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    Angry firewall + blizard downloader

    my firewall seems to just stop the blizzard downloader, and i tried to set it so that it leaves it trough the firewall but that doesn't seem to work
    now i just turn it off every time it's patch day
    anyone know's how i can fix this
    and extra i have the firewall on when i play the game anyone an idea of it would go more smooth if i turned it off ??

    ps sorry for bad english
    when i die ... i won't drop any loot mwhahahaha

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    Did you follow Blizzard's instructions and opened the ports in firewall? Also you could just allow the downloader completely in your firewall if it's software.
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    Firewall settings -> Exceptions -> Open needed ports for Blizzard Downloader (Blizzard support section should have these)
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    This site will tell how to configure your specific router to a specific application.

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