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    GUYS! World first!!! I rode around in my mekgineers chopper with my pink mohawked gnome named Bighoss /yelling Queen lyrics!
    Quote Originally Posted by Gagdush
    I would drag my dick through a mile of lava just to listen to someone that's installing the beta on Skype.

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    ppl will do anything these days to just write "world first", no matter how unimpressive it is ~~

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    Quote Originally Posted by RC-ST. View Post
    i am the same guy who said he soloed thermpluger and elctrosnut 9000 in the same time - that was harder, but this is hard too, cause you need to get to stockade with weapons... and you get killed lot of time on the way there
    what's hard about that? unequip everything and just die until you're there

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChildeRoland View Post
    MMO-Champion> Forum> Raid Progression / Event> Raids EU First kills

    I don't see why you put this here...
    Quote Originally Posted by RC-ST. View Post
    well i am on eu... did a first kill... also you can see a bonus material - me pwning a skull pala muahahaha!
    Well.. Let's have a look at it again, since you obviously don't get it.

    MMO-Champion > Forum > Raid Progression / Event > Raids EU First kills
    Stockade.. What does that have to do with raids? Nothing at all. Doesn't fit the first category.
    Raids EU First Kills.. Once again, this is not even remotely connected with raiding. It's not a first kill. So, it doesn't fit in the sub-category either.

    Btw, I watched a bit of the video. Had to stop before I started to cry. You are bad. Seriously. Very bad.
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    AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE FUCKED. (Yes, it's my forums, I'm allowed to do that)

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    PEOPLE! Really, watch the video, it's hilarious!

    You really show off some serious warrior skills, dude!

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    How many socks were you wearing, because I think someone already did this wearing only his right sock!
    Quote Originally Posted by Eltrollo View Post

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    I don't even think this is the world first solo kill but nice you share it with us.

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    Seriously, what the hell?

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    Elaborate troll is surprisingly very boring.
    Carthago delenda est.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronicle View Post
    How many socks were you wearing, because I think someone already did this wearing only his right sock!
    link youtube vid or it didn't happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RC-ST. View Post
    I have soloed stockade at level 29 on 28 sept 2009 and i think i was the first HORDE character that did that.
    If there is another one who did it before me , pls link youtube
    (wasn't very hard - the HARD part was to fck get there )
    here is the video with the road to SW

    (the full fight can be found here
    GG Baddie, can you click more? Seriously, you've been trolling this forums for ever. Now, I don't care HOW long have you been posting this, but it's one of the most pointless WF's ever, and you did it another time already. Seriously; mods, delete this or just ban this guy, third topic with "LUL POINTLESS WF IM SO AUSUM" and the last one wasn't even a win. Please delete this topic.

    PS: Still, good for you, clicking is hard?

    Also, I fail to see how this is relevant to RAID section. Just go away troll.
    I won the game and all I got was this lousy signature.

    Please; if you have any doubts about how to spec Google it, it'll be way faster than making a thread about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riboe View Post
    Btw, I watched a bit of the video. Had to stop before I started to cry.
    Same :[

    That's too much :[

    I feel depressed now :[

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    I just got a world first for being the first person to solo Deadmines at level 25 WHILE cooking a grilled cheese sandwich. Yeah, you're all jealous now.
    "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Suess

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    And seriously, I DID want to sound like a douche, cause you have pissed me off enough. Seriously, cut it with the "lul I r so awsum pwning every1 an clikin to "solo" dungouns" also, trolling is a art (Notice the A, yea, that's intentional) -.- I guess I'll throw a report instead and leave the thread, you've trolled enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDrsour View Post
    I like apple people care? No..thats why i dont make a post about it.
    Please people listen to this guy .
    It would make everyone a bit better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eled. View Post
    Same :[

    That's too much :[

    I feel depressed now :[
    I felt depressed, your avatar cheered me up.

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    Can't they just lock these forums now until cata to stop all these retards posting crap like this.
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    There must be no retirement with our backs to the wall, And believing in the justice of our cause, Each one of us must fight on to the end.

    We determine the guilty, We decide the punishment.

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    in your mind
    this thread was made with so much stupidity and ignorance to the rest of the world it's made my eyes bleed and almost made a complete metldown of my mind

    please for the love of whatever you believe in do not post annything on this forum ever again
    'Something's awry.' -Duhgan 'Bel' beltayn

    'A Man choses, a Slave obeys.' -Andrew Rayn

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    Click clikc click, backpaddle, click click click.
    Impressive stuffs.
    Good job!

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