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    Do you have to be level 85 to max out a profession? Here is why...

    Im just wondering if you have to be level 85 to max out a profession in cata. Reason being, I am leveling my shaman first. Which happens to be a enchanter/herbalist. My lock, however, is an alchemist/herbalist. I plan on using all my herbs from leveling my shaman and giving them to my lock. So he can automatically hit max alchemy to help me with gold, and still be level 80? Will this work?

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    Not sure, since professions aren't in the beta past their current cap and you can't hit 85 yet. However, since you don't have to be 80 to cap professions at 450, I'd doubt they'd add the level restriction in.
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    i found that out by trying to max lvl my 60's hunter LW while i was w8ing for him to be elegable to transfer. i got him to 225 LW then i needed to go to train higher. i could not train any higher due to i didnt have TBC so i could not go to the outlands or higher to train up at all. As long as you cata you could prob max lvl

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    I think there will be no level restriction, you can cap your profession with level 80. But currently the professions cap is 450, you can't learn higher than that.

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    i'm guessin' it'll be 75, seein' as it's 65 right now, to be able to train the highest stuff. :3 You'll be fine.

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    Well you have to be 75 to get the 525 upgrade, but to actually max out the prof you will prob need at least 1 toon at 80+. I had all profesions maxed out at 450 (except for my leatherworker/skinner) when most of my alts were 65-70, with just my main being 80. It allowed him to run around and grab the none BoP design's from vendor's, as well as, being a miner, grab some of the mats. Other then that, having some spare gold and making use of the AH can get you within 10-20 points of the cap at a low level quite easily.

    (My LW is a 10ish points off cap, as the toon is too low (Lv70) to skin the speciality mats (chitin etc) and the AH, last few times I checked, is either empty of them or quite overpriced.)

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