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    Temporary Bio - Grand Anchorite Velanaa.

    Name: Velanaa.

    Race: Draenei.

    Class: Formerly an Arcanist (Mage), but currently possesses the abilities of also an Anchorite (Priest).

    Age: Roughly 28000 years old.

    Birthplace: Argus.

    Alignment: Lawful Good.

    Affiliation: Draenei, Alliance, Aldor, Sha'tar.

    Relatives: Unknown.

    Strengths: Highly proficient user of the Light. A milennia of practice and perfection.

    Weaknesses: Her age. She is slightly frail. She could easily perish.

    Current Location: Unknown.

    Appearance: http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/8562/velanaa.jpg

    Personality: Generous, kind. An old being, but still retains her gentle nature. Has no vendettas, only follows and worships the virtues of the Light.

    Born upon the planet of Argus, Velanaa was always destined for greatness. As she aged, so did her amounting power increase. She rose through the ranks of her fellow Eredar, becomigna highly proficiant user of the Arcane. Eventually, when Sargeras arrived upon their homeworld, Velen had a vision. He had become her mentor over time, so she followed him, as a group of them escaped the planet that they previously called home. The remaining members of their noble race were transformed into demons, and in doing so, the planet of Argus fell into the Legion's hands.

    In the millenia long search for a new home, Velanaa learned of the Light. She dropped her previous Arcane utilising ways, and began to learn of this new entity. Soon thereafter, she became a skilled practicioner of this new force. Many years later, her newly named people, the Draenei, found a home. This, in return, was named Draenor, or "Exiles Refuge" in their tongue. After years of peace with tne neighbouring Orcs, the Legion finally caught up. They took control of the shamanistic Orcs, enslaving them, and in return, they turned against the Draenei.

    Velanaa fled the lost Temple of Karabor, and travelled to the fortress of Telredor within the swamp of Zangarmarsh. The survivors remained here for over a decade, hidden. Finally, the time had come to leave this shattered world. A rad was led to wrestle control of the Exodar from the grip of the recently arrived Blood Elves. Eventually, the Draenei were successful. Yet, as they attempted to escape upon the vessel, the "engine" went haywire, and they plummeted through the Nether. Eventually, they landed upon the the Azuremyst Isles.

    The crash massively affected the remnants, yet Velanaa survived. She assisted with rescuing other survivors, and her generous actions were noted by the prophet, Velen. Many battles and wars later, Velanaa had proven herself. After the events at the Sunwell in Quel'thalas, regarding Kil'jaeden, this lone priestess had ascended to the rank of Grand Anchorite. Her milennia of servitude had also avarded her a mark of light from Velen, a glowing mark upon her forehead. The untold powers hidden behind this symbol were revealed to her over time. From that moment on, she remained within the Exodar, helping her people in whatever way that was possible.

    However, as of late, Velen had sent his most powerful allies to Tanaris, so that the Draenei could gather some recently discovered Pyrite to gain a stronger foothold within Azeroth. Her current activities are unknown, since contact had been cut off after the War in the Wasteland. A message was sent home though, detailing how she was to help the Draenei secure a place within the supposed, to be new Empire of the Eastern Kingdoms. This empire was to be led by Morzath Shadowpyre, a falled Quel'dorei mage. Since contact had been cut off, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

    A temporary character created for a recent RP.
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    Woo, Draenei! *High fives* Maybe she and Nu'alaa can be friends. :3 Also, what RP (if it's open) is in need of Draenei? I've been reading around and most of the ones that are prominent right now are either closed, or have no place for a Draenei.
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    the name of the thread's "Lordaeron", Raesa.

    It's in the signup phase.. it's in the discussion forums, still fairly high on the first page

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    This character was hastily created during the War in the Wasteland thread, due to my main character dying (Aalena). This unexpectedly became the character which I was to carry onto the Lordaeron RP thread. So, as a result, I created a Bio for this character. She is set to die towards the start of the new RP, so that is why her Bio is so short.

    Sorry if I caused any confusion.

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