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    [SPOILERISH] New Quest in Hillsbrad. *Now with TB Video*

    And there's also some good insights into what's going on in Hillsbrad with the Forsaken. But for now, the quest!

    TOTALBISCUIT now has a video up for this quest if you'd like to watch it instead of read it.

    This is your task:

    Give out quests!

    Your first hero!

    Your second hero!

    Your final hero!

    I'll leave picking apart the ridiculous amount of references up to you guys.
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    Role reversal crits my brain for unknown amounts (surely above nine...nevermind). Also, loving the Old Spice commercial reference! =D

    Edit: Thanks for posting these!
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    holy hell....yes...a thousand times yes...hillsbrad has sold my goblin rogue into leveling in it.
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    So want to quest in that zone!
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    Ok, so you are now a quest giver? how amazing Hillsbrad is now! we just had to obliterate the humans!!!

    Thanks for this! your pics are always awesome!! Also, I like dummass, also, he might explain the new forsaken allignance, they are just dumb.

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    So epic... words... they cannot describe it.

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    Blizzard... you... I just... just.

    /suddenly violently bashes head into nearby wall
    God; I hate you people.

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    Fuck yes, that is pure win!

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    New idea? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Hilarious? Yes.

    I believe we have a winner.

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    Come in here people, have a cigar, you're gonna go far, you're gonna fly high, you're never gonna die...

    Love the Pink Floyd reference!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokann View Post
    Come in here people, have a cigar, you're gonna go far, you're gonna fly high, you're never gonna die...

    Love the Pink Floyd reference!
    Also, welcome to the machine.

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    this realy made my day
    this is realy damn funny

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    Wow, this looks awesome. I'll enjoy levelling here on my goblin. Probably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amonra View Post
    Your pics are always awesome!!
    Thank you!

    Server keeps restarting, but I'm trying to see just how many quests are ready in Hillsbrad. Think it's just this first hub though. There's a FP installed at Southshore now, but that's the only NPC. And unless it's phased, the Sludgefields aren't populated yet either. As far as I know, Searing Gorge is the only new zone available for testing this patch officially though.

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    I love it. I fucking love it.
    I died.

    Omfg. Blizzard. Marry me.

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    I wonder if some players will actually do this questline, learn from their mistakes, and become better players.

    Probably not.

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    I love the three facets of common players. The 80 that thinks he's super epic cuz he's hanging out in a low level zone. The jaded alt covered in heirlooms just blowing through old content and the brand new player that is completely and utterly clueless as to what is going on.

    So great.

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    I'm really starting to think that Eastern Kingdoms is fast becoming the Belvue hospital of the Horde. So many silly asses and retards there it seems, if Garrosh doesn't make for a much more serious push to become more honorable and less retarded, he might end up in a padded room next to a leper gnome in Silvermoon.

    Also, lol at the blood elf who has TRH! ;D

    Thanks for sharing those pics. That quest looks full of awesome!

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    hahhaha reminds me of the rp players, raiders, qqers and silly players

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    Blizz keeps making these zones so frickin' epic, I can't decide where I am going to level!!

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