Just an idea i had while playing the campaign, what if everytime during a multiplayer match (not custom games) you got expeirence for each unit you killed, made, structures you built, destroyed, or games you've won. You'd get a talent point every level starting at level one going up to level 40, the trees would be set up like the cata trees, 7 tiers, cant spec into another until 31 points spent. Each talent would feel like you just got alot more powerful each level, and you could set games to only play somebody within 5 levels above or below you or set it where you can play somebody level 40. There'd be a 3 different sets of talent trees, Zerg, Terran, and Protoss, each one with three different specs affecting different units and such. Also to make it more interesting, you level each race to 40, meaning you could have a level 40 Terran, level 23 Protoss, and level 8 Zerg. I'm working currently on a terran tree for an example.