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    struggling 10 mans! worried about upgrading to 20 man?

    ***Looking for a skilled Group of players or a Like minded Struggling 10 man looking to upgrade ready for Mythic**

    Hi lads, let me introduce myself. Im Tach and i represent Unknown Entity on Lightbringer. We are currently 13/14HC and are progressing on Garrosh. Right now our main concern is getting the best possible roster ready for WOD, we were 10 man but with the announcement of mythic at Blizzcon we decided to upgrade to 25 man immediately to get a head start on what every other 10 man would be doing, this did cause us to sacrifice some world rankings in the 10 man department of coarse, but we deemed it worth it in the bigger picture.. We quickly raised the numbers up to 25 and blasted through all 13 HCs relatively quickly, even though we didn't start until the end of November.

    In the interest of getting the best possible world rankings in WOD, we do need to replace some players hence the reason for this post. For WOD we are looking for a close knit roster of about 25 dedicated players so that there's minimal rotation.

    We are an adult orientated bunch with lots of swearing, trolling and dirty jokes so if your easily offended you wont like us. We have excellent leadership and are well organised.

    So what i would like to offer you groups/struggling 10 mans, is integration into our guild. We can offer an established guild, who have been together for 4 yrs, security, loyalty and a sense of belonging.

    If there are any GM s/officers/players out there who would like a no pressure chat add me to rl id and we can take things from there.


    I sincerely hope to hear from you.

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    Still looking for like minded raiders.
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    Had some interest but we are looking for a better fit.

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