gasped in childlike wonder.
    It must be the biggest fish ever...
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    Helcular moved his head away from the side of the boat.
    The shadow had goten almost as big as the boat now, and it was heading straight toward them.
    He took his hand and dragged Telcular toward him, holding him tight.
    All he could think of is how the hell he was strong enough to reel him in, while he was bracing for impact...

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    Suddenly, a giant sagefish jumped out of the water.
    Telcular stared, bewildered, as it flew over them.
    It crashed back into the water on the other side of the boat.

    A huge grin was pasted on Telcular's face.

    Nat looked up from his hat.
    He was calm and collected, like nothing had happened.
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    Helcular let go of his brother as he hasted toward the edge of the boat and stared into the water.
    He took a quick look on his brother...who was smiling like a maniac.. and then turned toward Nat.
    What the hell was that?

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    Nat smirked from under his hat.
    "That ol' bugger's grown since I last saw him..."
    He sat up and quickly reeled in his fishing line.

    There was a surreal silence.
    It has a disorienting quality about it.
    Somehow, it no longer felt like they were in Southshore.
    Seemingly out of nowhere, a thin fog appeared.
    The fog distorted the colors of the bright morning sky and clear blue water into something dark...

    Nat knelt down in the boat and ducked, preparing for whatever was to come.
    "Brace yourselves, kids..."

    Moments later, a low hum could be heard coming from under the boat.
    Then, a small nudge.

    Little Telcular peered out into the dark water.
    The silence grew more and more severe...
    And then, another nudge from the bottom of the boat, this time a little harder...
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    Helcular took a tight grip around his brother as he kept his balance of the bouncing boat.
    He looked toward Nat.
    We need to get us out of here, NOW
    He loosend his grip on his brother slightly as he took one of the oars and impatiently waited for Nat to take the other.

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    Before Nat could reach for the other oar, the boat was tossed into the air.
    Telcular, Nat, and Helcular were carelessly thrown high into the sky with the boat.
    The giant sagefish flew through the boat like a bullet, shattering it into pieces before crashing back down into the bleak water.
    As Helcular collapsed into the water, the great sagefish collided with him, knocking him unconscious...
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    Helcular coughted several times, the air was cool, and he was cold aswell..
    He got up on his knees, still catching his breath as he looked around..
    It was rather dark... could he possibly been uncouncious for that long?
    He stood up, his legs shaking.. his cloths wasen't wet either.. which was odd..
    Come to think of it, so was waking up in a forest..
    There were cold winds .. and there was also a fog in this place..
    His voice echoed thru the forest.
    It was dead silent.. only thing that could beaheard was the wind.. and...
    He looked around.
    Where are you?
    He turned around, it was clear where the voice was coming from.
    He rushed past the trees, passing them one by one, ignoring the seeming unlimited amount of debris in his way..
    Suddenly... the trees were gone..
    A beach.
    He slowed down, catching his breath as he began to look around.
    Telcular?! Nat?!
    He bend down, looking onto the sand.
    "Where could they've gone..."
    He raised his head and looked around again.. and a bit away.. in the fog.. he could see a shadow.
    Instantly he began to run toward it, falling onto the soft sand twice before geting close to see.
    Whoever it was, he was too big to be Telcular, and too dark to be Nat..
    Was all he could say, catching his breath yet again.

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    A thin figure, cloaked in black, stood out against the white sands.
    It faced out of the beach, staring at the seemingly endless black waters.
    The fog surrounded it like a shroud.
    Even from a distance, it towered above Helcular.

    A whisper penetrated Helcular's thoughts in a cacophony of several different voices, all speaking at once.

    Come to me...
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    Helcular was quiet, looking on the mysterious man..or woman.
    The wind had stop'd.
    He looked around, the fog was still thick..perhaps he was dreaming?
    The fishing was rather boring.. woulden't be suprising if he feel asleep.
    He took a few steps toward the shadowy figure.
    Who are you? where is Telcular?

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    I am what time, circumstance, and history have made of me...

    The being replied, still facing out at the unnaturally calm waters.

    But I am also much more...

    Slowly, in an almost awkward motion, it turned its head to the side.
    Its face was hidden by the shadow of its hood.

    So... are you.
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    Helcular raised his eyebrow toward the figure.
    This was surley a dream..but... he got curious.
    What do you mean... so am i?

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