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    Lightbulb [HowTo] Copy / Backup Your Interface

    There are so many requests on help for copy or backup your interface, so I decided to write a tutorial:

    Why should I read this?
    - You got a new computer and don't want to set up everything again.
    - There's a friend who's interested in your interface.
    - You want to be safe and save your interface.
    - You want to copy your interface for some other weird reason.

    How to copy your interface

    What needs to be saved?

    It's not very much data you have to save.
    Basically, you need these two folders:
    - Interface (contains Your addons)
    - WTF (contains addons' settings)
    Both are in your WoW main folder.

    So if you installed World of Warcraft to "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft" you'll need "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface" and "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF".

    What has to be done?

    Copy both folders to save your addons including their settings.

    If you want to copy your interface to play on a different account on another PC, you have to rename the folders after the copy.
    If you want to copy your interface to play on the same account on another PC, you just have to copy both folders from one WoW to the other without renaming.

    This is because some settings are character-specific and saved in this way:
    World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<AccountName>\<ServerName>\<CharacterName>\SavedVariables\<AddonName>.lua
    So just follow these steps to be sure:

    1. Go to "WTF\Account".
    2. You should see a folder with Your account name, e.g. "BigHunter32". (Note: This is NOT Your BatteNet e-mail!) Rename this folder to the new account name.
    3. Open the renamed folder.
    4. You should see a folder with the name of Your server, e.g. "Frostmourne". Rename it to the new server's name.
    5. Within the server folder, You should find a folder with Your character's name. Rename it to the new character's name.

    Got lost?
    Imagine the following setup:

    Character name: "Klirax"
    Realm: "Terrordar"
    Account name: "BigHunter32"
    Installed Addons: "Recount" and "Atlas".

    Your folder structure should look like the following:
    World of Warcraft
     |-- Interface
     |    |
     |    |-- Addons
     |         |
     |         |-- Atlas
     |         |-- Recount
     |-- WTF
     |    |
     |    |-- config.wtf
     |    |-- Account
     |         |
     |         |-- BigHunter32
     |              |
     |              |-- SavedVariables
     |              |     |
     |              |     |-- Recount.lua
     |              |
     |              |-- Terrordar
     |                   |
     |                   |-- Klirax
     |                        |
     |                        |-- SavedVariables
     |                             |
     |                             |-- Atlas.lua
     |-- and all other WoW-folders

    Don't hesitate to ask if you messed up

    Please give feedback if you have some improvements or found some mistakes.

    P.S.: Don't blame my English, I'm German.

    Fixed some things, clarified a few others. Added to the stickied tutorial list.
    ~ Treeston
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