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    Bioshock Infinite!

    Trailer: http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/30814

    What do you think? I was a bit disappointed at first, I'd hate to see Bioshock milked. But now that I look at it, this actually might be a good game.
    Thoughts Bioshock fans?

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    Didn't like the second one because it felt like they did not try to expand upon the first at all.

    WTB a Biosock where you fight on the surface.
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    love bishock, its so creepy and different

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    Bioshock 2 was so much better than the first one that I have high hopes for any incoming Bioshock game.

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    In the sky? HELL YEAH!

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    Looking forward to a more steampunk oriented 'shock game. I really hope this means they'll continue on and create another System Shock style game eventually.

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    Hmm... interresting, loved bioshock 1&2, in sky tho :O

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    Just finished Bioshock 2 and I loved it, even though most people felt like it was a bioshock 1.5. Same places and enemies. But I liked that.
    As long this Bioshock is kind of the same, but with just a fresh story line. I am totally in for it.

    But please, keep the little sisters! Little girls are the most adorable but also the most terrifying creatures/things or humans alive!

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    They're apparently using an idea from Bioshock 2 for infinite, in that you get another character whose powers you can use, but it hurts her. This instead of the save/harvest little sister options.

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    Never played Bioshock 1 or 2 but this is making me want to pick em up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deomodin View Post
    Never played Bioshock 1 or 2 but this is making me want to pick em up
    If you are into atmospheric games with engaging stories, then go get Bioshock right now!

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    Looks hot, and.... the new big daddy's or w/e they may be with the heart's showing sold the game to me already xD

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    Nice, I'm actually glad it's not back underwater again, it would just feel like the same old game to me, so glad they're trying something different. Oh please oh please go into space on the next game (Space nerd here)

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