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    Bio - Fallen Vindicator Seraah.

    Name: Seraah.

    Race: Draenei.

    Class: Death Knight (Currently), Vindicator (Paladin - Formerly).

    Age: Roughly 25020 years old. Born prior to the fall of Argus.

    Birthplace: Argus.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good.

    Affiliation: Draenei, Alliance, Aldor, Sha'tar, Shattered Sun Offensive, Knights of the Ebon Blade, Ashen Verdict.

    Relatives: Parents - Archaan and Falenaa (Both deceased).

    Strengths: A fount of necromantic and chaotic power, unmatched melee expertise, a sharp mind and knowledgeable.

    Weaknesses: Feels partially guilty for the death of her parents. Despises the Legion so much, that she becomes careless when she encounters an agent of theirs. Her post-death state has weakened her, for she can not use all of her former traits which she used during her life. The Light burns her flesh, but she has grow slightly resistant to it, due to her using it in her current state frequently.

    Current Location: The Exodar.

    Pre Death - http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/2447/seraah.jpg
    Post Death - http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/7...ightseraah.jpg

    Personality: Stern, knowledgeable, yet she has an inviting atmosphere around her. She can be threatening when required, becoming a force of justice. Yet, her death has made her a more serious individual, becoming merciless at times. Although, she does retain traits from her life, being a selfless individual.

    Seraah was but a child when the Legion first visited her people. Her mother and father were both followers of Velen, and this led to their departure from their home planet. Due to her age at the time, she could not remember what exactly happened during those events. All that she could remember was that a powerful being decieved her people, and they were now exiles. During the milennia long search for a new home, Seraah began learning of the Light. As her people became devout folowers of the entity, so did she. Aboard the dimensional vessel which her people used to leave their home, she was taught by the vindicators, anchorites and Naaru, the ways of the Light.

    She became masterful in melee combat at a young age, and slowly ascended to become a Vindicator - a powerful paladin, as it was known to other races. Her magical use was also highly proficient, and she rose through the ranks, becoming one of the most powerful Light-wielders amongst her people. She soon became a reckoning force, used to spread her people's ideals and virtues. She was even recognised by Velen, and congratulated upon her feat. The Draenei - as they were now known - travelled from world to world in search of a new haven. The search was hopeless, for the Legion was right behind them. Eventually, after years of travelling, the Draenei settled on a planet. This planet was named Draenor by her people, or also known as "Exiles' Refuge", in her language. Finally, the Legion had been evaded, and they found a new home.

    There was one other race which resided on this planet - the Orcs. Both races kept to themselves, however they did trade, which led to a peaceful relationship. As the Draenei grew and built up on their new homeworld, everything was perfect. Seraah travelled to the Temple of Karabor, which was Velen's own refuge, and continued her training. However, the peace was not to last. Her people were eventually discovered, and by manipulating the nearby Orcs, the Legion attacked the Draenei. Seraah was still residing in the Temple when it was besieged by Orcs. She valiantly defended, but it was hopeless. The Orcs were winning, and she and the other remnants fled. Soon after, the the once glorious temple fell.

    Word had reached them of a new sanctuary within the swamps of Zangarmarsh. The remnants travelled there, and they then fully saw what was left of them, and what toll their people had taken from this attack. Seraah had at this moment heard of her parents murder, and was disgusted at how cruel and malicious the Legion truly was. From then on, she swore that she would fight using the virtues of the Light, and shall protect all from the Legion's reign of terror. The remnants of the Draenei lived at this safe refuge for over a decade, untill finally, Velen had decreed that they would retake one of Tempest Keep's satellites: The Exodar. Velen personally led a raid to retake the vessel from the newly arrived Blood Elves, and Seraah was enthusiastic to assist.

    The fighting was long, but eventually they wrestled control over the ship. They prepared to planeshift to leave the planet, but the Blood Elves had already tampered with the ship's engine. The Exodar hurtled through the Twisting Nether, eventually crash landing on the Azuremyst Isles. Seraah was in the main part of the ship during the crash, and the ship's other shell protected most of those within. Although she was injured, she managed to save herself by healing and praying to the Light. Once well enough, Seraah searched for the other survivors. Assisting in whatever way she could, she helped save many lives. She worked along side Velen, Nobundo, and many other Draenei in order to restore this once glorious Naaruvian vessel. Their efforts were finally successful, and they used this ship as a temporary home, upon this unknown world.

    She remained within the Exodar for months, but the time had come to deal with larger issues. With the help of their new allies, the Night Elves, and the Alliance, her people were saved. Soon after, she visited the city of Shattrath, where the Draenei and Naaru had taken control of it once more. Seraah resided in Shattrath City for a long time, also partially joining the Aldor, and gaining tutelage from many vindicators residing there. However, when news arrived of the Blood Elven Lord, Kael'thas, summoning Kil'jaeden into Azeroth, nothing could hold her back. She was accepted into a new faction named the Shattered Sun Offensive, and she was to partake in the disruption of Kil'jaeden's summoning. Her melee and magical abilities were tested to their limit, and they were successful.

    Seraah had fully been accepted as a vindicator, and then soon after, left for Northrend. Yet, her ventures upon the frozen continent came at a price. Struck in the back by an agent of the Scourge, her corpse was taken to the stronghold of her murderer. Raised into death by those which she battled upon arriving in this new land, she became dark and twisted while going through this ordeal. Being stationed in many points around the region know as the Icecrown Glacier, she was one of the few that were set free by the rebellios Knights of the Ebon Blade. Regaining her sanity, she pledged herself to strike at the one who had put her through this tortuous ordeal. Being brought into the new combined faction named the Ashen Verdict - made of the greatest of the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Argent Crusade, she fought within Icecrown Citadel, and ultimately brought about the demise of the Lich King. She did have conflict with him in other ways though, for he was also a former agent of the Legion.

    With all of her business done, the former vindicator returned to The Exodar. Being shunned by those who she formerly called her brothers and sisters for her current state, she longed to find a way to be accepted. Attempting to call upon her old Light serving ways, she felt great pain at the touch of the old force which she communed with. She could not longer call on the help of it, and had to find alternate sources. She discovered the only people who could actually help her with her circumstances were the Knights of the Ebon Blade, as she returned to them in the heart of Archerus - the necropolis at which they staged their operation. She had made this her new home, learning from others who were afflicted by her plight. Over time, she further perfected her skills, both melee and magical. Her new found powers were attuning themselves to her, altering her apearance. She forever threw away her vindicator aegis, taking up armor which represented her new self. Also discarding her Naaruvian warmace, she took up a more fitting weapon.

    She had become a formidable opponent, as she ventured back to the place where all those that she knew called home. Velen had requested of her once her achievements had come to recognition, and she gained the rank of the Prophet's advisor. Although she had become something which had twisted the beliefs of her people, she belived that she was neccessary. She practiced the Light when she could, although it scarred and burned her undead flesh. She endured, for the pain was merely teaching her ways of mastery and obedience. Life, although it was technically undeath, was finally turning around, and the future of her people was looking good. They had found a proper home, full of peace, safety, and justice. Not to forget, Seraah had become accepted for what she had become, a Death Knight.
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