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    last chaos

    free mmorpg

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    also try rakion, another free mmorpg. both are fun

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    get N64 emulator and download Banjo Kazooi and Banjo Tooie! YOU WONT REGRET

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    conquer online? probably a private server tho.. the regular one sucks now. =\

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    Try it, its awsome!

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    Conquer online and all the games made by TQ or whatever company it was is a pretty big grindfest imo. Also, when i played Eudemons online (made by the same company that made Conquer online) i fell in the f2p trap and spent 30 or 40 dollars on the ingame money codes D:

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    Torchlight on Steam. It's like a Diablo II single-player game, but BETTER! It's also very cheap (read: inexpensive).

    If you don't like that, the Mass Effect games on PC will take up quite a bit of time and keep you busy for weeks.

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    Mass Effect is the way to go. (Play the original before ME2.)

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    Saints Row 2, it beats GTA down into the dust, and then 6 feet under.

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    Dead Space.
    Force Unleashed.
    Fallout 3.
    Bioshock. (I and II)
    Mass Effect.

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    M i n e c r a f t

    80 Kingslayer Shadow Priest - Spirestone

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    unreal tournament or chess :P

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    Assassin's Creed 2


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    CIV 5 or LoL - CIV 5 if you want epic 30 hour games or LoL if you want 30mins-1hour games
    What you've just wrote is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!

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    Check out

    The other members and I have put a pretty nice list of freebies together. It's slipped to page 4 though.
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    You should play "The Incredible Machine" it's super addicting. I used to play it back in middle school on their crappy first gen iMacs like 12 years ago.

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    Odyssey Classic

    Game: Odyssey Classic Online
    Direct Download: Click Here
    Type: 2d Top-View Online RPG
    Started: 1998
    Engine: Odyssey Engine
    Magic: Yes
    Guilds: Yes
    Max Level: 80
    Store: Yes

    Description: "The Most Strangely Addictive Game Ever". Odyssey Classic Online is ran by Code Mallet, best known for BATTLECITY ( and Spark ( It is a 2d top-view online RPG that is set within a mid-evil setting. There are several player classes available and is both PvP and quest based. "The Odyssey Engine" is the sole inspiration for many other games such as the original "Mirage Online", which ultimately transformed the ease of Online RPG creation with the Playerworlds program.

    Player-made PvP Video

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    Latest Nice game to play: Civilization V - Very nice indeed, it stucks from time to time, but except that a hit for sure this time of year!

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    Not to play: Civilization V

    Play Europa Universalis III with all the expansions or either Empire Total War

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    Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken, Devil May Cry 1, Tales of Symphonia and Persona 3 FES. Play these games you fucks !

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