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    Gretari Frostwolf - Updated Bio.

    Name : 'Centurion' Gretari Frostwolf
    Age : 38
    Gender: Male
    Race : Orc
    Class : Death Knight / Hunter
    Eyes : Blue
    Hair : Bald
    Skin : Green
    Affliations : Horde / Ashen Verdict .

    Bio :

    Gretari Frostwolf is a proud warrior of the Horde who has served them in many battles. Gretari was born in the city of Orgrimmar in The Drag, he enjoyed his childhood and never had any problems but wanted to be in the military since around age eleven . Gretari's first mission for the Horde was to serve them in Alterac Valley. He died saving Drek'Thar from a group of Alliance ambushers . His courpse was'nt brought back to his family in a body bag . Instead it was tainted by the Lich King. Gretari was developed into a Death Knight . Gretari is still able to use a gun in his afterlife since he was a marksman before his death. He was a sniper for the horde in alterac valley who resided usually in the Iceblood Tower taking out the allaince stragglers with quick shots .

    Gretari's family knew nothing of the events concerning his death. Gretari never confessed that he died saving Drek'Thar and escaped the Lich King's grasp . He feared he would never be looked upon in the same way ever again if he did . Very few knew Gretari was infact a reincarnation . One of the few people who knows this fact is Thrall . Gretari was given the title Centurion by him for his efforts in the war against the alliance in his life and afterlife . Gretari was going to confess after his first task on order's of the Horde tragically his mother and father both perished in the battle. Gretari has had an unbreakable hatred to the allaiance ever since.

    Gretari's first Horde task as a Death Knight was defending the Horde keep on Stonard in The Swamp of Sorrows.The alliance mustered a huge army to come outnumbering the Horde by the hundreds, early in the battle the Horde summoned Al'Akir only for Shalaman to dismiss him on the strict orders of Thrall. Very few Horde members survived the encounter the soldiers who did survive were Gretari , a Troll assasin named Threcka and a Shaman who went by the name of Shalaman both are close friends of Gretari ever since . Many fell in the fighting including Gretari's parents . When Gretari was informed about their death's he was eager for revenge and ordered a small squad of elite soldiers including himself, Threcka and Shalaman to put an end to the Human King, Varian Wrynn only to be stopped dipolmaticly by Thrall.

    ( More to come I have headache )
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