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    Quote Originally Posted by zenkai View Post
    It actually saves the money, thats why it should be free, people who get hacked have to be fixed, they have to hire people to fix it, why do you think Auth are so cheap? I pay 15 dollars a month, the least they could do is throw in a $5 item
    Someone else did some fair math (simple but fair) but you must assume that this game is not exactly sellout material as it was back in the end of Vanilla beginning of BC, so they would be manufacturing boxes with the added expense of the authenticator, that potentially wont ever be used. This will only translate into a more expensive purchase for the customer (granted it would be like 2 or 3 bucks, but having been paying for 2 accounts since the game came out I feel justified in saying even a few dollars more is too much.

    Also, it is fallacy to suggest that an authenticator is a magic wand. In many cases people have their accounts stolen by doing the same foolish stuff online.

    And I dont use "foolish" in a condescending manner, I've seen friends I consider at least computer savvy fall prey as easily as the biggest scrub.

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    i'm just lucky i guess. i look at shady porno all the time. i'm sure my time will come. whatever.

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    I have a Mac, so I don't really worry too much about these things. I purchased an authenticator more out of curiosity than anything. Been playing since Vanilla, never been hacked, never had any problems.

    Thank you Beasty-Beauty for the awesome signature!

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    I got hacked while my authenticater was coming in the mail. fml

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    *sighs* The amount of misinformation that people have on security is alarming. No antivirus is 100% accurate. No one is 100% secure, even if they follow all of the guidelines of internet security, you are just fooling yourself in thinking you are safe. Proof, look at my links-

    I own an Authenticator. I take my account seriously. Thinking you are 100% secure is like thinking the Titanic is unsinkable. Sooner or later something is going to happen (Thanks to Mr. Murphy) and you're going to be compromised. Not having an authenticator on your account is like not locking your windows because your front door is locked (and being surprised how a burglar got in). Get one, it's $5 or free with an iPhone or Droid via an app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finalwish View Post
    I tried a phone auth for a day, man it got tedious so I took it off.

    5 1/2 years and never been hacked. guess having a brain prevents it
    ITP: I'm serious about account security...

    ...just not serious enough to put in 6 random numbers.
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    I'm in the club but will probably get hacked as soon as this reply goes through.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ayirasi View Post
    You're right. Blizzard shouldn't have temporarily banned you. They should have sent a couple employees to your residence to Jay and Silent Bob you.
    Quote Originally Posted by ragnarokvr1 View Post
    I saved a man's life today by performing brain surgery and removing a tumor the size of a quarter from his frontal lobes. God damnit I wish I wasn't ignorant though, cause I have no idea what an LSAT is. I don't know the radius of the Moon either.
    I took part in the LSAT/Cataclysm release date thread.

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    Never been hacked, bought an authenticator a few month ago. No reason not to. It's really such an insignificant amount of money. Being all "blizzard should be giving them out for free, so i'm not going to buy one out of protest!" really isn't worth the effort for the sake of a few £. I guess in most cases it probably is stupidity that gets you hacked in most cases, but not everyone is always sober, wide awake, alert and so on every single time they open a web browser (and before the inevitable "if you can't take your booze it's your own fault" not everyone has an extra 2 stone of height or fat to spread it out)

    I would like to share a little horror story with you though! Can't remember where I heard it and can't be bothered to check if it's true or not, but I've heard of factory managers etc putting keyloggers etc onto things like those electronic USB photo frames (not sure if you've seen them, I hadn't till I heard the story, they're pretty amazing though! You can like, yeah, put a bunch of photos on or whatever and like, yeah. It's just a little mini screen. Pretty neat right?!) when they're being made in like china or taiwan or wherever electronics are made these days. I guess if someone is giving you an envelope full of extra rice money and you live in a shithole already, it's not like you'd turn something like that down. But yeah. Point is. You buy something like that, or, I guess mp3 players theres the potential too? You've no idea what's on it already. Or USB data sticks I mean, take something on one to work or uni to print off for free (because if you're too cheap to buy an authenticator, you're too cheap to buy printer ink) and you don't know what you could be bringing home with it. I guess some people just arn't in a position where they'd ever introduce anything foreign to their PC ever, and I guess its only a teeny-weeny risk. But for the sake of £5 or whatever they are, why do you care so much. Just buy one and get over it. Hell I'd buy one for you if it would stop these annoying fucking threads appearing all the time. Damn.

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    Never got hacked and i play since Vanilla, but most guys that actually got hacked and noticed it early enough (atleast those that I know) only benefitted fromit.

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    I love how many people in this thread confuse being lucky with being smart.

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    I really wish threads like this would stop cropping up all the time. Who cares if you don't have an authenticator other than you? If you don't want to pay for it or use the free cell phone apps, then don't. It is that simple. People don't need support groups if they choose to not use one. They don't need to start a poll if they do use one. Etc.

    All threads like this do is incense people.

    Please people, stop pretending that you are information assurance professionals or have an inkling at how to safeguard data. Any system can be compromised, period. You can take steps to avoid it, but anyone can be a victim. Even trusted sites can serve up malware unknowingly, look at the NYTimes and Gizmodo. You are deluding yourself if you are online and believe you are immune to nefarious deeds.

    Does all of this mean that I am saying you immediately need to run out and purchase a key fob or some sort of software? No, that is your own choice, it's your risk assessment. But please stop touting that if you follow N steps that you will never need to worry about anything ever. And for your own sakes, I would advise that you refrain from claiming that only stupid people or stupid actions will result in your system being compromised. Using 'ignorant' I could understand, but 'stupid' simply makes you look foolish.

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    how many of you without a authenticator don't lock their doors when they are not at home? I did buy one, after having played for over 3 years without getting hacked, as a precaution. I do not have a smart phone so i sprung 6.95US for the thing, which they shipped via FedEx to British Columbia, Canada. Well worth the price and peace of mind.

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    I have never been hacked and I only just got my authenticator recently.

    Mainly for the pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abandon View Post
    i love how many people in this thread confuse being lucky with being smart.

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    Like a year ago I got an e-mail saying that my password had been changed and my WoW account was merged with a account. Strange thing was that my subscription had run out about about 3 months before that. I have no idea what happened nor do I care since I got all my junk back. Started playing WoW again because the hacker bought me a month of game time. Never been hacked since then.

    Once I got an iPod touch I picked up the authenticator app. It was mostly for the pet though.
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    Hello and also one greeting to each and all,I play Mage class. Whoa I am freaking wild man. My friend if a huntear when I watch it I alway think about this. What makes a hunter Great. How can he do it. And it will be hard. Ever one else is going to get new spells so wat about the hunter.
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    ruh roh, sorry i just finished masturbating, cant use english correctly.

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    no authenticator, never been hacked here

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    Same with me, play since day 1. And yeah, even if really noone is ever safe, I found some way to make my account as secure as possible (even without the authenticator.

    The most obvious one is to register to WoW related stuff (forums like MMO-Champion) on a different email adress than the one you use as login or contact information for the game. I keep getting Mass emailed by scams on my forum email. This sadly prove that registering from any community (not pointing any of them in specific) can put you account in danger.

    Use a good Anti-virus/firewall, you don't have to pay anymore to get one.

    Don't download WoW related p0rn i guess, rule 34 applies here. Or any other crap that is relating you to the game. Emulated server launchers etc...

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    I play wow since vanila 2004 until NOW. i never get hacked.

    My bro also play wow since vanila 2004. he never get hacked.

    We both play on different PC. We don't click on those freaking scam mail and we don't download those gamecard generator . I think alot of people want a gamecard key for free, so they try those key generator. Then accounts are gone because those key generator will send ur account and password to the owner who create it.

    BTW, My internet got no cap and my connection speed is 25mbit/s( 3.3 megabytes/s). I do download alot of movies(per day) and pc game.Took me about 4 minutes to download a 700 MB movie. I just want to say use your internet carefully. Don't click on any link , don't download any key generator, and don't type ur user ID or password of ur wow account on any site except Battle net.
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    I just got an authenticator yesterday but before that i was never hacked also i told my friend about my authenticator and they both got one xD
    Quote Originally Posted by nightcinder
    well wait. he might have a point.
    garrosh is an orc. "orc" has 3 letters in it. so does the word "win".
    malfurion is a night elf. "night elf" has eight letters. so does "will lose".

    you can add this to the first post, if you'd like. makes more sense than most of your points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shambulanced View Post
    I have a Mac, so I don't really worry too much about these things. I purchased an authenticator more out of curiosity than anything. Been playing since Vanilla, never been hacked, never had any problems.
    it's not really that macs are safer/harder to hack, rather that they are relatively so few and far between in comparison to pcs that hackers dont even bother trying. this is why there are way more windows viruses out there.

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