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    Real UI is quite nice.
    And lets see if this thread gets update sometime

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    This thread again, eh? Well, I guess we can try to keep it going.

    Post any UIs you want added to the list (or removed because they're no longer maintained). Remember, this is not a thread for your own custom UI unless you've released it as a compilation somewhere. If you want to post pictures of your UI, go here or here.
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    Roth UI - graphical interface, Diablo themed
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    BasicUI is a almost default version of WoW with some customization.

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    Quse UI I have ALWAYS been a fan of. Sometimes I just go to to look at the screenshots. I don't actually use it, but one day I think I will.

    Also the link for the edited TukUI packages didnt work for me, this one did however.

    I like this thread! It's only 2 pages but I've already seen some UI's I'd never encountered before. Please don't close it!
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