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    Fan Game: Warcraft - Deathwing's Assault

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to check out this topic. I'd like to start off with saying: If any moderator/admin has a problem with this, feel free to close this topic and send me a Private Message.
    Also, this has been checked for viruses, and is virus-free. Yo Yo Games (where the game is hosted) checks all games before uploading them, and banning anyone who uploads a virus.
    This game does not run on Mac's unfortunately, only Windows.

    This game, which I spend a few hours making for fun, is just something short to pass your time.

    The Basics:

    You play as an Orc Warrior who must avoid standing in the fire and narrowly dodging fireballs as you attempt to keep Deathwing's attention on you. By swinging your sword (with the Z key) you can keep Deathwing's attention on yourself.

    A screenshot from the game so you can see the amazing graphics.

    As you can see, simple graphics, simple concept.

    This bar at the bottom of your screen:

    Is important for you to play the game.

    The Target box is there because I wanted to include Deathwing's name (incase people can't tell who they're fighting from the sprite)
    Threat is how much attention you have. He is pretty easy to tank, just keep the threat above Zero (or you lose). Threat can't go above 100 and ticks every second or so.
    Tantan is the name of the brave Orc (named after my friend's toon, Tantan) since he made the Orc and Deathwing sprites for me. Don't let his HP hit Zero, or you lose.
    Score is to tell you how long you've been tanking the Aspect of Death, and goes up at the same rate as the Threat goes down. So, longer threat is high=higher score.
    (The score can also be viewed in the top right corner of the screen (on the windows bar) if you get a game over.
    The last box is usually blank, but it will warn you when a Deep Breath is coming or tell you to get out of the fire.

    Hint: Small fire won't hurt you, only when its big, the small flames are so you know where the fire is.

    To download the game the game, simple go to this site here: http://www.yoyogames.com/games/14012...hwings-assault and Scroll down to the box that says:

    It is on the right side of the comment box.

    A window will pop up asking you if you wish to Save the file or Run it:

    If you want to keep the game on your computer, click Save.
    Otherwise, you can run it from that window.

    If you have any problems, please post a response (I'm also open for suggestions).
    If you get a really high score, feel free to brag (I like to hear how others do, I've only ever scored 500 or so in my own game, lol).

    So, have fun, and let me know what you think.

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    I googled Yoyo games and my Norton found 4 computer threats from that site.. Im afraid of clicking

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    Hmm, thats odd. I use AVG instead of Norton and it comes up safe.

    I've never had any issues with Yoyo Games before (hundreds of people use it).
    The only thing I ever have a problem with there is the Plugin (to play the games in a browser) but I always just download/play.

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    To be fair, Norton overreacts over everything.

    My cousin's used to say WoW was a Trojan =\

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    I see people have looked at this thread, and a few people have played it (I think).

    I would really appreciate feedback before I start my next Warcraft minigame, since I have plans for a few more.

    It really isn't a virus, but I don't know how to prove this to you besides that AVG screenshot from looking at the site, and the fact that Yoyo Games scans all files before uploading them to the public.

    *Interesting fact: The screen size is formatted to the size of the Sony PSP handheld, since I needed a screen size and Yoyo Games is currently working on porting Game Maker games to the PSP.

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    I hate to bump my own topic when I have the last post, but I was just curious of anyone had actually tried it out? I would really appreciate feedback on the game for things I could change or add to the game to make it better. I already plan on adding a second character (and Human Paladin) just so those diehard Alliance fans can play the game without playing Horde (despite it being an 8bit Warcraft Fangame that has little to do with what fraction you play).

    If anyone has anything to say, I'd love to hear it, even if you tell me my game sucks and I should GTFO of the MMO-Champs forum. I just want to know what the Warcraft Fans think of the game and if I should bother making anymore of the Warcraft-themed games I have planned or if I should just cut my losses and make them without the Warcraft theme.
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    Garrosh: You want a quest? How about a fetch quest? Go fetch my axe! (distant yelp) It's over there, stuck in your flight master.

    Fan Game: Warcraft - Deathwing's Assault

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    You were going for a NES feel and that's cool. But it doesnt really interest me enough to download or play it.

    I would advise going with something a bit less simple.
    If you want quick and simple go with flash based web games.
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    I'd like to add to Mijen's post.

    IMO, a more exciting screenshot would benefit you as well; impress everyone when they first open the thread. Remember, when your marketing a product, you only have a few seconds to grab a persons attention.

    You may also want to consider who your targeting with this product. MMO-Champion is a site of discussion with images or videos. Yes, your product is about World of Warcraft, but there aren't many people expecting to download something to critique here. I'm sure you have already, but visiting a game making forum would benefit you the most.

    I don't have time to download and play the game myself >.<

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    Good work! this would be super fun to have as a mini-game add-on to play during trash pulls or loot distribution =D
    here are some thoughts and ideas for you.

    1. there should be something like ascending levels with different backgrounds. it feels like i just started the game and went directly to level 7/10 or something.

    2. the raid warning thing was really cute. maybe have it pop up in the top of the screen instead?

    3. can you take all the menu images you have of deathwing and photoshop them to have that 8-bit pixel look? that would be amazing.

    4. the opening paragraph of the story was a bit cheesy, but thats ok.

    5. options. i'd like to name my own character. i'd like to configure the controls myself, i hate using the arrow keys.

    6. my health and threat is sort of difficult to keep an eye on. maybe make it colorful bars instead of numbers. more appealing to the eye. or even add warning sounds?

    7. have some health potions spawn at random spots on the board.

    8. needs SOUND EFFECTS! just steal some of the sword noises from WC/WCII or something =] and a fireball noise for the deep beaths. the old-school sound of an orc dying would be funny too.

    9. just a nutty idea, give deathwing a health bar and every now and then a power-up spawns on the board. if you pick it up, you can spell reflect the next deep breath to DW. if you dont get to the power-up before it despawns, you have to survive until the next one spawns again. repeat until he is dead.

    honestly, you did a great job, and you could do so much more with it too!

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    To get 10k points in this game is harder than tanking lich king 25man hc /thread

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    yeah but u gota avoid fire...almost 95% of wows community woud wipe on this game within 5 seconds

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