What I'm looking for:

- Safe raiding spot for now and WoD
- A raiding Guild with atleast 10 heroics down, no matter if 25 man or 10 man
- A Home, not only Raid-loggers in the guild
- No flamers & no ragers (at all),thus a calm raiding environment with serious focus on progression
- fair loot council/loot sys
- 2 - 4 raiding days would be optimal (times: 22:00-2:00 GMT +1)

What I can offer:

- 12 hc xp as Dps - 11 hc xp as tank - I defenitely would like to tank, so more or less reroll to my tank alt,which isnt a big deal since my main is a warrior as well
- 100% Attendance
- Mature, fair and broad-minded team player
- I absolutely try to play my class on the highest possible level - still there's always space for improvement
- Gear: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...azzem/advanced
- Klaxxi Hc: try xp , Garrosh Hc: untouched yet

If I would fit in your squad and you'd like to get more pieces of information, don't hesitate to add me: yolojackazzm#2217

Thanks in advance,