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    Join our chat!

    Like the title says, we have an IRC channel -- #mmoc-roleplay on QuakeNet! We've got several people in here regularly to chat, organize RPs, have a bit of fun... and everybody's welcome to join us!

    There's a great introduction to IRC in Dinnerbone's post on the general forums.

    1. How to connect

    • Easy webchat way Click here, choose a nickname, and you'll be in #mmoc-roleplay and #mmo-champion. This has all of the basic functionality you need.

    • Free IRC clients For something a little more powerful, there are several free clients you can use to connect, including mIRC and XChat.

    2. Channels

    • #mmo-champion The official MMOC general channel. There are lots of people here, and it's often very active and intimidating. But don't worry, you're welcome to lurk and listen along with the hundreds of other people who do so

    • #mmoc-roleplay The discussion channel consisting of primarily the people from this board. It's much smaller and friendlier, so don't be afraid to say hi!

    • #mmoc-rprt The real-time RP channel, for actual roleplaying. Telcular wrote up a nice list of guidelines and conventions for the channel.

    3. IRC things

    • Commands, emotes, etc. There are a number of useful IRC commands; I'll just give a brief list:

      • Emotes: Typing /me actions will show up as * Yourname actions
      • Joining channels: To join the chat channel #channelname, type /join #channelname . (Channels always begin with #.)
      • Information about other users: /whois username will tell you information about a particular user (channels, IP, etc.).

    • Special people

      • Op (@): Channel mods who have the power to kick, ban, etc.
      • Voice (+): Mostly a status symbol; people who have been around for a long time.

    • Scrapbucket Scrapbucket is our resident bot. There's an FAQ on some basic commands, and for playing with her in depth we recommend joining #mmoc-scrapbucket. Yes, Scrapbucket is female.

    • More info There are lots of IRC FAQs out there, e.g., here and here. You also may want to look into QuakeNet authentication, if you'll be a frequent visitor.
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