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    Mike Natori

    Nicknames: Storm
    Full Name: Mike Natori
    Parents: He left at a young age
    Relationships: Lieutenant Caleb Rodelyn, his captain
    Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Mechano-engineer (Demolitionist, also fights with advanced guns)
    Personality: Angry, violent, drinks a lot
    Strengths – very strong, good demolitionist, advanced guns
    Weaknesses – easily influenced when drunk
    Likes: fights, guns, bombs
    Dislikes: sad people, hippies, authority
    Appearance: very large and muscled, short black hair, veins show up, black clothes
    From a young age, Mike was skilled with explosives. He built his own bomb at age five, blowing up a side of their house. His parents took away all his materials, and he got pissed. He did drugs for a while, and learned how to build guns from other dark characters. One night he came home to his parents busting into his drug stash, and he shot his dad in the foot. They didn't talk much from that point on.

    Later on in life, Mike became quite rebellious. He never liked his parents. They were too strict, too demanding. Hell, this was his life, not theirs. They could go die in a fire for all he cared. One day he came home, and they were with a mental doctor. He beat the doctor near death, and left. He didn’t look back.

    ((New character. Yeah, he’s pissed. Bio is incomplete))
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    shit, seems like a mean motherf***er. I am eager to role with him
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