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    Bio: Raesa Morningstar

    Heya, this is my second character on here. Sorry my writing isn't very prose, I'm working on that. x_x. Right now this is a work in progress, and I haven't put in much of how she is in present day, but I'd love to hear some feedback on it so far. Thanks

    Name: Raesa Morningstar
    Age: 94
    Race: Blood Elf
    Gender: Female
    Class: Priest
    Profession: Tailoring
    Relatives: Father Kelias Morningstar (deceased), Magistrix Valerie Dawnwhisper (maiden name, presumed deceased)

    Personality: Prideful and zealous, Raesa is fairly young and can appear insolent at times. Some would say "loudmouthed," she does not care much for formalities, and will speak her mind freely, often getting herself into trouble. She is likely to act tougher than she actually is. A dutiful healer, Raesa was taught by her father at a young age to follow the Light and its ways. This causes her to have a great distaste for the work of the Blood Knights.

    Likes: Tranquility, summer weather, Eversong Woods, the Light.
    Dislikes: War/Conflict, the Blood Knight order, cold weather, humans, the Wretched.

    Appearance: About 5'4, she is rather short. Her hair is a bright blonde color, nearly white. Long in the back, she wears a hairband just above her forehead, allowing her bangs to sweep to the side.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Courage to act during times of distress (Or perhaps run blindly in to danger, who can really tell the difference?). Headstrong and at times reckless, she will defend herself and her people fiercely if the situation requires it (though she has never really seen much combat) An apt healer, albeit young and woefully inexperienced in the field. She usually wears only a simple Mooncloth Robe, and a standard Sin'dorei healer's staff.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good.


    Kelias and Valerie Morningstar both fought in the Second War. The two met on the battlefield of southern Quel'thalas, during an Amani invasion. Kelias, a field medic and priest of the holy Light looked down upon the fallen magistrix, unaware that he was gazing upon his future wife. The young cleric quickly bandaged her wounds and urged her to hang on, speaking prayers furiously as he tried desperately to save her life. His hands glowed with the warmth of the Light, and it wasn't long before she opened her eyes, gazing up at him with a faint smile.

    Happily married for several decades, the two came to a disagreement upon the secession of Silvermoon from the Alliance. Kelias had been thankful for the Alliance's aid during the Troll Wars, however Valerie was infuriated, like many of their people, at the reckless destruction of their beloved forests. This put a strain on their marriage, but they loved each other and would not let a quarrel among diplomats decide their relationship. Several decades afterwards, Valerie gave birth to their only daughter, whom they named Raesa.

    Both of Raesa's parents loved her very much, however their relationship with each other was strained at times, mainly over clashing political and philosophical ideals. It was decided that Raesa would follow in her father's footsteps, and begin training as a priestess. Her mother, Valerie, objected. The two did not see eye-to-eye, and her father's dedication to the Light was frowned upon by her mother, but the decision was ultimately tolerated.

    Raesa trained under her father and the other priests inside the small vestibule inside Sunfury Spire for some years, until the unspeakable happened. At the time of the attack, Raesa was practicing her tailoring in the Bazaar of Silvermoon when the first blow had been struck to the city walls. The citizens broke out in widespread panic as ghouls and abominations tore through city towards the Sunwell.

    "Th-the Scourge?" she whispered to herself, gazing petrified at the scene that had erupted before her eyes. As she stood, frozen in horror, she had caught the hungry eye of a ghoul, and soon it was lunging towards her. She screamed, standing like a deer in the headlights as the animated remains lunged towards her, but in a flash of light, a pillar of holy fire fell from the sky down upon the attacker.

    "Raesa! My daughter, come to me!" She turned swiftly to see her father yelling towards her, her mother watching for enemies at their rear. The two of them stood on the opposite side of the courtyard, urging her over to them. "Father!!" she cried out and ran towards them, embracing them for a quick moment before they began fleeing the city. They ran past panicked masses, catching bits of information in the crosshairs. "The Ranger General has fallen! Sylvanas is dead!" could be heard from the shrill voices of the horrified elves. The family together made their way towards the south-eastern gate of Silvermoon, quickly getting as far away from the city and hiding within the mountainous areas of eastern Quel'thalas. It was there, that they waited. Kelian sat in their small camp that they had put together, extremely conflicted. He knew he was needed on the battlefield, but could not bring himself to abandon his family. They waited there for days without information, while Valerie conjured mage-food to keep them alive. Soon though, they did not need to be told what had happened…They could feel it. The Sunwell had been destroyed. After that, they could not hide much longer. They had all felt the effects of the sudden decrease in magical energy, especially Valerie, who was no longer able to conjure food for them. Soon, they made their descent down to the the forest, and found a small group of their people. They spoke in huddled masses, and when the three of them approached, all had been explained. "King Anastarian is dead…"

    Over the coming weeks, Prince Kael'thas had returned and renamed his people the Blood Elves. Slowly, things began improving and after some time, the rebuilding of Silvermoon was underway. During these troubled times, the elves experienced painful withdrawal from the sudden stifling of their fount of energy. Raesa and her father found guidance in the Light, giving them the strength to bear the terrible pain. However, Raesa's mother Valerie did not have the same strength of will. Slowly, the pain mutated her slender elven form into that of a gangly old woman. Her previously warm disposition turned to spite and contempt, channelling much of her energy to her husband, jealous of his lack of difficulties. Soon, the catalyst that destroyed their relationship came to pass.

    Valerie had been staying at the inn, for she found herself unwilling to share anything at all, let alone a bed. Kelian entered soberly, grief stricken to witness his wife enduring such pain.

    "Valerie, please…Come with me to the vestibule, let me help you!" he spoke with a determined tone.

    "Why, so you can shine your precious LIGHT down on me?!" she coughs and wheezes as she speaks. "I don't need any of that…All I need are more mana crystals…Tell me you brought them." She scowled at him expectantly, waiting for him to reach into a satchel or pocket for something to sate her hunger.

    "No, I haven't…You can't continue like th--" she cut him off.

    "YOU BLITHERING FOOL!" She snapped. "Tasked simply with a minuscule errand, and you can't even do THAT MUCH?! Why did I wed such worthless creature?!" She shrieked, her voice now shrill.

    "Valerie, listen to yourself! Think of our daughter! Think of Raesa!"

    "Pah! My daughter. More yours than mine. Following you like a dog into your temple every day. Now go, and DON'T COME BACK WITHOUT THE MANA CRYSTALS."

    Kelian stood silent, unmoving as he stared at his wife in horror upon listening to her words. She commanded him again.

    "What's the matter with you?! GO!"

    "I will NOT." He spoke firmly.

    After that, she let out another shriek, her rage reaching a boiling point as she grabs for the small dagger she kept on the nightstand and unsheathed it, lunging at him and slashing his throat. He fell, and gulped and gasped for air as blood filled his lungs, finally dying on the floor below her. Raesa stood petrified in the doorway.

    "M-Mother…?" her eyes were wide, standing in shock.

    "Who's that?!" she turned around quickly. Her mood shifts again as she gazes upon her.

    "Raesa, my sweet daughter…" her mother muttered in a low, raspy tone. She tried to imitate the voice she once had. Her body was addled with exhaustion and withdrawal, and her mind was shattered. "…Have you any mana crystals?" She said calmly, standing with the knife still in her hands, blood covering her clothes. The death of her once beloved husband had not effected her in the least. Raesa's eyes teared as the broken shade of her mother stood before her. She turned and ran out of the inn, only to hear the violent screams of what used to be her mother calling out to her as she fled.


    The guards were informed of what happened by the innkeeper who had witnessed part of the struggle. However, when they searched, they found that Valerie had left the city, likely to be wandering among the Wretched survivors in ruins of the western part of the city.
    Simplicity, a heart of gold, an old head on young shoulders. Quiet and lovely,
    become a part of me, And now I see, from a handful of names and a thousand faces,
    one light, burning, fiercely.

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    Very good story. I liked how her mother became a wretched. Does she still think of her mother being alive somewhere and plan to help her? What are her feelings about joining the Horde?

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