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    Recommend a game!

    So my guild has stopped raiding until cata, and I'm looking for something to kill time until school starts again. I was hoping I could get some suggestions for a game to play, with the following criteria:
    1 It HAS to be either for pc, or in emulator form.
    2 I don't care how old it is, but be reasonable. Pong won't hold my interest very long.
    3 I don't mind if its something that I and everyone else has already played, if it was entertaining suggest it anyway
    4 I'm in the mood for something in the way of a sim, but I could be swayed on that.

    If you are posting a title I might not have played before, please give a brief synopsis of why I should play it.

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    the sims!

    its a simulates stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk_Fogg
    But don't worry guys... you're not going to Space Camp but at least you've got those remote control trucks and your confidence.
    Quote Originally Posted by Olmec
    The player that conquers the most countries in sixty seconds, wins!

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    SC2 and WC3+expansion (both games have a campaign with loads of replay value, and awesome multiplayer - although most of the WC3 games nowadays are DotA), CS and CSS if u like FPS games.

    Emulator: Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3 are awesome!
    The Pokemon games are awesome! (nostalgia is powerful - ofc depends on how old u were when it
    was really popular)
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    A sim? get the free version of minecraft itll keep you entertained for hours =P but for an emulated game try chrono trigger!

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    I haven't played a great diversity of games in my life but I figured I'd throw out two that I doubt anybody else will mention:

    -StarControl 2
    This is an old (1992) PC game that is a combination exploration/combat. The graphics are old but the gameplay is good and their characterization of the different races through music and dialogue is second to none. You can download a Windows version at the Ur Quan Masters Project. Just don't get the voices; they're awful and should never be spoken of again.

    -Kid Chameleon
    This is a platformer for the Genesis that is made for masochists. The game boasts 103 levels with multiple routes to reach the end boss; you can get seriously "lost" in the maze of levels and have no idea where you are in the progression of the game it feels so vast. I warn you though, play this game without the Save/Load feature of an emulator at your own risk and may God have mercy on your soul if you choose a path that has you play Bloody Swamp.

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    You want a game? I'll recommend you a game or three.

    Command & Conquer 95 Gold:Improved r2 by Nyerguds

    I made this thread awhile ago. The link i provided in the thread is an improved version of Command & Conquer 95 that fixes most problems (including an error that crashes the game fatally whenever the hell it wants to), and even cranks up the resolution to 1024x768 if you want it.

    I played the demo in 95' and had it as a present in 96'. I was six years old but nostalgia glasses are not guiding this post. If i have a chance to recommend a game, and you like RTSes, it would be this one. I also recommend listening to the music (non-remixed is an option in installation) when you have a chance to.

    Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun/Firestorm

    Command & Conquer:Red Alert

    I own the games in CD, and this requires some directions. Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun (As well as it's expansion, Firestorm) are available to be downloaded freely on the EA website. The thread i made has a link to the directions on how to download and install these games.

    Red Alert 1 expands and improves upon the Original 95' and it's superior in many aspects. Tiberian Sun is the long-awaited game that came out in 99'. Although it went for a different direction in terms of technology, it's still a great game in my eyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Respen
    I was very disappointed in the screenshots. I usually base my entire gaming experience around ground textures and so far it seems like Cata will be totally unplayable.

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    The Ultima series. They're ancient so they'll be hard to find and hard to run on modern machines, but worth the effort if you succeed. Skip the first 3 and start with IV.

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    Starcraft 2 is very entertaining most people who play wow like it aswell.

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    Morrowind: amazing RPG. Well written world, interesting story.

    Heroes of Might&Magic 3: best turn-based strategy.
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    Age of Conan
    Anarchy Online
    Baldur's Gate II
    Champions Online
    Mass Effect I/II
    Starcraft II
    The Secret of Monkey Island (Special Edition)

    The list can go on and on...

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    Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

    Download and install the MGE and mess with the settings it can make Morrowind look AMAZING!!!!

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    I just started playing Civilization IV again and I can definitely recommend it. Just beware of the "one more turn.."-syndrome.
    EDIT: Also: Team Fortress 2 is pretty awesome as well. The only online FPS I can handle
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    I stopped playin WOW in early FEbruary and i can recommend a few things i played since then:

    Fallout 3 GOTY: Amazing, i've been playing it for two weeks now every day, but i'm still not even half way through (i wish the shooting was less RPG like and more FPS like, but it's still awesome).

    Counter-Strike:Source: No comment awesome multiplayer game.

    Trine: Awesome Indy game.

    Bioshock: I think you know about this one.

    Portal: AWESOME.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deomodin View Post
    Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

    Download and install the MGE and mess with the settings it can make Morrowind look AMAZING!!!!
    Nothing can save those graphics lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalyynthefailadin View Post
    I'm looking for something to kill time until school starts again.

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    Mount and Blade both the original and Warband
    Single player RPG or with warband Multi-player online function avaiable
    based on teh Middle ages tons of mods and easily mod-able yourself
    go to
    for more info on it

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    Do you like RTS games?
    Do you like space rednecks?
    Do you like swarms of things?

    If the answer to most of the above is yes, go buy starcraft 2.

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