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    Bio: Morris Blightheart

    Name: Morris((by the Humans)pronounced more-is, Thalo'thas(by the High Elves) Blightheart

    Age: 25 years on death, 30 years now

    Race: Half-Elf Forsaken

    Gender: Male

    Class: Warrior, Dark Ranger, Scout

    Cunning, Deceitful and Short tempered., He is a great leader although prefers do things by himself but is willing to cooperate as long as he has a say , inf life he had knowledge about animals and taming them. In life his father died when he was just an infant and his High Elven Mother raised him in the Eversong Woods. His mother named him Thalo'thas and his human gather named him Morris, his mother, Alila was an Elven Ranger but retired early in order to care for her son. Since his father was dead and no one was there to teach her son the art of combat so she asked some of the guards and rangers to teach him the ways ofa Ranger aswell as Melee Combat, After undeath he changed his family name from Braveheart to Blightheart.

    Likes: Hunting, Animals, Horseback riding, scouting.

    Dislikes: The Alliance, The Scourge, being someones underling

    Appearance: In Life, Morris had long blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes similar to most High Elves and he also had semi pointy ears but not as tall and pointy as a normal Elf, he is of average height and has his father's face as well as his Mother's elvish blue eyes, In Undeath he retains his elven characteristics of pale flesh, pointy ears and Elven Blue Eyes although he has lost his hair making him bald, the flesh around his mouth is gone showing the bones of his jaw.

    His favorite set of armor is an attire of blue Leather glided in Amber colored leather with a Black Cowl covering his head, he carries two burly Shadowy axes for close combat as well as a Poisoned Dagger, Bow and Shadow imbued arrows


    Strengths: is Independent and is able to fend for himself, also posses amazing survival skills. also is a great leader although he prefers to do things by himself

    Weaknesses: He is unwilling for someone to hold command over him or to be treated like a lesser. Prefers working on his own.


    The Fall of Silvermoon
    "Protect the Sunwell at all costs!" yelled Anasterian Sunstrider, "Bring out the Rangers, the Mages, the Priests! every fighting force we got! we must not let them Claim the Sunwell", Thalo'thas or beter known as Morris grabbed his Bow, Shield and Sword and charged into Battle alongside his Mother who haldnt fought since the day her son was Born, as they were running Morris said to his mother, Alila: "is it great to get back on the field after your retirement mother?" said Thalo'thas, his mother barked at him "this is no time for small chat like that! now go and protect your people before a mindless zombie!" Morris nodded and ran at a faster pace in the heart of the Undead, he Crushed them, swinging his sword in every direction, slaming his shield on his foes, Firing arrows on the Nerubians until he came cross a Human Death Knight, the Death Knight spoke in a cold echoing voice and said: "come to meet your end have you?" The taunt made Morris Fire arrows rapidly but they all stopped in mid air, the death had his hand up infront of the arrows as he shook his head in pity, he then reversed the arrow's direction and the arrows back fired back at Morris and hit him on the jaw and head, and he dropped Dead.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________

    Morris of the Forsaken

    a rotting corpse just sits there in his coffin, it appears to be the corpse of an elf of some kind, the corpse looked horrid yet peaceful in its Eternal Slumber when then suddenly its eye lids shot up reveling glowing Blue eyes, the corpse sat up in his coffin and studied his surroundings silently, he then saw another corpse like him standing examning other dead bodies, he turned his head and said: "About time you woke up. We were ready to toss you into the fire with the others, but it looks like you made it. I am Undertaker Mordo, the caretaker of the crypt of Deathknell. And you are the Lich King's slave no more. Speak with Shadow Priest Sarvis in the chapel at the base of the hill, he will tell you more of what you must know.

    Apparently Morris hadn't undergone a Shock yet, he acted as if it was any other day and walked down to the chapel, and he saw the Shadow Priest that the Undertaker was talking about, the Shadow Priest had to only look at him and say "sit, there is a lot I must tell you" Morris sat and the Shadow Priest began talking, he told about his previous life a Priest of the Holy light and the Scourge Lordaeron and how Prince Arthas betrayed his own kingdom and let the scourge take over and spread the plague turning the people of Lordaeron into Mindless Undead slaves of the Lich King himself, although over time the Lich King's power drained and some Undead regained their free will, they were called the Forsaken, the Forsaken were led by the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, she and her people opposed the Scourge and Alliance and Joined the Horde. And you my dear friend are one of us. The Forsaken
    The shock hit him; He began to curse In Thalassian and knock over tables and books, two Deathguards immediately held him from the back until he calms down from his shock. When he was clam he asked Sarvis what happened to his mother, Sarvis said, that everyone died in the attack and his mother was risen as a Banshee and killed by Alliance forces, you don’t know it yet, now in your past life you were very famous warrior and the Forsaken would like you to become a Deathguard, but Morris declined the job, the reason is that he wanted to live a peaceful life again and forget about fighting and war but secretly wished to destroy the Alliance and Scourge for killing his mother.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________

    years have passed since Morris' Resurrection, and he is living in a Town called Brill in Trisfal Glades, He makes money by killing animals and selling there body parts to Butchers, Alchemists and Leather workers. Morris grabbed his bow and walked out of his house to hunt Bats, he walked to the outskirts of Brill and into the Forests ,as he was walking he was thinking of the days where he would battle against his enemies and the thrill of fighting, but no those days where behind him, when he reached in a deep part of the forest he threw a piece of Dog Carcass on the forest floor as bait, he then hid in the bushes and waited for the Bat to come, the bat suddenly appeared flapping its wings, when it saw the piece of meat it screeched with joy and attacked it, as it was feasting on the meat, Morris aimed his poisoned tip arrow at the beats skull and pulled back, then the beast realized what was happening and turned his head into Morris' direction, before it could flee Morris fired and the arrow hit the bat square in the skull and the poison started to seep through its skull, the bat twitched for 10 seconds then went still, Morris quickly decapitated it's head so the poison won't go into the rest of the body so the meat can be sold to Butchers . As he was skinning the beast's pelt a Deathguard walked up to him, without raising his head Morris said: "yes?", the Deathguard spoke in a cold raspy voice: "The Dark Lady summons you to her throne room", Morris was frightened, why would the Dark Lady need him? He's just a simple villager! , but Morris followed the Deathguard none the less, he walkd through the halls of the Ruins of Lordaeron, and into the elevator past the Throne room, he was greeted by the foul stench of abominations as he walked down into the Apothecarium and into the Throne room of the Banshee queen, when Morris entered the room he Saw The Dark Lady herself, Sylvanas Windrunner, Sylvanas said: "ah, welcome Thalo'thas!", Morris kneeled and said:"greetings my queen, you requested me?", Sylvanas replied: "yes, you see, my scouts and assassins are constantly falling at the Hands of the Allaince an Scourge you see, i need a single assassin and scout who is able to fulfill the duties of the Forsaken, and I've heard both in life and in undeath that you are a very skilled Ranger and Warrior and I would like you to be my Prime Assassin" , Morris replied: "yes my lady, but I have given up on War, due to the death of my Father and Mother by the hands of War and I do know want to see anymore…" Sylvanas abruptly interrupted and said: " I knew you mother well boy! She would have been proud of you! Protecting you people in honor surely you must see that, I can see the rage inside of you wishing to destroy the Alliance and Scourge", Morris knew it he couldn’t resist the call of war anymore, he must lead his people once more and he said: "I accept your position as your champion my Queen" Sylvanas said:" good, I have assigned Dark Ranger Cyndia to teach you the ways to use Necromancy and Archery to your advantage. Morris sighed, he hated being taught by people he didn’t know well, hell! He didn’t like being taught by someone he knew neither! Morris unwillingly accepted, Sylvanas said:"good, tomorrow will be your first lesson meet Cyndia at the Bulwark tomorrow" Morris thanked Sylvanas and began walking out of the throne room when Sylvanas said "oh i forgot to tell you, we have resurected your horse, he is located at the Brill stables" Morris gave a little smirk and walked back home.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________


    The next day Morris started off on his Dark Armored Skeletal Steed Thalanos to the Bulwark, when he finally reached his distention he saw a female forsaken High Elf with pale ghostly like skin and blood shot eyes, her hair was stunning silver and she held a bow in one hand, the Figure spook and said: "your late" Morris responded: "I believe you are Cyndia?" the Dark Ranger replied: "correct however you address me as Lady Cyndia is that clear" Morris replied:" I shall call you by your name and nothing else" Cyndia sighed and said: "very well Blightheart no listen to what I have to say" Morris nodded as she began to talk " to Become a Dark Ranger you must put all you have Learned in life aside and follow the three ways of the Dark Ranger, Submission, Stealth and Necromancy. We shall Start with the Art of Submission, a Dark Ranger is ruthless and merciless he must beat the foe to submission to get what he wants, I will train you in this art for now we shall venture into the Plaguelands to find you a Beastly Companion on your adventures, you must beat this beast into submission, break his will and he will always be by your side in the tide of battle. Now come mount your steed so we can find your companion" the two rode there undead mounts into the diseased lands of the Plaguelands and stumbled upon a Blighthound, Cyndia said: "now you must tie a leash on the dog, and if he dares to attack, hit him with this mallet" Morris approached the Diseased wolf, he tried to tie the leash on to it but it attempted to bite his arm off, Morris smacked the beats head with the mallet making it feel dizzy, he proceeded to tie the leash on the wolf, when the wolf's senses came back to him he lunged at Morris but yet again Morris smacked him with the mallet the Dog whimpered and sat down on the floor. Cyndia then said: "good, now you have your own Blighthound, what shall you name him?" Morris thought and then said: "Plagueclaw" Cyndia nodded and the two proceeded back to the Bulwark.
    At the Bulwark Cyndia said: "now that you have learned the art of Submission you now must use it in a real life situation. We have captured a Scarlet Crusade scout and you must suppress him to find out what the Scarlet Crusade are planning, he is located at the Apothecarium Dungeons use brute force to squeeze the information out of him, I shall accompany you " Morris said: " What could the scarlet dogs be planning?", Cyndia replied: "we don’t know but more and more of them are coming from Hearthglen and it doesn't look good for us" they saddled up and rode to the Undercity.
    At the Apothecarium Dungeons a Human with dirty blonde hair was chained to the wall and was covered in whip marks and scars but apparently that wasn't enough to squeeze information out of him and Morris knew he had to be very tough and must bring him near death, Cyndia said: "here he is, here are some equipment to help you torture him, use this sample of the Plague as a Threat, use it if necessary" she handed Morris, a Mallet, a Whip, some sort of Poison and a Dagger, Morris shouted: "i know what im doing women!" as he snatched the Torture tools away from her.. Morris approached the prisoner and kneeled down to him so that they would be face to face, he then said: "you will tell us what the Crusade is planning" the Scout simply panted and spat in the face of Morris, Morris shouted: "insolent fool!" and slashed his face with the dagger causing his left cheek to bleed uncontrollably, "now you will tell me what your crusade are planning or I will have to use my bigger toys" Morris said as he raised his Mallet and Whip, "now you don’t want me to use them do you?" The Scout shivered and said: "I will tell you nothing unholy creature!" Morris nodded in pity and proceeded to whip the poor scout senseless, "now will you tell me what the Crusade are doing in Trisfal Glades?" the silence was the scout's answer, "very well, I didn’t want to do this but I must to get the answers" Morris took the Plague bottle and uncorked it, the Scout began to panic and said:" all right alright! I'll talk! We are planning an assault on the Undercity led by Captain Benford!", "where is he located!" shouted Morris, "to the N-north! In a Camp not far from the Scarlet Monastery, you will all die fools! You and your precious banshee queen!" Morris was enraged and force fed the Plague to the Scout, he began to choke and gasp then after a minute he laid dead on the dungeon floor.

    Morris reported back to Cyndia and she said: "excellent I am proud of you, we shall alert the Guard about this but now we will move on to the next lesson: necromancy tomorrow" Morris nodded in recognition and rode back home.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________


    The next day, Morris found Cyndia having a Drink at the Brill Inn, he walked up to her and said: "greetings Cyindia…", She replied with a Snoobish snort and Morris said: "I'm sorry I meant, g reetings "Lady" Cyndia", Cyndia replied: "Better now shall we proceed with today's lesson? Morris nodded and Cyndia droped a heavy book on the Bar's table, so heavy that it near toppled Cyndia's glass of wine, Cyndia said: "behold, the Grimoire of Necromancy, in this book you will learn all you need about the art of arcane manipulation and Necromancy", Morris was eyes full of shock said "you want me to read all of this?" Cyndia trying to hide a smirk said "yes, we have all read it in order to become Dark Rangers or Necromancers. Now if you will excuse me I will go up into my room for a nap I expect by the time I wake up you will have read the book's 2562 pages" Morris groaned as Cyndia walked up into her room, and Morris opened the book, it was dusty and fool of cobwebs, he opened the first page of text and it said:

    Chapter One: Necromancy and You

    Most young necromancers claim they know what they're getting into. They know about the seductive whisper of power and the strength of the Nether. They know of the crushing will of the demon lords and, most of all they know of the corruptive influence of necromantic magic. They say it will not happen to them; they will not fall to evil, as have so many before them. Most of them are wrong. Most of them join the dark ranks of the creature with which they traffic. Some few, though, are right. Some are strong enough to resist the will of the dark powers they wield; they, in turn, bend their wills to mastering necromantic secrets while remaining immune to their taint. In this book we shall teach you how to not let this taint take over you so that you may aid the Forsaken Triumphantly into battle.
    You may have a lot of Questions, bellow you will find the most Frequently asked questions by people who wish to learn the Art of Necromancy:
    Question one: What is Necromancy exactly? Answer: Well necromancy is Channeling the knowledge of the arcane into manipulation of the forces of life and death.

    Question two: When was Necromancy first used? Answer: The origins of necromancy date back to the First War when Gul'dan's necrolytes developed the ability to raise corpses to serve as skeleton warriors in the Horde. But necromancers have been around since the beginning of the Demonic Nathrezim race, who were the first ever known beings to raise Undead from Night Elven corpses.

    Question three: How does Necromancy help the Forsaken? Answer: Our Queen, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner realizes how valuable necromancy was to our cause, the reason why is that Necromancers of the Forsaken have the ability to free some enslaved mindless undead also the Dark Lady knew she needed Necromancer's to heal, strengthen and replace her people, the Forsaken

    And let's just say the book goes on and on like that.

    It's dark outside the window as Cyndia walks down the stairs to find the Inn empty except for Morris who has slept on the book, Cyndia angrily walks to him and shakes him while she shouts : "Thalo'thas wake up or I will feed you to the Abominations!" Morris woke up to find Cyndia checking which page he slept on, she then said: "page 1986, you’ve learned enough, now come there is work to do" Morris grumpily followed Cyndia to the Stables and mounted Thalothas and followed Cyndia to Deathknell, when they reached Death Knell they dismounted and ascended into the crypts, the last time Morris had been here was since his resurrection, they walked deep into the crypts until they saw a familiar face chucking corpses into a fire, Cyndia said: " Greetings Undertaker Mordo", Mordo looked suppressed he didn’t expect any visitors , "G-greeting's Lady Cyndia, Hello Master Morris! Haven’t seen you since the night I resurrected you!" Morris greeted his old friend when Cyndia intrupeted by saying: "Morris would like to train his new skill in necromancy but freeing one of the Captive scourge here" Mordo nodded and took them in a deeper part of the crypt where the Undead Scoruge lay, they reached the place, undead scourge chained to the walls screeching and wailing, Cyndia said: "now free this poor soul" as she pointed at the Undead Elf, Morris remembered what he had learned and the book and removed the complex necromancy that bound the Undead to the Lich king's will, the Elf was Forsaken now and said: "where am I? The sunwell? I... I? Morris told him to go down to the Chapel, the Shocked Undead Elf hurried up the crypt with Mordo showing him the way, Cyndia then congratulated Morris then proceeded out of the Crypt.
    When the returned to the surface Cyndia said: "now enchant your weapons with Shadow Magic, Morris simply swiped his arm over his axes and they were engulfed in Shadow, Cyndia smiled as she mounted her horse and said: "tomrow's lesson is Stealth be ready for it is your biggest challenge yet" and after that she set off to the Undercity"
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________

    Morris awoke to find Dark Ranger Cyndia at the Stables, he wore his Leather attire and walked down to his lesson, "Ah I've seen you have woke up, Thalo'thas,", Morris scowled at her and followed her, she mounted her horse and so did Morris, She began talking: " today's Lesson is stealth, and I have made a course for you at the Undercity", they rode to the Undercity until they reached the Rogues quarter, she took him to an area filled with Pillars and there stood a Forsaken covered in Black Leather and a Black Cowl, he said " Greetings Lady Cyndia, Hello Morris" Morris nodded to him and Cyndia began to talk: "Morris, this is Micheal Deatheye, master rogue, he can spot anyone stealthing a mile away, I want you to sneak up on him and have him in your mercy" , Morris wasn't sure of himself but he had to do it, she said "go into the darkest part of this place and Micheal will scan the area for you, do not let him see you" Morris began walking at a fairly distant place and he began stealthing, he hid behind the pillars look for Michael, he shifted beneath them looking behind him and scanning his surroundings, after a while of searching he found him, he pulled out a vial of water he had been saving and threw it behind Micheal, it shattered but Micheal didn’t turn his back he shouted: " the old water trick aye?" and began laughing at Morris, while he as laughing morris sprinted behind him and held him his poisoned dagger to his Neck, Cyndia suddenly came out of the shadows and started clapping, she said: "good work, now for your mission, our scouts searched the area of the Scarlet Monstary for this Scarlet Commander Benford and they found him thanks to your help for getting the information, now we need you to assassinate him" .
    Morris rode by himself to the Scarlet Monastery, and he finally found the Scarlet Crusade Encampment , he jumped up in the tree overshadowing the camp to scan the area, it was filled with crusaders and Morris saw a man with a Winged Scarlet helmet in a tent, he guessed it was the Commander, Morris had to get rid of the Tent's guards in order to get a clean shot and escape, whistled lightly and out of the woods came his pet, Plaguepaw, he then ordered Plaguepaw to Lunge at the Guards, the diseased wolf did so and kille don of the guards the crusader ran after him, the Commander wanted to join but a guard stopped him and told him he'd be safer here, when the coast was clear, Morris took a Shadowy arrow from his Quiver and aimed for the head of the commander, he had to aim for the face because it was the only part that wasn't covered in armor, he stood there aiming then a slight whistle and the Commander fell to the ground, an arrow to the face.
    Back at the Undercity Morris recovered Plaguepaw and went to tell Candia that the Job was done; he met Cyndia at the War Quarter getting more arrows she burst in a wicked smile and said: "the deed is done?" Morris nodded and she said: "excellent! We must speak with the Banshee queen quickly" the hurried to Sylvanas' throne room and Cyndia told her about him passing his three trials, the Banshee queen then said: "Congratulations Thalo'thas, for evermore you are the Prime Assassin of the Banshee queen, Dark Ranger Thal'thas."

    The End
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    ALOT of spelling errors. And it's inconsistent with the lore and time. For example, Elves age much slower than humans, and unless your character was a young teenager at the time of the Scourge you would still be over 50 years old when the Alliance was first formed. Meaning that you can't have known Arthas from your childhood, or have been taught by a veteran from the second war, OR be raised in Elwynn Forest.. Secondly, Dwarves weren't helping during the defence of Eversong Woods, and lastly Morris Braveheart is an un-elvish name.

    Try refer to the timeline and naming guide on WoWwiki

    And I would try explain his life more. How did he become a ranger, what happened from when he was born to his death? Also, Dark Rangers went through some kind of training in Necromancy before they became Dark Rangers, due to not being able to use their natural powers as they did in life.

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    ya im getting to that about necromancy and ill just fix the axe to like 50 elven years and 25 human years, also ill just say veteren warrior not of a specific timeline and i fixd the Spelling Mistakes, BTW can i use this Character in your RP when i finsh his Story?
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    By young teenager I meant around 13 human equivalent. Adult elves are 100+ years, fix that up and should be good. Make him trained and raised in Eversong Woods

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    so if hes 13 hes how old in elven years?? also hes a Half ELf so i dont htink ages as slow as Elves maybe have there speed?
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    thanks is this correct now?

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    don't say an age in "elven" years or "orcish" years... just say how many years.

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    Because years are dfferent to every race.

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    So 30..years...that would be....ummm, 80-90.
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    Best of 5 years!

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    ok thx but can you guys give me some feedback on my charcter plz?
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    Dark Rangers tend to become what they are due to the fact that they cannot control nature, and turn to necromancy as a substitute. They think of it as more of a means to seek personal revenge against Arthas. That aside, it says that he was taught the basics of wielding a bow, but Sylvanas later says he was greatly skilled in Archery both in life and death? Again, with the first part of the history. You should put it in that you were visiting Silvermoon for whatever reason when the Scourge attacked, seeing as you were a half elf raised in Elwynn Forest. Lastly, there were no Dwarves in Eversong Woods at the time of Arthas' attack. And please, please, please, do not make your character the 2nd in command of the entirety of the Forsaken military. Make him just some average soldier of the Horde(or Alliance), just like the rest of us have to.

    Sorry if I sound a bit demanding, but I would rather you get a nice, solid, and accurate biography before you start roleplaying
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    ok i fixed it up from Champion of the Banshee queen to Prime Assassin, and From lordaeron to Silvermoon, and i also gave him blue eyes instead of amber, also the wolfin the backround is his pet (ill explain later how he gets it)

    also Baron Vetrith can i join your RP battle for Gilneas with your approval?
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    finshed it and hes set for roleplaying now im gonna makeamy new character Gazlow Flamesprocket

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palapwn View Post
    finshed it and hes set for roleplaying now im gonna makeamy new character Gazlow Flamesprocket
    Make sure you add a link to each of your characters in your signature. Either that, or make a Character thread, with a list of them all.

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    ok but can you help me i dont know how to make the link just the name without the whole link thanks

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    Just paste the actual URL link into your signature. Sorry, I cannot be bothered explaining how to just have the name visible.

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    I shall then. It's super simple. You press URL, you insert the URL, you press ok. There should be some text highlighted. Replace it with your chars name.

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    Do you want my honest opinion on the history?

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