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    Bio: Karrtog Shadowseeker

    This is the first time i RP on MMO-Champ but i had experince from other sites

    Name: Karrtog Shadowseeker
    Age: late thirties
    Race: Mag'har Orc
    Gender: Male
    Class: Warrior
    Personality: He is calm and wise, but in time of war he is ruthless and unforgiving
    Likes: Nobilty, Tales of the Orcs in the Past
    Appearance: he is of a Light Brown Color and his face has a calm outlook but a hidden rage is underneath.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Strength: he dosent easly fall into his pride and see any one non orc as an enemy he is willing to work with Allaince part time. Weakness: he feels weak because his past was emberassing and Orcs can make fun of him also he cannot to bring himself to kill Twilight's Hammer members that he knew in the Past

    Son of Jedoga and Havunth Shadowseeker of the Twilight's Hammer Clan, during his youth he was part of the Twilight's Hammer clan, led by the Ogre-Mage Cho'gall they were one of the Strongest Orc Clans on Dreanor.

    Karrtog was affected by the the disease know as the red pox that ravaged many orcs in the years following the rise of the Horde. The pox's main symptoms were red pustules welling up on the skin, seeping a watery red fluid, and also the vomiting of blood. The disease was debilitating and affected many remaining brown orcs, Its origin is unknown.

    Karrtog was sent to Garadar which served as the Quarantine for those affected by the Red Pox, he grew up and soon became close friends with Garrosh Hellscream, Jorin Deadeye and Saurfang the Younger, Garrosh was the son of the legendary Orc Grom Hellscream while Jorin was the son of the Famous Orc warrior Kilrogg Deadeye and finnaly Saurfang the younger's father was no other than the War Hero Saurfang the Elder.

    When the Orcs made the Blood Pact and Garrosh learned of what his Father had done, Karrtog began to worry if his father, Havnuth would go down the same path as Grommash Hellscream as he always looked up to his father and thought of the battles he must have been fighting protecting the honor of the clan, time passed and Kartogg grew to become a fearsome Orc Warrior protecting Garadar.

    When word of new comers coming through the Dark Portal reached Garadar Karrtog couldnt belive it he hoped that his father came along with them, but Thrall, son of Durotar and his Friend Drek'thar of the Frostwolves had came to visit Garadar, Thrall enlisted the Mag'har in the New Horde.

    When the heroes of the New Horde and the Alliance defeated the Demon Lord Kil'jadean he joined the New Horde back at Azeroth to look for His Father and Mother, he asking the many orcs of Durotar until he stumbled into his old friend's father, Saurfang the Elder, Saurfang had told him about the Fate of the Twilight's Hammer Clan and about the Return of the Old God C'Thun and how his Father assisted the Old God in the Destruction of Azeroth but the Horde had defeated the Old God but in the Out come his father had died, Karrtog was devestaed and asked about his mother, but Saurfang didnt know anything about his mother's whereabouts.

    When the War Against the Lich King had begun, Karrtog joined the Horde in Northrend and was stationd at Agmar's Hammer, one day Undead Nerubians from Azjol Nerub attacked the camp, the Horde fended them off and they fleed, Overlord Agmmar saw this as a sign of weakness so he dispatched a party of 5 orcs warriors and shaman including Karrtog to go in the Depths of the Nerubian city Ahn'kahet, The Horde War party stormed through the City until they eneterd a Twilight's Hammer Camp in the depths in the city, in there Karrtog so a Horrfic sight, he saw his mother preaching the Old God Yogg-Saron, and he discoverd that she flowed the same dark path as the clan, he couldnt bring it to himself to kill his own mother so he didnt participate in killing the members of the twilight's hammer cult...

    He recoverd his Mother's Corpse and returend home to Nagrand to bury his Mother's corpse there, he also discoverd there that Saurfang the Younger, his life long friend had been corrupted and killed and also burried in nagrand by his Fahter, Karrtog and Saurfang sat together and Karrtog told him abut his experince in Northrend, Saurfang told him that the Clan is now Evil and are a threat to the Horde and must be killed in order to restore on Honor on ALL orc clans that joined the New horde and clear the name of the Orcs.

    when Karrtog returned to azeroth the Lich King was dead but a new problem arisned , Deathwing the Destroyer returned the ravaged Azeroth causing the Cataclysm, Karrtog also found out the the Twilight's hammer have returnd to work for Deathwing, he vowed to Kill Cho'gall and Deathwing and take control of the Clan returning it to its former Honorable ways.

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    sorry Mispelled his name on the title its: Karrtog not Kartogg but the way you pronounce them is the same :P

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    i need feedback please

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    please i need your comments
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